Date: 19 Aug 2011


WISHFUL thinking: "IF THIS FIRST BATTLE IS WON!" (subject line above). \\\\\\\\\\ Amazing optimism of the native "secular slaves". The first battle has not even begun and we are seeing victory. (In 1947 the Seculars licked the dust of defeat while ISLAM won hands down!) \\\\\\\\\\\ There have to be 99 more battles after which the native Indians (why not admit they are HINDUS?) will manage to surface from the depths of strangulating "DYNASTIC / ITALIAN / ISLAMIC" subjugation of Hindusthan. \\\\\\\\\\\ How quickly we presume "half the battle is won" so that we DISCARD struggle & FIGHT and relapse into usual (centuries old) passive "Gandhian" way of life. \\\\\\\\\\\\ The first battle, too, will become "history" just like the "Mother of all battles" (SURRENDER OF FIVE PROVINCES IN 1947) is already forgotten. In that year the ENEMY fired only one pistol. He still has five GUNS in his arsenal. \\\\\\\\\ Who is REALISTIC & PRAGMATIC among the Pandavas, still waiting in the battlefield for Sri Krishna? \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Hitler never thought IF the battle for Stalingrad turned into GRAVEYARD of his grand Army! \\\\\\\\\\\ The Mogul emperors never allowed even two HIndus to walk together. But there were even bigger demonstrations, protests and fasts unto death during the British rule but none of these moved the Viceroy's chair even an inch. ~When the RETALIATION came (Jallianwala Bagh, 1919) it scattered the natives running in all directions.\\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\THindu has barely stirred. \\\\\\\\ 19 Aug 11. \\\\\\\\\\\\ 000000000