Date: 18 Aug 2011


PAKISTAN IS THE WORLD'S MOST UNSTABLE STATE.\\\\\\\\\\\ ITS BIRTH WAS ILLEGITIMATE. IT WAS SURPRISE ATTACK ON INDIA TO TAKE OUT VAST TERRITORIES TO TURN TOTALLY ISLAMIC. ETHNIC MINORITIES WERE WIPED OUT BRUTALLY. THERE WERE CHILLING ACCOUNTS OF BEASTLY NATURE OF MOHAMMEDANS TO BE SEEN EVERYWHERE WHEN THEY MURDERED AND RAPED FELLOW CITIZENS AND BURNT AND LOOTED THEIR PROPERTIES. THE EXODUS OF REFUGEES WAS CATASTROPHIC.\\\\\\\\\\\ THEREAFTER MILITARY GENEALS OCCUPIED THE COUNTRY AND DECLARED MARTIAL LAW TO BEAT THE PEOPLE INTO SUBMISSION. THOUGH NONE SPEAKS ARABIC AT HOME A LOT OF KORAN WAS IMPOSED ON THE PEOPLE OF INDIAN RACE. AS A RESULT OF IDEOLOGICAL AND SPIRITUAL DISPLACEMENT A LOT OF MUSLIMS WENT MAD AND TURNED TALIBAN OR TURNED TO AL QAIDA TO DESTROY THE REST OF THEIR MOTHER LAND THAT IS INDIA.\\\\\\\\\\\\\ LOSING ORIENTATION THE RULERS STARTED A REIGN OF TERROR AND THE PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO PAY THEM BACK IN THE SAME COIN. PAKISTAN CAN SPLIT UP INTO MANY FRAGMENTS SOONER THAN LATER AND THE ENTIRE GOVERNMENT CAN BE HANGED OR SHOT DEAD ONCE THE TALIBAN GET THEIR HANDS ON THE PRESIDENT AND HIS CABNET. PAKISTANI RULERS ARE MORE AFRAID OF THEIR OWN CITIZENS THAN ISRAEL. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ THERE IS ALSO THE POSSIBILITY OF PAKISTAN LETTING OFF NUCLEAR BOMBS IN EITHER DIRECTION, CAUSING A WORLD CATASTROPHE. CAN THE WORLD WATCH AND WAIT? WHAT DO YOU SEE WHEN YOU SPOT A MONKEY WITH A BURNING MATCHSTICK NEAR A PETROL TANK? THAT IS THE DILEMMA OF AMERICA AT PRESENT. WHEN THE NEWS OF FIRST PAKISTANI NUCLEAR WEAPON CAME OUT, SAID AN INDIAN TO HIS SON, "INDIA AND PAKISTAN BOTH HAVE ATOM BOMBS. BUT THE GUTS AND DARING TO DROP ONE FIRST RESTS WITH MOHAMMED." PLEASE READ ON: ================================================= AMERICA’S NEW GAME PLAN FOR PAKISTAN \\\\\\\\\\\\\ AN INTERESTING ARTICLE PUBLISHED IN AN URDU WEEKLY “NEW YORK AWAM” DATED AUGUST 5-11, 2011 \\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\ America’s New Game Plan:\\ Pakistan’s Nuclear Weapons Should be under the Control of the United Nations. \\\\\\\\\\\ According to American media, USA has obtained support of Russia, France, U.K. and China for this proposal. America desires that in the month of September, this plan should be initiated. \\\\\\\\\\\ Washington (News Desk): Pakistan and USA are heading for a confrontation which would result in complete annihilation. Obama Administration is prompting Pakistan to abandon production of nuclear materials/weapons. Media reports indicate that talks will start in the next U.N. session in September. In this connection, four recognized nuclear weapon states have already expressed their support to the US proposal. In this connection, it should also be noted that a couple of days ago, NBC Channel had reported that USA had a “snatch and grab” plan to capture about 100 nuclear weapons if it felt that there was a danger of atomic weapons falling into the wrong hands. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Recently, former President Musharraf said on the NBC Channel that this dangerous thinking could result in a war between Pakistan and the USA. The question of guarantee of safety of nuclear weapons had also come up before 9/11. But this time the USA with the help of nuclear nations will start a campaign and compel Pakistan to stop production of nuclear material/weapons and sign the treaty \\\\\\\\\\\\\ According to American media, the USA has already obtained the consent of China. Recently, in a conference in Paris, Russia, France and Britain had supported the American proposal. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ However one thing is not clear as to how China will permit India to emerge as a nuclear power in South Asia at the cost of Pakistan. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ America and its allies are willing to sign this draft proposal next month in the UN Assembly. After that systematic campaign will start. So far Pakistan has successfully thwarted world body’s pressure. In this connection, Pakistan has also informed the comity of the nations that Pakistan would boycott any talks supporting American proposal. 000000000