Date: 17 Aug 2011


WHAT AN IRONY, WHAT A SHAME,\\\\\\\\ THE NATIVE SON OF SOIL IS IN JAIL WHILE THE FOREIGNER, THE DAUGHTER OF ITALY, IS ON THE THRONE OF HINDUSTHAN.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Earlier the British King was on the throne while the Indian coolie colony toiled day and night to produce wealth for London. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Evan before that the alien savage MOGULS were on the throne while the native sons of soil were thrown in boiling water or simply beheaded on refusing to pay Jezia or embracing Islam. \\\\\\\\\\\\ In 1947 instead of recovering our TERRITORY, FREEDOM and DIGNITY, we the natives of Hindusthan, lost everything once again and came under the yoke of slavery of Bandit NEHRU and his dynasty and henchmen.\\\\\\\\\\\\ Hence we all ought to regard Anna Hazare's extreme courage and sacrifice as the final call to rise and liberate ourselves. \\\\\\\\\ AUG 17, 2011. ======== 000000000