Date: 15 Aug 2011


PLEASE DO NOT MISS THIS, IT IS THE BEST AND MOST HONEST SPEECH I HAVE SEEN, INTERESTINGLY FROM A CANADIAN MUSLIM OF INDIAN ORIGIN. GOD BLESS HIM. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ WILL IT BE BEGINNING OF WORLD WAKE UP TO ISLAM THREAT. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\\\ FOR SAKE OF OUR CIVILIZATION, FOR SAKE OF DESTINY OF OUR CHILDREN, LISTEN TO THIS HONEST MAN SPEAKING. ISLAM DOES NOT JUST AFFECT NON-MUSLIMS, IT ALSO AFFECTS MUSLIMS. IT IS A PROBLEM OF HUMANITY. WE ARE FACING AN IMMENSE DANGER. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ The brutal act of Norwegian killer is a desperate call of those who know what is going on but whose voices are drowned by jihadi enablers, ultra liberals who have no answers to Islamic brutality. John Kennedy has a very apt quote that if we do not allow movements through non-violence, then we have to face the movements by violence. \\\\\\\\\\ Just last December, MP from Mamata Banerjee party during Ramadan went on a spree raping infidel women, burning their properties and Saudi Arabian paid media bastards have nothing to say about it. It is due to activism of few, that Indian army was brought in and stopped more mayhem. There are literally millions of articles and propaganda on Godhra Riots but no mention of those burnt alive, no mention of wipe of infidel population from 25% during 1947 in just a matter of few months (most of it) in Pakistan and the genocide going on in Bangla Desh where their population reduced 30% to 10% and even infidel girls as small as 9 years old cannot escape rape. (Read the HAF detailed report endorsed by many US congressmen and senators on this ongoing tragedy). What happened in Egypt after Mubarak is gone, the coptic christians are being butchered. Who is fighting for the Bangla Deshi Hindus. It is not Hindus, but a jew, Richard Benkin. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ We have Seema Mustafa talking rubbish about Dr. Swamy article, these are the animals, but most importantly the Sonia, Ahmed Patel, Kapil Sibal, Chidambaram, these ethically and morally bankrupt, enjoying security paid by millions of tax payers money, who have allowed the terrorism next to Iraq in India, just for Vote bank, need to be handled, even if it means we have to die. As if to add insult to injury, to put the final coffin in death of native religions of India, they now have communal violence bill, all a minority person has to do is report on majority person and that person can be jailed and the name of the person reported does not have to even be named. Indias infidels are up for a holocaust, as if the holocaust of 80 millions is not enough. Who was killed the most during last 50 years, about 60,000 to 70,000 infidels and now if they raise voice about rapes, if they counter the acts of rape, plunder, they will be jailed. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ In a recent talk I attended, Tathagat Roy of West Bengal who has seen first hand the mayhem last December, had an interesting thing to say about Islam, 'What can you expect from a man who married 13 times, the last time a 6 year old girl whom he consummated at 9 years'. Read the history for heaven sake, the brutality, the hate, the tragedy, it is right open , they are not hiding it. It calls all infidels equivalent to urine, feces and dead body and that is what they are teaching little children in Saudi Arabia which provided 15 of the 17 terrorists that did 9/11. That man's actions who spread this hatred, this brutality, which openly encourages deception and lies to spread Islam, cannot be questioned, is held high by overwhelming number of Muslims and it is the most named name. This is happening in 21st century, because of the cowardice, as this honest Muslim spoke, because there is no one to say, that the king has no clothes, or perhaps that king body is filled with blood and rape of women for centuries. \\\\\000000000