Date: 15 Aug 2011


Bitter Truth is that Mohammed and Koran have NO place in the Land and Domain of Sri Krishna, Sri Rama and Guru Nanak. They belong to the wild lawless and draconian ARAB culture of vultures and came by AGGRESSION and will be thrown out in the same way by the NATIVES of soil.\\\\\\\ It is better for the INDIAN Muslims, who are despised by the Arabs from the Land of Mohammed, to accept their genetic origin & kinship, and join the big family and ennoble it and strengthen it and DEFEND what is the best on earth, that is the envy of the rest of world. HINDUSTHAN. Cast out the Islamic JINN that became JINNAH who did what NONE else would have even thought of, to MUTILATE his own sacred Land of Birth in order to create a separate fundamentalist ISLAMIC country, truly DEVIL'S WORKSHOP, while all the Muslims in India were equal before LAW to all the rest and better still, WOMEN, your mothers, sisters and wives, were equal to MEN. \\\\\\\\\\\\ It is still India, though badly mauled, raped and mutilated, that still draws respect from the world while none loves Pakistan of the, rootless, sectarian, terrorist, intolerant and lawless rebels who ought to know the manner of BIRTH of their illegitimate State- an IMPOSITION by British masters who were afraid that UNITED India will one day surpass and outshine the whole of Europe. So, what happened in August 1947?\\\\\\\\\\\\ Mountbatten held down everyone's Mother (India) and invited rapist JINNAH to go ahead. The ILLEGITIMATE baby born through CAESARIAN was named Pakistan. \\\\\\\\\\\ Paksitani soul will never find peace in the lap of Mecca or in the lore of Koran and the Arabs, while the real mother is instulted all the time. Mohajirs will go for the Pathans who will go for the Baluch, who in turn will go for the PUNJABIS in order to keep shedding blood of FELLOW Muslims who all read the same KORAN, supposedly the book of peace. .\\\\\\\\\\\ Please be honest towards the land of birth of JINNAH and LIAQAT ALI KHAN and HUSSAIN SHAHID SUHRAWARY. Was it Pakistan? There are MILLIONS of non Muslims, equally children of God, who were killed, looted, raped and expelled from their homes, who then became refugees from Pakistan. They all CURSED Koran, Jinnah and the restless & vilolent MOHAMMED OF MECCA. GOD HEARD THEIR CURSES and decided to rob Pakistan of internal peace till they all unite to regret and repent what they had done, when earlier, they had all ganged up to do the unthinkable EVIL (Matricide). \\\\\\\\\\ The souls of all the VICTIMS OF "PARTITION" long to return to their ancestral homes like the Palestinians but they cannot return. Can they? The land belongs to ALL, not just to Muslims or the MORONS who follow the Mohammed of Mecca blindly and are prepared to KILL in order to get to the virgins in Paradise. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Just read ANWAR SHAIKH to realise what Islam is: FRAUD, DECEPTION & SURPRISE ATTACK. Or, HATRED, INTOLERANCE and BLOODSHED. Take your pick. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Allah will NOT help Pakistan that is under the curse of a higher GOD for betrayal of sacred Mother India. \\\\\\\\-- \\\\\\\\\\ 000000000