Date: 14 Aug 2011


CORRUPTION IS KILLING BHARAT. \\\\\\\\\\\ GOVT. BILL NO JOKE . ON THE CONTRARY A VERY DANGEROUS SCHEME TO PROTECT THE CORRUPT. \\\\\\\\\ ANNA HAZARE. \\\\\\\ It is not often that there rises ONE man in countless decades, sometimes even centuries, who risks it all and confronts those wicked and evil rulers who have LIFE & DEATH power over him. \\\\\\\\\\\ The punishment can be his own elimination, extermination or beheading, even the murder of his innocent children. \\\\\\\\\\ We would like to suggest as to why the present government of India will evade the issue and wish to see the agitation fizzle out and made a mockery of it all. \\\\\\\\\\\ First of all, as power corrupts, total power enjoyed by them in a subservient and slavish nation has TOTALLY CORRUPTED them. \\\\\\\\ Secondly, They have established DYNASTIC system of democracy in which by hook or crook the enslaved nation will always have a (bogus) GANDHI on top. After Nehru there was his own daughter Mrs Feroze KHAN and after her came Rajiv. After Rajiv there is Sonia (even an Italian is acceptable) and after her there will be RAHUL and after him there will be his wife VERONICA from Venezuela and so on ad infinitum. \\\\\\\\\\ Thirdly, they know two things: MIDDLE INDIA (what survived PARTITION) is the world's biggest GOLD MINE, and that the people, mostly HINDUS, are more than willing to lick the shoes of any FOREIGNER due to the fact that for the last thousand years we have had only foreigners to rule, beat, plunder, divide, demoralise, exploit and behead us. \\\\\\\\\\\ Fourthly, the Dynasty is deeply ENTRENCHED in power and will defend their authority, power and position BY ALL MEANS, including unethical, immoral and undemocratic. \\\\\\\\\\\ With regard to the last one, please note that the sacred Janmasthan at Sri Nankana Sahib and the historic city of Lahore, founded by Luv, were not surrendered after consulting the PEOPLE of India in a democratic way. NOT EVEN THE RESIDENTS OF THE CITY who were 75% Hindu/'Sikh in 1947 were consulted on their imminent fate under the draconian Sharia Law of the "Moguls". \\\\\\\\\ We saw revolutions in Paris, Moscow, Teheran, Berlin and Cairo but there will be NO revolution in the lay back, supine, deflated, cowardly and "flat" Hindusthan even if the rest of the country, too, goes to the mad MOHAMMED of Mecca for Sharia, halal, degradation, rape and conversion. \\\\\\\\ The Hindus are not willing, or allowed, to refer to the MARTIAL side of Sri Ram, Sri Krishna, Shivaji while to mention Guru Gobind Singh is like "spitting" on the very Constitution that imposed Secularism on Delhi after exempting Lahore & Dhaka. \\\\\\\\ Now we must consider two maxims seriously. First: "SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST." \\\\\\\\\\ How fit are the HINDUS, is seen by their "presence" in North Kashmir and "status" in East Bengal today. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Secondly, we ought to note that it was BANDIT NEHRU who effortlessly received Middle India from the British while conceding the unconditional surrender of Eastern and Western India to his bosom friend MOHAMMED ALI JINNAH. \\\\\\\\\\ Hindus never FOUGHT for their territory. To get it in their hands they have to FIGHT, FIGHT & FIGHT for it and CONQUER it as the Muslims fought for Pakistan and conquered North Kashmir. \\\\\\\\\\ Fighting for one's rights is normal and natural. It is LAW OF NATURE. Those who cannot fight are overwhelmed and wiped out. Their houses are plundered and burnt and their daughters are abducted and raped. Their temples are razed to ground and mosques built on the very spot. Those who constantly suffer defeats are enslaved or exterminated. There is NO guarantee from God that the Hindus will not go into oblivion the way of Aztec Indians, the Zoroastians, the Christians in Egypt, Syria and Northern Cyprus, and the Buddhists in Afghanistan. \\\\\\\\\ Gandhian philosophy of extreme non violence FLIES DIRECTLY into the face of LAWS OF NATURE and LESSONS OF HISTORY. What inflicted the defeat at Partition upon us was the same what encouraged the terrorists to invade Kashmir and what invited Ajmal Kasab and friends to slaughter 170 innocent people in Mumbai. \\\\\\\\\ Hindusthan is demoralised, devided, weak and tottering as per Will of her rulers. The Axis of "ISLAM & ITALY" has made a "mule" of the Hindu nation to have a jolly good lucrative ride while starving it or giving it grass to eat. \\\\\\\\\\ In conclusion we ought to be quite clear in our minds that for ENFORCING morality in administration the whole nation must be ready to take up arms and ATTACK just as the Muslims under the leadership of Jinnah attacked India in order to take out their Pakistan. Even the warrior Sikhs were seen fleeing for safety in all directions. \\\\\\\\\\ The impending scenario will be CIVIL WAR like the one in 1947 but this time to end the Corruption vs. Morality (Foreign vs. Native) stalemate. Its collateral aims will be: 1. To "hang" the corrupt; and 2. To write up a new Constitution that takes into account that Bharat is BROKEN. It is not "Akhand" and those who broke (mutilated) her savagely are to be termed "ENEMY". \\\\\\\\\\\\ At this time we do not see a leader of the guts of Shivaji or calibre of Winston Churchill. But not to despair. If we accept the logic of nature, a HERO will be born who will give the call to the nation, "HANG THE CORRUPT. TAME THE MAD MOHAMMED AND TAKE THE FRONTIER BACK TO KHYBER!" \\\\\\\\\\ Until then the Hindu nation will remain in agony in BOILING water. \\\\\\\ 14 Aug 11 ============= \\\\\\\\\\\\\ 000000000