Date: 12 Aug 2011


WISH ALL HAPPY RAKHI BANDHAN. EXPLAIN IT TO ALL.\\\\\\\\ \\\ \\\\\\\\\ Most Hindus today do so as an interesting ritual without ever realising or mentioning the true significance.\\\\\\\\\\ It is an OBLIGATION, or MORAL DUTY, imposed by the whole nation on our MEN (brothers) to DEFEND and take care of their sisters. \\\\\\\\\\ This is due to the fact that the Hindus hold world record in being massacred, killed and slaughtered, sometimes in MILLIONS within a year (1947) and often the womenfolk are left undefended and in wilderness. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ The Muslims overcame this problem by taking up to FOUR legal wives and several more after a battle as Mohammed of Mecca said to them, "Kill the KAFIRS and distribute their women among you!" \\\\\\\\\\\\ Although we have this wonderful custom it is also the most neglected. Today, for example, when a Muslim does what comes naturally to him, i.e., seduces a Hindu or Sikh girl, the whole community stays detached and neutral and just watches the lowering of national gene quality and a corresponding increase in ENEMY numbers and strength. \\\\\\\\\\\\ At least in PARTITIONED INDIA (Hindusthan) the Hindus ought to be so strong that no Muslim should dare to touch a Hindu girl and if he does, then she and her brothers, cousins and all the community must insist on his embracing the religion of the girl instead of letting him impose his own crude import from wild Arabia on the helpless and betrayed Hindu girl (called "devi" by us). \\\\\\\ What do the MUSLIMS do, even when surrounded by all the Hindus in HINDUSTHAN? If the girl does not embrace Islam she is KILLED and sometimes the groom, too, is murdered for failing to convert her. THAT IS THE REALITY and that is why girls like Sharmila Tagore were LOST to our nation but were made to produce KAFIR KILLER sons under MOHAMMEDAN NAMES that ought to be a provocation to us after they took away five provinces and occupied North Kashmir, too. \\\\\\\\\\ Let Rakhi be the guarantee to every Hindu girl that her WARRIOR brother is at her back in case she is spoken to by a MOHAMMED. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ It's a great pity and even greater SHAME that the bogus "Rashtramata" SONIA of Indian "coolies and slaves", and the Shrimati Pratibha Patil, the so-called Supreme Commander of the DEFEATED Indian Armed Forces (made to surrender Lahore and unable to retain East Bengal and recover North Kashmir) never thought of saying even one word for Hindu survival or for the dignity of Hindu girls. \\\\\\\\\\\ PS: For widest publicity. ==== \\\\\\ \\\\\\\ 000000000