Al Qaeda planning to target India

Date: 11 Aug 2011


Al Qaeda planning to target India: Govt\\\\\\\\\\ WHO IS SCARED OF AL QAIDA? \\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\ Even far worse calamity for India is that she is already targeted by the ruling Congress Party and its Allies who are determined to rob and impoverish this sole surviving Hindu country on earth. \\\\\\\\\\ Al Qaida is NO threat if this government mentions the word "PARTITION" and tells the nation, "What the Hell are the Muslims doing in Broken Bharat after we surrendered five provinces to them?" \\\\\\\\\\ The Government could also tell us as to why North Kashmir cannot be recovered, nor Lahore when the Indian Army smashed Pakistan in 1972 and had nearly all its army in captivity. \\\\\\\\\\\\ We must persistently expose the HIGH TREASON of this Government by demanding, "Why Article 370 in Bandit Nehru's CONSTITUTION cannot be deleted or applied to ALL the States equally?" \\\\\\\\\\ "What is the true nature of this Gandhian democracy where the people are all enslaved, unable to ask questions?" \\\\\\\\ "Why should a patriot go on fast unto death against rampant CORRUPTION while the President enjoys banquets at the same time?" \\\\\\\\\ "Why is this Shreemati PATIL, the so-called Supreme Commander, not going on fast unto death, the Gandhian way, to protest against the Cancer called CORRUPTION?" \\\\\\\\\\\\ It must be a SLAVE nation or still a COOLIE COLONY that the ONE BILLION strong Hindu nation cannot show enough patriotism and pride to replace an ITALIAN born female by one of our own brilliant HINDU (or native) women, nor force her to disclose where the $50 MILLION commission received by BOFORS CHOR, Rajiv "Gandhi", is deposited.\\\\\\\\\\\ Pakistan was the creation of Nehru & Gandhi while Bangladesh, the Land of our Gurus and Mahatmas, was the gift of Nehru's daughter, Mrs Feroze KHAN, to the savage followers of Mohammed of Mecca. Now the Al Qaida threat is also the dishonest ploy to silence the people of India agitating against CORRUPTION. \\\\\\\\\\ Al Qaida has to, at first, deal with American bombs raining down from the sky after the Americans blasted the TALIBAN from Kabul and now killed Osama bin Laden, the Head of Al Qaida, hiding in Pakistan.\\\\\\\\\\ India could similarly pick out the surviving leader of al Qaida and strike first. But this "India" of the trembling Supreme Commander Shreemati Patil is sinking in the putrid quagmire of CORRUPTION fanned by its own rulers. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ We could remove "Father of Nation", MK Gandhi, a Mahatma, on 30 January 1948 but we cannot remove this Imposter (Empress), "Made in Italy" sitting on Mother India's Head instead of North Kashmir. \\\\\\\\\\ India is a country that is already BEHEADED with a leg and an arm amputated. Hindus, the majority community, are turning Secular, Buddhist, Christian, neutral, even Muslim, in order not to notice the dying Hindu nation in the final throes of agony and pain. \\\\\\\\\\ How far DOWN the Stinking Selective Secularism of NEHRU & his Congress Party has sunk! Its stinking secularism could not even be commended to East Bengal after its capture in 1972. \\\\\\\\\ Conclusion: There is NO threat from Al Qaida if the biggest threat to Hindusthan is removed first. Its name is SONIA MAINO-MUSSOLINI. \\\\\\\\\\ There is NO threat to India from Al Qaida if the DEFENCE OF BHARAT is entrusted to the SIKHS who once captured KHYBER after inflicting a crushing defeat on the Taliban, Pathan and the Al Qaida, ALL PUT TOGETHER, at the time, while all the "Fathers" and "Mothers" of Hindusthan could not even defend LAHORE, GILGIT and CHITTAGONG. \\\\\\\\\11 Aug 11. ==== \\\\\\\\\\\ In a message dated 11/08/2011 05:08:54 GMT Standard Time, writes: Al Qaeda planning to target India: Govt -- \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 000000000