Date: 07 Aug 2011


Sonia Maino’s health is a bigger topic for media and discussion in the DEFEATED, DEMORALISED, DISUNITED & ENSLAVED HINDUSTHAN of mental dwarfs than the recovery of North Kashmir or LAHORE. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Hindus are NOT serious about their survival. Even God does not help those who sit in the lap of their ENEMIES. Hindus and Sikhs were BETRAYED by their leaders. So they fled in panic in all directions. Is there any eye witness left to tell the tale of history's biggest human STAMPEDE? Who was in hot pursuit? (THE INDIAN MUSLIMS.) So who is this AHMED PATEL seen in the report below? Is he not one of those “indigenous” Muslims, so much loved by NEHRU & GANDHI? \\\\\\\\\ Who captured LAHORE in 1947? (The INDIAN Muslims.) \\\\\\\\\\ Then what the Hell is this AHMED PATEL doing in the top hierarchy of bleeding BROKEN BHARAT, Partitioned India? He not only has a big SAY in Hindu nation but also a BIG FINGER in its affairs. \\\\\\\\\\ Unless we HINDUS, the original native people of Bharat, take OURSELVES seriously and jump out of the SLAVES way of mentality & thinking, there is NO future for this bit that is still called India, that is still full of the GANGARENE called ISLAM that was invented by Mohammed of Mecca for the wild and savage ARABS, “deep frozen” in its bestiality since 7th Century AD. \\\\\\\\\\\ It is NOT Kashmir that is disputed. It is the whole of Pakistan and the BOGUSdesh that are disputed. \\\\\\\\\\\ They were created only to put the perishing Hindus on the way to EXTINCTION. \\\\\\\\\\\ Winston Churchill gave the speech, "WE WILL NOT SURRENDER......" in the DARKEST HOUR of England, He pulled the country to recovery and HIT BACK to VICTORY while two years later our own stalwart Bandit Jawaharlal NEHRU surrendered it ALL to the so-called INDIGENOUS Muslims who were ALWAYS our KILLERS.\\\\\\\\\\ On whose mind are those TWO MILLION Hindus slaughtered in NOAKHALIL and THE WHOLE OF WEST PUNJAB during 1946 and 1947? \\\\\\\\\\\\ If there are NO answers, if there is the CONSPIRACY OF COVER UP, or of SILENCE, then we know that the Hindus are on the way to EXTINCTION. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ We should look for a new leader like Maharana Pratap of the past and Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose of the present who will put NEHRU & GANDHI in the dock and go to UNO to dispute the existence of Pakistan on INDIAN SOIL. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\ 7 Aug 11.\\\\\\\\\\\ "Did we shout, "AKHAND BHARAT AMAR RAHE!"? Surely JL NEHRU and MK Gandhi would have heard that at least once. We still worship them, One was TRAITOR, the other a COWARD. What future for the fragment of a country ("MIDDLE INDIA" with disgusting map outline) where traitors and cowards RULE THE ROOST and are worshipped including the ALIEN female from Italy? ==========\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ In a message dated 07/08/2011 07:28:43 GMT Standard Time, xxxxxxxx writes: The Hindu carries the following information: \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ "In her absence, her son and party general secretary Rahul Gandhi, along with Mr. Dwivedi, her political secretary Ahmed Patel and Defence Minister A.K. Antony have been given the responsibility of handling party affairs". 000000000