Date: 06 Aug 2011


Thanks for sharing this vital information which is kept TOPSECRET from the Indian "slaves"of Dynasty. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ ======= In a message dated 06/08/2011 22:47:04 GMT Standard Time, \\\\\\ writes:\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Friends,\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ In response to these messages, I have received messages from two very reliable an knowledgeable persons, but, as the messages were personal, I shall not divulge their names.One message says that it is ( not cancer but) only a skin problem and the other that the surgery, even if performed in the USA, was done by an Indian surgeon. But that then raises a very serious problem. Could the surgery not have been undertaken in India by an Indian specialist? The American press considers extravagant the fifty thousand dollars per month apartment in which Dominique Strauss Kahn is now staying in New York though his wife, Anna Sinclaire, belongs to an exceedingly rich French Jewish family and is herself worth several billion euros. Why is the very "free" Indian press not raising the question of how Mrs Sonia Gandhi, who is only congress president, is going to pay for her stay in the Sloan Kettering Cancer Hospital in New York, which, it is reported, is likely to last for two or three weeks, and which will surely cost much more than DSKs New Your apartment. This a a financial matter and does not involve a "security angle", so all Indians have a right to know. ==================== \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ : Yesterday evening (New York time) she was released from intensive care at the Sloan Kettering cancer hospital in New York. My husband heard it on the news. It was announced on CNN-IBN news last evening that shse had cancer. Since it was earlier announced she had stomach problems, and she is at a cancer hospital, I am assuming she probably had colon cancer or some such thing. \\\\\\\\\\\\ ======================== Subject: SONIA GANDHI'S HEALTH \\\\\\\\\\\\ Bloomberg TV Sonia Gandhi removed from intensive health care unit after surgery outside India. Where? Why do foreigners know this better than Indians?. \\\\\\\\\\\\ 000000000