Date: 09 Jul 2011


The government is doing everything to confuse issues and the BJP is going along with it: I have placed the following comment on the India Against Corruption Web site in reply to another comment: \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ The idea put forward that the CBI, CVC and CAG should not all be put under Lokpl is guilty first of all of putting the CAG, which is already a constitutionally recognised authority, into the same category as the CBI, which is not, and thus down grading the CAG. But there is no reason why the CBI and the CVC, directly concerned with corruption, should not be brought together in a SINGLE much STRENGTHENED body. Secondly, the idea put forward by the government and accepted by the BJP that it is undemocratic for the people to ask for a Lokpal independent of parliament is absurd. Democracy started in Greece as direct democracy where each citizen had the same right to be heard as any one else. Now, we have figures to show that even more MPs of the BJP than of the Congress have criminal charges against them. These people should be investigated and punished without consideration for the fact that they are members of parliament. We are not interested in simply getting the CBI and the CVC to send their reports to parliament to be used by one party against the other and then ignored until the next general elections. We want that action against corrupt MPs and ministers should begin straight away. 000000000