Date: 03 Jul 2011


You have done well to mention one word that is considered vital by all the countries on earth except Bharat. The word is "SECURITY." \\\\\\\\\\\\ Its implications are severe but invisible. Masses kept at the infant level of thinking (at the stage of handling concrete objects rather than abstract concepts) cannot realize them. Indians, kept retarded at the FORMER level, did not see, leave aside foresee, the deadly implications of that bogus PARTITION for the Hindu-Muslim relations. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Its applications range from the simple act of locking your house when you go out for some time, to the creation of the Will to defend & protect what one has. In the case of a country it is her ARMED FORCES first, then come the industrial and agricultural produce, the national wealth and the motivation and awareness of her entire population about Security permeating all these aspects. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ The prime example of Security are the BRITISH. Just see the size of this country and compare it with the number of countries it once conquered, occupied and administered. \\\\\\\\\\ Without any regard to SECURITY her navy and army would have been wiped out many times due to leakage of information and due to the traitors who are more than willing to sell even their mothers and sisters to the highest bidder. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ During the time of British rule they were FIRMLY in command & control of the Indian TERRITORY right up to KHYBER PASS from where they could see Jalalabad and KABUL in Afghanistan. Once in the INDIAN hands the whole provinces vanished in a day. That is an example of complete lack of sense of security on our part. \\\\\\\\\\\ When it comes to the UNITED STATES they are patrolling the oceans and guarding even those countries that cannot guard themselves, e.g., Afghanistan. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ In India SECURITY was high on agenda in those PRE-PARTITION days. But the natives, the civilian authorities and politicians right from Nehru, Indira & Rajiv down to LALOO PRASHAD haven't got a clue to it. They. or their children, can easily go out and bring a spouse from the gutter or the palcae, from Venezuela or Italy. But try and spot even ONE soldier or a junior commissioned officer who has married a FOREIGNER and let her enter his humble quarters in the Cantonment! \\\\\\\\\\ The Indian nation does not realize that breach of security by civilian overlords puts the lives of the soldiers at extreme risk. \\\\\\\\\\ India's security has looked a VULGAR JOKE since the day when unvetted Sonia of unknown parentage and ancestry entered the PRIME MINISTER'S HOUSE and became privy to high level TOP SECRET discussions among cabinet ministers and army generals. \\\\\\\\\\\ Even in the initial days of her entry into the house of MRS. FEROZE KHAN, she was NOT asked to wait outside while the generals were meeting the Prime Minister. \\\\\\\\\\\\ India' defences were compromised on t he very day that a clever traitor like Jawaharlal NEHRU became the Prime Minister. The consequences are too obvious but hardly mentioned by, or in, the Indian media. \\\\\\\\\\\\ The result is the dull wars and battles, invariably ending in futile cease-fires. and. in the case of war over East Bengal, the return of the entire conquered TERRITORY to the ENEMY. \\\\\\\\\\\ To ensure SECURITY one needs to look at any country that is strong and stable. How did England react when PRINCESS DIANA, the wife of the future King struck friendship with a Pakistani doctor and an Egyptian millionaire, both MUSLIMS? \\\\\\\\\\\ Can one imagine even in a dream that something similar could happen to Sonia-Maino-Mussolin KHAN in our over tolerant and suicidal !Broken" BHARAT? Due to lack of sense of security it is not even "Akhand" now with Article 370 in Constitution meant to ensure MUSLIM MAJORITY in Kashmir. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ With regard to the ongoing one-way large scale CONVERSION of Hindus to other faiths, including ISLAM, you have said the right thing. \\\\\\\\\\\ 3 July 11. ============ In a message dated 03/07/2011 18:54:00 GMT Standard Time, writes: Some people commented that members of [scw] group are bashing Sonia or Hindu bent, little recognizing that these are not some imagined claims but direct threat to existence of not just Hindu religion but all native religions of India. The direction Sonia who is holding the highest power in India is taking is nothing but second European imperialism and the second major wave of Christian Conversions of converting whole India into Christianity. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Indians need to heed Mahatma Gandhi to his most forceful assertions on the great dangers of Christian Evangelists and their agenda to India. It is uncharacteristic of him to use harshest language even in most trying circumstances and when it comes to Christian missionary activities he called them the 'deadliest poison' and if he only has power he would legislate to stop their activities in India immediately. What India if facing under Sonia is the rape of Indian nation, economically, spiritually and culturally. It will be a death knell if Indians in all its aspects if India do not wake up now. 000000000