Date: 30 Jun 2011


TIMES HAVE CHANGED.\\\\\\\\\\\\ Once the circumstances were beyond imagination and Hindustan was the voiceless SLAVES of Islam till the British rescued them finally in 1857 AD by dethroning and exiling the LAST Mogul Emperor in Delhi. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Then the Hindus were crying, "SAVE US FRM EXTINCTION." The Hindus did not arm themselves JUST LIKE TODAY but expected God or SOMEONE ELSE to rescue them from the clutches of tyrants. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ But today the circumstances are different. How? \\\\\\\\\\\\ The Sikhs were OVERWHELMECD by the British in 1849 due to lack of unity and betrayal, JUST LIKE TODAY. Their leadership was demolished during those 90 odd years under the British and the Punjab, AS WELL AS HINDUSAN, were ready once again to be broken up into fragments and the Sikh homeland was ripe for surrender by the same native "brown skin" GANG that agreed to the PARTITION of India. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ The GANG came to be revered as great "freedom fighters who chased the British away and won Independence." Sikh leadership was DULL AND DISUNITED and, so, the Gang prevailed. The Gang had several prominent barristers-at-law like MK Gandhi, Pandit JL Nehru, Mohammed Ali Jinnah and countless more with ZERO loyalty towards the Land of their Birth. They could "sell India for tuppence" as the saying goes. That is called CORRUPTION that is drowning both, the Muslims and The Rest.\\\\\\\\\\\ Hindu barristers were light years away from the state of awareness of the INERT Indian masses whose "blood of knowledge and pride" had been completely drained away. The masses did not and COULD NOT realize the devastating STRATEGIC impact of the surrender of Lahore to the INDIAN Muslims who stood united from Bengal to Kashmir to separate from the INFIDELS (Hindus) wherever they could claim to be more than 50% of population. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ The ruling British put the seal of approval on the TWO NATION theory of Mr Jinnah, Liaqat Ali Khan and Hussain Shaheed Suhrawardy and many more. Those high level exceptions like Zakir Hussain, Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed, Maulana Abul Kalam and Abdul Kalam, who stuck to "Hindu majority" India ("Akhand Bharat") were to stay behind in order stop the Indian Muslims from getting isolated, discriminated against or demoralised as well as to eventually help recapture the whole of ISLAMIC (MOGUL) EMPIRE once again. Such far reaching collective ideals and vision is BEYOND the comprehension of the dull and mediocre Hindu and Sikh leaders. \\\\\\\\\\\\ At the time of PARTITION the FAITH in Mohammed was stronger with the INDIAN Muslims than the Faith in Sri Ram and Sri Krishna among the Hindus and the Faith in Guru Nanak and Guru Gobind Singh Ji among the Sikhs. The former were led by a senile "Goat" and the latter were "led and represented" by a businessman BALDEV SINGH who was not a barrister-at-law like Mr. Jinnah (former President of All-India Congress Party) and Nehru. Nor was the other Sikh leader Master Tara Singh a barrister or articulate in the English language. Simple and semi-literate Sikh leaders were pitched against the other highly educated and "England Return" top leaders who sat down like the two cats and the MONKEY at table to cut, divide and distribute the cake called Hindustan among themselves. \\\\\\\\\\ On the day of "RAPE & MUTILATION" of everyone's MOTHER, India, the Muslims called it the GREATEST conquest and victory in history. They had captured ONE THIRD OF INDIA (The BEST of India) including the lands where the Sikhs had settled and toiled and even shed blood for CENTURIES. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Sikhs were perceived to be a spoke in wheel by all the top Indian leaders at the time when Mr Jinnah, too, was an INDIAN citizen. \\\\\\\\\\\ The brave Sikh community, that had once captured PESHAWAR, ATTOCK, MULTAN, BANNU, KOHAT, ABBOTABAD and the KHYBER PASS, had to adore and follow a gutless and visionless HINDU leader who was a "Gandhian" COWARD with the idea of Secularism meaning "MUSLIM APPEASEMENT". \\\\\\\\\\\\ In the hour of India's DEATH there were more Gandhian Hindus than those who could think BRAVE like the followers of Sri Ram during the battle against Ravana and those who could relate to Sri Krishna at the battle of Kurukshetra.\\\\\\\\\\\\ The Hindu TRAGEDY was that while everyone knew Gandhi inside out, NONE could fathom the core loyalties of NEHRU. Indians' LACK OF GUTS to probe into the past of their LEADERS is proverbial. None even wants to know the names of at least five members of Indira's in-laws! As a result they can be driven like the dumb cattle. The paternal grandfather of Jawahar Lal (son of Moti Lal) was in reality a Sunni Mohammedan. ( \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Nehru's daughter secretly married a Muslim, Feroze KHAN, in Allahabad. Since DECEPTION is a part of the Muslim approach to life (as Guru Gobind Singh Ji had discovered at great cost to him and his family), Nehru, who claimed to be SECULAR, had Indira's name changed to Mrs GANDHI after marriage. It was a blatant LIE. She ought to be called "Mrs. Feroze KHAN" by all the Hindus and Sikhs. \\\\\\\\\\\ Sikhs leaders at the time were like those today, with the LEAST INTERST in finding out the origin, nature and core loyalties of the INDIAN leadership under whom they are condemned to live, suffer and die. The list of Sikh martyrs is long. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Congress was, LIKE NOW, a Party of DECEPTION. They claimed to represent ALL the people of India while in reality the Muslims separated themselves en bloc as the SECOND NATION in order to demand PARTITION of India. \\\\\\\\\\\ In order to throw dust in NON MUSLIM eyes Gandhi started chanting "Ishwar Allah tero Naam" that had ZERO impact on the Muslims. Later, he started chanting "Hindu Muslim Bhai", that FOOLED only his own BLIND followers, the Hindus. No "good" Muslim ever stooped down to trust a KAFIR like Gandhi. There is NOT ONE statue of "Brother" Gandhi anywhere in Pakistan today though BROKEN BHARTAT is dotted with them all over, including the Sikhs homeland EAST Punjab whose SHARED capital lies OUTSIDE Punjab. \\\\\\\\\ The only Sikh Chief Minister, Parkash Singh Badal, who could have ruled his PUNJAB from Lahore had Baldev Singh been smart like Mohamed Ali Jinnah, does not mind his degradation or insult now. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ The Sikhs were worried and concerned over the fate of Sri Nankana Sahib where Guru Nanak Dev Ji was born, and LAHORE where Guru Arjun Dev Ji was tortured and martyred, where Shaheed Bhagat Singh was hanged to death for INDIA (NOT BROKEN BHARAT) and where Maharaja Ranjit Singh had his throne besides being 75% NON Muslim on August 15, 1947 . But lacking vision, worldly knowledge, unity of purpose, and living along the lethal ideological FAULT LINE between Hindu and Muslim civilisations and "zones of influence" and heartlands, they were wiped out most easily.\\\\\\\\\\ In INDIA today two powerful ANTI HINDU forces rule: (NEHRU) DYNASTY and (corrupt and treacherous) CONGRESS PARTY of Gandhi, Jinnah and Nehru. They rule unquestioned and unchallenged like Emperor AURNAGZEB once did, and the disunited Indians (HINDUS, SIKHS and THE RESRT) are drowning in the QUAGMIRE of CORRUPTION. \\\\\\\\\\\\ While the INDIAN Muslims have secured LAND for themselves in perpetuity (two sovereign states of Pakistan and Bangladesh), "The Rest" are being "milked dry" of wealth and guts and at the same time being demoralized, intimidated, kicked, bashed, and even killed."\\\\\\\\\\ India was divided between "THE MUSLIMS" and "THE REST".\\\\\\\\ Today "The Rest" are demoralized, brainwashed, ignorant, disunited, squabbling, in-fighting, looking up to a NON DESCRIPT female from Italy who was brought by the corrupt son of the Prime Minister in order to "guide & advise the moron", the native born Prime Minister of India and his cabinet who dare not say, "If LAHORE is ISLAMIC then let PATIALA or AMRITSAR be SIKH and DELHI be HINDU."\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ No guts, no VISION and no future. Those who were labeled "The Rest" in 1947 were given NO stake to their LAND. They are "vanishing". No Hindu now addresses the SIKHS, "Save us from Extinction!" as they once came down to ask Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Lokpal Bill is TIME WASTING EYE WASH, or lollypop for the child behaving awkwardly. "Aurangzeb is firmly on the throne" and will remain so till RAHUL "GANDHI" is alive. Beyond that, the FUTURE of the Hindus and the Sikhs will be what their (horrendous) PAST was. 000000000