Date: 14 Jun 2011


Emerging struggle of PROLETARIAT against the sell stocked, well armed, well organized CORRUPT classes reminds us of the battle between the Pandavas and the Kauravas. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ The struggle will be slower, bloodier and costlier in life, time and money because the victims are trying to fight with their bare hands tied behind their backs, because the victims have NO real media or investigative journalism as in the West and the people are trying to raise their heads after A THOUSANDS years of slavery where they never had a thorough clean up and CHANGE OF SYSTEM as happed in Germany after World War 2 and in France after her revolution. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ The Indians are brainwashed to believe every “Sarkari” line, starting with, “Independence” instead of PARTITION, and “Mr CLEAN” for the most corrupt prime minister, Rajiv “Gandhi”. Media and people are hammered down to call it Independence, NOT Partition so no one can ask, "Who committed that high treason of unconditionally surrendering Lahore?" or "How come, the Muslims, acknowledged and ACCEPTED as Second Nation in 1947, are now the part of our ONE nation?"\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ The autocratic rulers have ensured that the PEOPLE of India remain the same “dumb cattle” that they were in 1947 when driven away in their TENS OF MILLIONS from their homes in West Pakistan and East Pakistan and later, even from Kashmir! On 4 June last they were treated with sticks, rifle butts and tear gas at midnight like the same “dumb cattle” of Nehru, the “uncrowned king”, down to Sonia Maino-Mussolini, the “uncrowned queen”, instead of with usual courtesy, care and consideration as the citizens of a free democracy, a proud sovereign country, aspiring to a permanent seat at the Security Council. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ So, by miracle of God or Nature, a man, simple of dress and diet, unlike the ruling classes living in high mansions and working from air conditioned offices, arose to inspire the “DUMB CATTLE” of BANDIT NEHRU in order to stand up and be counted and ask, "Where is our Wealth gone?" \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Those countries like France, Russia and Germany that emerged through revolutions or ALL-OUT wars had one thing in common: THERE WERE NO MUSLIMS IN THEM. \\\\\\\\\\ Our Hindusthan has the blight that she had her arm and a leg amputated by this “SECOND NATON” who also occupy North Kashmir, claiming to be indigenous. \\\\\\\\\\\ NEHRU, the Traitor of Millennium, also made sure that they remain in Bharat as a part of our ONE nation in order to do the same mischief again. That is why India, that was a slave colony of Britain, became the coolie colony of Congress that quickly made unspoken and unwritten alliances with the MUSLIMS and the CHRISTIANS, whose loyalties lie outside India, in order to counter the rising forces of indigenous Indian patriotism and nationalism. In plain words, the native must remain under the boot of the foreigner. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ But today’s midgets will inevitably think tall one day and ask, "Why the grand mosque in Mecca and the even grander edifice of VATICAN is no pain in anyone's backside but the idea of the Temple in Ayodhya, the powerful symbol of Hindu IDENTITY remains so disputed and controversial? Why is there NO dispute or controversy over Ka’aba in Mecca that was once a Hindu temple? Why is there NO dispute or controversy over Nehru’s surrender of East Bengal and Lahore?\\\\\\\\\ The reason is that the HINDUS have behaved in a manner since 1192 when the Turks occupied Delhi, that puts them in shadow of inferiority and mode of submission. So the gut reaction of the RULING CLIQUE (Dynasty, Congress, Italy & Islam), ie., those who regard themselves the masters, is "How can the "native niggers" sit with us at the same table?" \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Today the litmus test of PATRIOTISM is support or opposition of Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya, the highest symbol of our national Identity & Pride because Bharat cannot wear Nehru's bogus secular garb after Lahore, the "Daughter of India and the Heart of Punjab" was stripped naked, gang raped and then clothed in green garb imported from Mecca. The day must dawn when the crushed slaves can begin to think like their conquerors, confront their masters and overpower the foreigners. That day is TODAY. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ In that dark scenario in which the (once great and spiritually supreme) Hindu nation is badly trapped, divided with split loyalties and suffering from general sense of IMPOTENCE and CONFUSON, Baba Ram Devji is like the Messiah whose time has come. 000000000