Date: 12 Jun 2011


ban their travel abroad. coz once they flee the country, nothing could be availed out of even all out efforts.--- IT IS GOING TO HAPPEN ; they are going to flee before any action is taken to stop them ---- ---------------------------------------\\\\\\\\immenent need is to impound passports of corrupt suspects \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ if nationalists can obtain black account holders details with their own efforts n resources, SCI may be pleased \\\\\\\\\\\ to grant impounding their passports n ban their travel abroad. coz once they flee the country, nothing could be availed out of even all out efforts.\\\\\\\\\ objective must concenrtare on bringing back 480 lakh crore home.\\\\\\\\\ most black account holders hv foreign backing though their bankers to flee the country including multiple passports. RTI request must be filed urgently to know how many people are issued with multiple passports n who they are . \\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ VERY NICE BUT NEVER UNDERESTIMATE A NAZI BORN,KGB BRED AND ITALIAN MAFIA TRAINED PERSON AND THE TRICKS SHE MAY HAVE UP HER SLEEVES WITH BENEFICIARIES LIKE P.CHIDAMBARAM WILLING TO DO ANYTHING PRESUMING THAT HE WOULD BE THE NEXT OPTION FOR PM IN CASE SOMETHING HAPPENS TO THE PRESENT BENAMI MANMOHAN \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Dear Friends \\\\\\\\\\\\\ The Congress – Government face-off that is now publicly evident in the manner in which Baba Ramdev was received by 4 ministers at the instance of the Prime Minister and invited for negotiations at Claridges Hotel – only to be followed by the volte face of Police atrocity against 50000 innocent citizens at Ramlila Maidan in the dead of night of June 4. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Some points occurred to me and I am sharing my thoughts aloud. This follows articles by me (xxxxx), Smt Nancy Kaul and Smt Radha Rajan on this subject at and subsequent exchanges with friends. Setting aside all emotions, I personally feel that the episode shows that \\\\\\\\\\ - Whatever overt power she may still exercise over Congress and Government, Sonia Gandhi is on a weak wicket, which is getting weaker, though this may not be readily apparent as yet \\\\\\\\\\\ - In fact, Sonia Gandhi may derive more power from the pusillanimity of the BJP and some RSS ‘thekedars’ who primed Baba Ramdev to lead a movement that was destined to be aborted [by them, for her] and thus help Sonia to maintain her stranglehold over the Government via the NAC and the Anna Hazare-Lokpal agenda – except that that is moving towards utter failure \\\\\\\\\\\ - Sonia Gandhi’s Western support base has fractured and she knows it, which is why she is desperate to ram Rahul Gandhi into the PM post, but this desperation is making her and Rahul make costly mistakes [like Muslims are surely going to perk up to the fact that Christian surrogates are being primed for the post, and they will let their resentment show in some way…] \\\\\\\\\\\\ - The political establishment in London and Washington can see that she is politically in the ‘diminishing returns’ mode and that Rahul is a non-starter. So they are unlikely to invest energy in her. Just as they dumped the unpopular Mubarak so that they could stay put behind the scenes in Egypt, so they will not give momentum to her fight with Manmohan Singh and the sections of Government and Bureaucracy that are uncomfortable with Sonia and her behaviour. \\\\\\\\\\\\ - That leaves Sonia Gandhi with only the Church (Vatican and all the rest) and their approach is muscular and aggressive, as if India is Latin America, and this mistake will prove costly for her. \\\\\\\\\\ - Sonia is left with very poor allies who determine her agenda in public [because she does not speak so as not to commit herself to a position from which she may need to resile later; ditto for Rahul Gandhi]. These are Digvijay Singh [who never recovered from the shock of his defeat in MP], Anil Shastri who attacks her enemies via the Congress mouthpiece, and Kapil Sibal who is actually a lawyer and not a politician. There is not a single Congress stalwart batting on behalf of Sonia Gandhi today, and hence she is not going very far. Pranab Mukherjee, who is the Government troubleshooter, quietly slunk away when he realised the agenda has shifted from Government to Congress/Sonia, and that should tell us a lot. Even P Chidambaram is keeping a low profile… \\\\\\\\\\\\ \ \\\\\\ 000000000