Date: 12 Jun 2011


Imagine two armies facing each other in battle.\\\\\\\\\\ How lucky and happy will one army be, if the news comes that the commander on the other side has died.\\\\\\\\\\ In the same way the Kauravas wish that the Pandava's leader takes his own life instead of going to battle against them.\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Today there are two leaders of OPPOSING ideologies (sides). One is SONIA, the Daughter of Italy & Mussolini, On the other side is our own hero, Baba Ram Dev. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Since the HINDUS have nearly always PERISHED in battle and only surrendered territory but never gained an inch, the choice left to us now is "non violent satyagraha" in order to "move" the enemy's heart to show compassion by doing our own "baleedan" in front of his eyes. \\\\\\\\\\\\ But if Ram Dev ji dies while fasting, the field will be CLEAR for the enemies of Hindus and Hindusthan to rule with iron fist for the foreseeable future that could be CENTURIES. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ With each day passing there are more MUSLIMS (enemies who took away vast territories in 1947) being born on the sacred soil of Sri Rama, Sri Krishna and Guru Tegh Bahadur ji. While breeding like rabbits they are tilting the balance in their favour even in Partitioned India while the Hindu numbers are decreasing relatively. With each day passing the Hindus are getting more and more battered, bashed, brainwashed, exploited, demoralised and ROBBED. \\\\\\\\\\\\ With each day passing the enemy is getting stronger and the Hindus WEAKER. It is not too difficult to imagine what will be the state of Hindus after 63 years. One can realise this if we compare the state of Hindus 63 years AGO.\\\\\\\\\\\\ 63 AGO the Hindus were fully justified in EXTEMINATING the Muslims as the streams of grieving Hindu refugees were pouring in from the West and the East with the harrowing accounts of those murdered by the Muslims and our unparalleled mass exodus.\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 63 years ago the Hindus could have "gheraoed" Pandit Nehru and lynched him or cut him up limb by limb to punish him for surrendering an inch of Bharat's sacred "DHARTI" without referendum to the enemy.\\\\\\\\\\\\ 63 years ago the Hindu nation could have blasted the Babri Masjid and rebuilt the Sri Ram Temple while the Muslims were still in SHOCK having broken up Bharat as traitors after proclaiming themselves to be SECOND nation. (NB: Nehru, the "Son of a Bitch" declared them "indigenous" and a part of ONE NATION after giving them Karachi, Multan, Lahore, Nankana Sahib and East Bengal!) \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 63 years ago there were NO Hajj subsidies for the Rascals nor Article 307 in the Constitution to enrich the only Muslim majority State at the cost of all the Hindu majority States. \\\\\\\\\\\ 63 years ago the Chief Minister of Punjab was a "Lion", ruling his grand Province from LAHORE, not like Nehru's "degraded dog" sitting on "Union" Territory. 63 years ago the Prime Minister of India held his sway over a country that stretched from KHYBER to CHITTAGONG not the mutilated rump shrunk between Kolkata and Wagah. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 63 years ago the whole of Kashmir was still available to be incorporated in India like PATIALA and HYDERABAD. This opportunity came again in 1972 but Mrs. Feroze KHAN (the "Witch" that called herself "Indira Gandhi" in order to fool the Hindus) was neither for Bharat nor for Secularism. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Like her father she, too, was for ISLAM. Her Army ("Eunuchs in Uniform") won medals and awards for "gallantry" after attacking Sri Harimandir Sahib in Amritsar instead of capturing LAHORE. Her son Roberto (Rajiv) sent the army to kill the Tamils in Sri Lanka instead of backing their demands for dignity and safety. 63 years ago the Indian Army was still strong and invincible having fought under the British flag and DEFEATED Germany and Japan.\\\\\\\\\\ But 63 years later, that is, TODAY, the Hindus are decimated, demoralised, confused, divided, plundered, exploited, brainwashed and so weak that our nation is led by a female of no pedigree from the "Land of Mafia & Mussolini", professing foreign faith and alien loyalties. \\\\\\\\\\\\ 63 years on, today, our Prime Minister walks and acts like her "poodle". 63 years on, the "mouse" Supreme Commander of Partitioned India is a laugh instead of inspiration. She is light years away from the Supreme Commander of the United States of America in guts and "gaurv". His army is fighting the enemy across oceans and frontiers while our "Secular Mouse" Pratibha Patil dare not show up even in Srinagar, leave aside North Kashmir! But like her predecessor Abdul Kalam this "rubber stamp", too, is getting fat salary and will get very high pension for the rest of her life. She need not even look at a refugee from Srinagar or Sylhet!\\\\\\\\\\ 63 years on, i.e., today, our top MAN, Baba Ram Devji, can only think of "fasting to death" as the weapon to fight corruption and oust the rascals from positions of absolute power! \\\\\\\\\\\ Therefore, the more time the Hindus waste in discussions, the more the enemy will hit us hard and finally FINISH US OFF totally.\\\\\\\\\\\\ It is time to study all the cases in history where the once helpless, unarmed and peace loving Iranians and Egyptians toppled their repressive and corrupt regimes by dispatching the autocratic rulers to the next world or exile. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ The HINDUS must not take the bashing any more from the evil "Chandaal Chaukdi" comprising Dynasty, Italy, Islam & Congress, aided and abetted by Hindu "camp followers" and fools like Digvijay Singh. \\\\\\\\\\\\ June 12, 2011. ======== \\\\\\\\\\000000000