Date: 09 Jun 2011


HOW INDIA (1947) AND CHINA (1948) DEALT WITH THEIR MUSLIM MINORITY.\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\\\\ BAD LUCK \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ India had MK (Mohandas Karamchand) Gandhi, a man of peace & non violence, who believed that his non violent struggle ("Satyagraha") will drive the British out. Once he said, "Do not resist the Japanese. Just lie down in front of their advancing tanks. They will change heart and go away." Four years later when MA (Mohammed Ali) Jinnah, the Muslim leader, threatened violence (civil war) over partition, Gandhi could not think of a befitting reply but reconciled himself to the most humiliating unconditional surrender of his country's five provinces. Thus the culmination of his life was not the glory of Independence but the eternal shame & disgrace of suffering a crushing defeat at the hands of the Muslims, euphemistically called "Partition". \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ GOOD LUCK\\\\\\\\\\\\ China's man of destiny was MAO TSE TUNG, a battle hardy hero with super human resolve to recover the whole country in tact from his rival Chiang Kai Shek. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ He fought his way across the breadth of China and in the end achieved his goal with the misfortune (for him) that there was an ISLAND off the coast where Chiang Kai Shek, the American ally, could escape with his entourage. Immediately, the island came under American protection & guarantees, thus escaping its capture by Mao's forces. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ China, too, had a Muslim minority living in the West. When in those post World War 2 days of chaos and confusion, encouraged by the spectacular success of the INDIAN Muslims who had snatched their separate homeland with the utmost ease, a few of them decided to break away from China they promptly heard from Mao, "I WILL GET YOU, BEHEAD YOU, AND BURN YOUR KORAN ON THE SPOT." Such a frightening stern warning, coming from the invincible secular "GIANT", was credible. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ The Muslims immediately dropped their idea of separation and started being good Communists. \\\\\\\\\\ 20 Jun 11. ============== 000000000