Date: 08 Jun 2011


VENGEFUL REACTION WILL RECOIL BACK \\\\\\\\\\ Now like the draconian rule of dictators the Government of Partitioned Indian Secular State will come down with full weight against everyone connected with Baba Ram Dev because their crime is to tell the dirty Government to clean its stables.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ What has encouraged them to discard the righteous path but indulge in unbridled corruption is their belief that the BILLION odd citizens, beaten flat into submission over centuries and turned into dumb cattle, will either see the "tamaasha" of the arrest of Baba Ram Dev or grieve silently at the unequal contest between David and Goliath just like that between Emperor Aurangzeb and Guru Tegh Bahadur. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ This is the contest between the "White" ELEPHANT and the forces at her command (the KAURAVAS) and the few dedicated followers of a local vegetarian "rabbit" (the PANDAVAS). \\\\\\\\\\\\ The outcome is certain as far as the keepers, feeders and defenders of the White "ELEPHANT" are concerned. She must keep the $50 million of Bofors commission safe from these probing eyes. So she will ATTACK like her fearsome mother-in-law, Mrs Feroze Khan, and her own country's hero MUSSOLINI. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Thus the corrupt tyrants go blind and proceed straight towards their own execution or gallows. Will people find it FAIR to see the BIG fish going for a small fry, a small man with a peaceful following? In contrast, we did see one JINNAH who made our three barristers, Nehru & Gandhi included, and all the CONGRESS STALWARTS bend forwards for him to push the bamboo called "Pakistan" up theirs. They immediately called it "Independence"! \\\\\\\\\\\\ This time the people are coming from grassroots and will RECOIL BACK to redeem their country's honour. When this happens then it is foreseeable that the world will see the RASHTRAPATNI BHAWAN on fire and the incumbent dragged out to Rajpath, stripped naked, and given a sound beating with shoes and sticks. Her fate would still be better than suffered by all the women of Delhi when the Turks captured the city in 1192 and massacred every man and raped every woman. Her fate would certainly be better than the fate of Shah of Iran, President Hosni Mobarak of Egypt and what is awaiting Col Gadaffi in Tripoli. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Should a government become VINDICTIVE? Should they not explain their own illegal wealth first? Should they be seen serving the country or themselves? What other means do the PEOPLE have to make their corrupt rulers to behave morally and respect the Law of Land? \\\\\\\\\\ Such CRIMINAL governments are dealt with in three ways-\\\\\\\\\\\ 1. Elections: but in DYNASTIC dictatorships the elections are a SHAM. Does democracy get frozen in ONE dynasty for decades? Did the son or daughter of Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan or Jimmy carter have the automatic right to become the Prime Minister or the President? So how many MORE generations do we expect the suppressed people of India to "BLEED to FEED" their rulers? \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 2. The second way is by mass satyagraha that was under way. That is what the so-called Father of Nation, MK Gandhi did, to NO avail till the INDIAN NATIONAL ARMY was born that opened the eyes of the British rulers.\\\\\\\\\\\\ 3. Given that the police is misused by the corrupt ministers, the third way is an army coup. Unfortunately the present Army in India is NOT the same that fought to win battles during TWO World Wars across the globe without ever "ceasing fire". Today's Indian army is compliant and degenerated as a MERCENARY force. They have fought only Dynasty's battles whereby they could serve the Will of GANDHIS, not of the nation. In the latter case they would have liberated the whole of Kashmir within days, defied Mrs. Fetoze Khan in order to keep East Bengal under Secular flag after capturing it, and gone to Northern Sri Lanka to do what the TURKS did in Cyprus. \\\\\\\\\\ So if this "satyagraha" FAILS or is crushed by brutal force, then the PEOPLE OF INDIA are in for centuries of unbroken Congress rule and Dynasty's unchallenged sway. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Finally, it is downright mean of the Ruling Party and the Government of MIDDLE INDIA, that is, Partitioned India, to seek to investigate the tax situation of Baba Ram Dev ji after he has acted first. Why was it not done EARLIER? Thus, all those income tax officers should be put in the dock and dealt with along with those who shut their eyes to all the illegal wealth being taken abroad illegally for years, if not decades. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Today it is the ugly show of "MIGHT IS RIGHT" but might is not permanent. It does shift sooner or later and then the world media comes flying in to see the PRESIDENT hanged to death while the common man celebrates all around. Go and ask the Emperor of FRANCE, the Czar of Russia, Hitler, Mussolini, Shah of Iran, Caucescu of Romania, and even Hosni Mobarak. The goose of Sonia is about to be cooked. \\\\\\\\\\\\ The destiny of Bharat has taken a turn. An ideological quake has struck the captive masses. If the corrupt SARKAR can't see or feel it and still proceeds to quell the protest by using force and mercenary troops then by the Law of Nature. another Shivaji, Banda Singh Bahadur, Hari Singh Nalwa or NETAJI Bose will appear and do a complete clean up of the mess. No Indian citizen at home or abroad will go about with the GUILT & SHAME of living in, or hailing from, a third rate lawless “banana republic” where the CORRUPT hold total sway over all, and can "behead" or "eliminate" anyone who raises his voice. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ June 6, 2011. PS: MINISTER JAILED FOR 30 YEARS. (NO, NOT IN INDIA!) YOUSSEF BOUTROS GHALI, Egypt's former finance minister, yesterday became one of the most senior politicians in the country to be punished since February's revolution. He was sentenced to 30 years in prison after being convicted on corruption charges. Ref. the above news item: One thing is certain. The MANLY Egyptians did not look up to a holy man to OUST the President and bring Justice to People. FOR HOW LONG WILL SONIA MAINO, CHAIRWOMAN OF INDIA 'S CORRUPT CONGRESS PARTY, BE JAILED? ------------------------------------------------- Congress Press Conference: BRAVE SON OF BHARAT CONFRONTS SONIA’S RAT. ( 6 JUNE 2011 ) 000000000