Date: 08 Jun 2011


In a message dated 08/06/2011 18:12:27 GMT Standard Time, writes: \\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Though Anna Hazare started the fast against corruption, he does not have very good notion about Narandra Modi. Though Modi has done a lot to the state of Gujarat which includes many Muslims and Christians who praise him to the core, Anna Hazare chose to have a stand against Modi for the reasons best known to him. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Now Yogi Ram Dev Baba has started the campaign against corruption, which is more fruitful since 4 of the Union Minisers have gone to Delhi Airport to receive him. One of them was Kapil Sibal. the question is - What was the need of the Bigwigs of Congress to receive the Yogi at Delhi Airport??? \\\\\\\\\\\\ They had a long talk with him, but since he was relentless, and has resorted to fasting with millions of followers, they moved him to his Ashram in the midnight and resorted to beating of the fellow fasting public. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Though Manmohan Sigh ( the name itself is quite optimal - it is the peace maker of the mind - the name given to Lord Krishna) but in present circumstances he is not so, since he is an errand boy of Congress Bigwig Italian Mafioso Sonia??? \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ According to the Sanaathana Dharma, all the people at the top. who perpetrate crime amounting to the loss of huge default to the nation, should be given the highest punishment viz. Capital Punishment and all their properties should be annexed by the Government of India, and they should be beheaded in public !!! \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Now since New York Times has itself has reported that 2G scam is only second to the biggest scandal in the history of Mankind viz. Watergate scandal of President Richard Nixon, it is our duty to weed out the wrong doers and annex their properties and do justice, to the country of Non- Violence !!! \\\\\\\\\\\\\ 000000000