Date: 06 Jun 2011


PERENNIAL BLEEDING "MARCH" TO DEATH\\\\\\\\\ To extinguish the fires of Islamic fanaticism & bigotry is like the West walking into the crater with a bucket full of water when the volcano is in full eruption. \\\\\\\\\\\ In 1939 such fires were ablaze THROUGHOUT GERMANY that had stepped out to conquer the whole world. It took the West SIX YEARS of all-out war to put them out. \\\\\\\\\ To put them out permanently the West had to do two things:- \\\\\\\\\\ 1. BAN THE NAZIS. It is like BANNING ISLAM today. 2. BAN THE BOOK (MEIN KAMPF). It is like BANNING THE KORAN. \\\\\\\\\\ IF it cannot be done by all the POWER, RESOLVE, MIGHT & WEAPONRY of the West, or will not be done, then the West must reckon with permanent BLEEDING and, possibly, eventual DEATH. 000000000