Date: 06 Jun 2011


BRAVE SON OF BHARAT CONFRONTS SONIA’S "RAT". (6 JUNE 2011) ====================\\\\\\\\\\\ POWER CORRUPTS.\\\\\\\\\\\\\ India's “Hindu bashing“ CONGRESS Party, the Party of Partition & High Treason, the Party of ONE Dynasty for ever, now led by a deadly Italian (Mafia) hand & her foreign backers, and the Party of unlimited ultimate CORRUPTION, has acquired immense power over the whole country during the last 63 years. Some characteristics are now undeniable: \\\\\\\\\\\\\ 1. They care two hoots for the Integrity of India, i.e. AKHAND BHARAT. It is never mentioned by the rulers as if the idea was a sin or utmost stupidity. \\\\\\\\\\\\ 2. They pay deceptive lip service to MK Gandhi, having totally DUMPED his cherished goal to see India emerge as united (AKHAND BHARAT) with ONE Law for all, and with morality injected in, and corruption eradicated from, the administration.\\\\\\\\\\\ 3. The RULING & FOOLING Party acknowledged and accepted the Muslims in India to be the SECOND NATION before surrendering one third of India (conceding Pakistan) but instantly defined them, like a juggler’s hat trick, part of ONE nation the moment the Indian Muslims had their separate sovereign State called Pakistan with the free license to exterminate the Hindus. They have never been put on trial for that territorial surrender without referendum. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ 4. They dumped Secularism in Lahore but IMPOSED it in Delhi. We must seriously realize that for Secularism to be decent or acceptable in DELHI it had to be RAMMED DOWN their throats in LAHORE. Otherwise it is seen as deception. fraud and INSULT to the re-enslaved Hindu nation. In 1972 Mrs. Feroze KHAN (aka Mrs. Gandhi), the then prime minister of Bharat, secretly advised Shaikh Mujiburrahman to go separate and sovereign once again instead of joining West Bengal since "Secularism in India was only for her Hindu subjects & servants." Special concessions, privileges, benefits and financial incentives are enshrined for the only Muslim majority State in India vide Article 370 in Constitution. No Hindu majority State across India is so lucky! \\\\\\\\\\\\ 5. The rulers fool the people with deceptive sloganeering, e.g., "INDIRA IS INDIA", “Gareebi Hatao!”, “Kill Corruption!” and the title "MR. CLEAN" for Rajiv "Gandhi" who was the most corrupt (dirtiest) Prime Minister of Bharat. None before, or since, has taken $50 MILLION as commission from a single defence deal! \\\\\\\\\\\\\ 6. They have BETRAYED, DEGRADED and MISUSED the country's gallant Armed Forces. Their pay and rank structure and comparable status with the civilian counterparts have been drastically downgraded to cause resentment among the serving soldiers and frustration and ANGER among the ex-servicemen. The use of army to conquer but then PROMPTLY RETURN East Bengal to ISLAM in 1972 was yet another instance of HIGH TREASON against India after the first unconditional surrender of East Bengal in 1947 when the Army was kept in barracks. India could have easily recovered North Kashmir after she inflicted a crushing defeat on Pakistan with 90,000 ENEMY soldiers in our own captivity but the then prime minister, a secret convert to Islam at the time of marriage to Feroze Khan, betrayed India by WASTING the unique opportunity. Their employment in Northern Sri Lanka to kill and crush the Tamils of INDIAN ORIGIN was yet another case of Crime Against Own People. India merely watched when the Government of Sri Lanka finally crushed the Tamils in the utmost savage and brutal manner. The attack on Golden Temple, the Sikhs’ holiest shrine in Amritsar, cannot be justified under any circumstance. It deliberately hurt, angered and PROVOKED the fiercely loyal and brave Sikh community living across the whole world, having earlier surrendered the birthplace (sacred Janmasthan) of Guru Nanak Devji unconditionally to Islam in 1947.\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 7. They have acted in a partisan and partial manner by going OUT OF THEIR WAY to appease and please the Muslims in Partitioned India (despite that bloody horrendous & devastating Partition that cost two million lives and caused the world’s worst forced exodus!)** but displease, frustrate, "BASH & BATTER" the Hindus at every step including direct interference in the affairs of temples in the South (but NOT mosques and churches anywhere). While the Hindus are scornfully ignored & treated with contempt, the Muslims are given Hajj subsidies and special facilities. The present rulers of India are hell bent against the construction of a befittingly grand Temple at the birth place of Sri Rama in Ayodhya. The Hindu nation is not blind or stupid that they cannot see the glory of Mecca and the grandeur of Vatican.\\\\\\\\\\ --------------------------------------------- **Constitutionally, the Muslims in India can be treated EQUAL with the Hindus ONLY in United India ("Akhand Bharat") if India is not a "dirty rag" or a "vulgar joke". -------------------------------------------------- \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 8. Dishonest glorification of Nehru / Gandhi names through relentless and constant State sponsored PROPAGANDA while at the same time ignoring or belittling the achievements, sacrifices and great deeds of all the other sages, patriots and warriors. It is an open shame that these "rats" in control of India’s destiny have not even given a clear IDENTITY to our great country. Bharat's real identity is HINDU. There is no need to deny or SUPPRESS it due to lack of SELF-ESTEEM, courage or conviction. We have NEVER expected Vatican to be secular or Saudi Arabia to treat the Hindus at par with the Muslims. India, that remained SLAVE & INFERIOR for a thousand years (since the capture of DELHI by the TURKS in 1192 AD), ought to let her own HINDUS now stand up tall, and stand out conspicuously, on our own territory. We need to inculcate the pride to say that ours is a HINDU country (Rashtra) where all are treated fairly. We have yet to encounter a Briton who is ashamed, or embarrassed, to say, "England is a Christian country." \\\\\\\\\\\\\ 9. In order to PERPETUATE their rule over India, the rulers have to pursue a three-pronged strategy. These are-\\\\\\\\\\\\ (a). Keep them INTIMIDATED. We saw the State terror the other night in Ram Leela Ground, Delhi. \\\\\\\\\\ (b) Keep them IMPOVERISHED. Hence the unchecked rampant corruption that is "consuming" the nation like CANCER. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ © Keep them IGNORANT. India is definitely not a genuine democracy if her MEDIA are either controlled, influenced or even owned by the Government \\\\\\\\\\\ (d) Rajiv “Gandhi” introduced another prong of INFERIORITY of the Indians by ignoring all the native daughters but going out to broadcast to the world, “Italy above India!” According to the maxim, “Those who have NO sense of dignity cannot feel disgrace,” the whole country immediately made Sonia Maino “Rashtra-Bahoo” and now call her “Rashtra-Maata” without the slightest hesitation. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 10. India's FOREIGN POLICY is a real disgrace. For decades she did not dare to have diplomatic relations with ISRAEL so as not to annoy the Arab dictators. At the Security Council India's vote is cast in the manner of the PLO. India has deliberately ignored Hindu Nepal, even instigated unrest and civil disorder against the ONLY Hindu King on earth, and our captive Bharat never smiled at the Buddhist countries to the East while "licking" the Arabs and every ISLAMIC republic. Our Hindusthan dare not send a Hindu or Sikh ambassador to Riyadh. The Imam of Mecca was received as a VIP in (Partitioned) India last week while NO Shankaracharya, not even an ordinary Hindu, is allowed to enter Mecca on reciprocal basis. What a disgrace that ALL the Indians living abroad, some in prominent places, some multi millionaires, share with such a government back home! Genuine democracies like the USA and the UK do not know whether India is a friend or foe. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Indian diplomatic missions treat the citizens of India in marked contrast to the treatment given to the FOREIGNERS as if we are still “frozen” in the old colonial mould. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ If the masses are kept helpless and unarmed, and brought up on the GANDHIAN lore of "appease, surrender or fast till DEATH", then our ENEMIES get the impression that the Hindus are a very weak nation.\\\\\\\\\\\\\ That impression is our UNDOING. That impression INVITES all the attacks, attackers, invasions and invaders to our (Broken) Bharat. That IMPRESSION has ruined our image in the world. And at home that IMPRESSION encouraged the security forces to arrest Baba Ram Devji and beat up and scatter his devotees and followers. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ That impression will prompt and encourage them in the future, too, to attack the HINDUS even more ferociously. The crushing defeat suffered by us in 1947 was NOT the last. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ This is what happened in 1947 when our Hindu nation had discarded the "ALL INDIA HINDU MAHA SABHA" that could have pitched itself against the "All India MUSLIM League". \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Instead, the Hindus followed the MONGREL assortment called "All India CONGRESS Party" led by a senile old man dressed in mere loin cloth. The enemy LOADED THE GUNS, AND SHOT. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Gandhi and his followers could not respond even with a stick. The manner of all the Hindus and the Sikhs fleeing, and escaping from, Pakistan was disgusting and deplorable though, officially, nothing of the sort happened. According to all the official versions, India won her Independence and Gandhi was regarded a "brave man" and a "hero".\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 63 years later the Hindus have again been pushed, or maneuvered, into the dark & narrow "POOJA / PAATH" corner. The defeated Hindu nation is obliging the ENEMY by doing just that. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Even the martial Sikhs are going on endlessly about what happened in 1984 (but not a word about the far worse calamity of 1947!). No one asks them to think of WHY. Only by asking, "WHY DID IT HAPPEN? can one see WHY things went wrong. Things went wrong in 1947 because they did not UNMASK Nehru as a traitor, and Gandhi as a COWARD, who gave away our lands, homes, towns, cities and PEOPLE to the butchers.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ In 1984 NO Sikh identified Mrs Indira Gandhi as MRS. FEROZE KHAN. They would have realized that as a MUSALMAANI she would attack their holiest gurdwaras and kill even their infants with her own hands. None used the special "glasses" to see the foreign fox chasing and killing the native chickens. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Today the Hindus are not trying to IDENTIFY the enemy. Most of us think that Soniaji is "one of us, and the gentle toothless Pratibha PATIL is a formidable Supreme Commander who can keep the enemy at bay." \\\\\\\\\\\\\ It is when the POLITICAL LEADERSHIP is zero that our saints and holy men step forward to take on the FIGHT to destroy the corrupt system.\\\\\\\\\\\ One would expect Hindu POLITICAL parties like BAJRANG DAL, SHIV SENA, RSS AND EVEN BJP to relieve Baba Ram Devji and take up the FIGHT themselves, instead of watching from the wings. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 5 June 11 ========== PS: June 5, 2011. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ MINISTER JAILED FOR 30 YEARS. (NO, NOT IN INDIA!) \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ YOUSSEF BOUTROS GHALI, Egypt's former finance minister, yesterday became one of the most senior politicians in the country to be punished since February's revolution. He was sentenced to 30 years in prison after being convicted on corruption charges. ----------------------\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Ref. the above news item: One thing is certain. The MANLY Egyptians did not look up to a holy man to OUST the President and bring Justice to People. HOW LONG FOR WILL SONIA MAINO, CHAIRWOMAN OF INDIA'S CORRUPT CONGRESS PARTY, BE JAILED? ----------------------- 000000000