Date: 04 Jun 2011


In a message dated 04/06/2011 16:18:03 GMT Standard Time, writes:\\\\\\\\\\ Israel has made many mistakes, blunders, over the years. In 1948, we should have expelled all the Arabs from the new State. In 1967, we should have pushed...\\\\\\\\\\ ================== REGRETS LATER:\\\\\\\ Should have........., should have.............! \\\\\\\\\\ India, too had the opportunity to EXPEL ALL THE MUSLIMS, lock, stock and Koran, in 1947, while conceding a separate ISLAMIC State to the bullies upon her own (Indian) territory. \\\\\\\\\\ But soft hearted, kind, morally superior & gullible HINDUS let them stay back in India, too, HAVING GIVEN THEM A POUND OF FLESH AND A TON OF BLOOD, while the MUSLIMS carried out total EXTERMINATION of the Hindus in their Pakistan despite promises and pledges by their leaders to safeguard the lives of Hindus in Pakistan.\\\\\\\\\\\\ Only FOOLS need to be reminded twice about the DECEPTION of Muslims when it comes to their promises, pledges and oaths while trying to GAIN AN ADVANTAGE. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Now India cannot recover even ONE INCH of her territory from the Muslims. She cannot recover even North Kashmir that is legally hers. The MUSLIMS, in fact, want the whole of KASHMIR and ultimately DELHI, too. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Dealing with the "Believers in KORAN" & the Mohammed of Mecca, the HINDUS are feeling the NOOSE tightening around their necks. The other day the IMAM OF MECCA visited India and expressed his resolve to set up YET ANOTHER ISLAMIC television station to influence and convert the INFIDELS. \\\\\\\\\\\ Israel ought to know from the FATE of the Hindus and the fate of (Partitioned) INDIA, not to yield an inch to the Muslims. You will never get it back and they will claim five more inches. Somebody, please prove this wrong. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 4 June 11. 000000000