Date: 03 Jun 2011


WHAT FOLLOWS BELOW is correct, clear, constructive and critical to save Bharat for us and for the future generation. Throughout its 80-plus years everything the Congress Party touched has been marred with lies, destruction, corruption, tyranny, appeasement of Muslims, looting of Hindu temples, and death for Hindus. Our sacred culture, tradition, general systems philosophy, and principles have been violently destroyed and the country was divided and given to our enemies in a plate.\\\\\\\\\\\\\ The Congress Party has been ruling India at the behest of foreign agencies and our original ethical-dharmic concepts and social structures have been disintegrated by force. They allowed missionaries and Jihadis to dictate the destiny of the Hindu majority.. Empathy, social harmony and living principles have been twisted and replaced with phony secularism. As a result Missionaries, Jihadis and Marxists working as agents for our destroyers were successful in spreading hatred, social conflict and division. The Congress rule by the uneducated, Italian Catholic lady Sonia Khan is the darkest and the most ridiculous page in our history. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Why these things happening in India? Hindus are brainwashed to believe in phony secularism, mindless universalism, irrational tolerance and dangerous compromise with deadly evil concepts, forces and misdeeds. Hindus in general behave like preprogrammed zombies following our deadly enemies. Instead of overthrowing the oppressors, they join with the tyrannical force and show Stockholm Syndrome and oppress fellow Hindus. Hindus have become passive, submissive and tolerant of oppression, corruption and immorality. At this time, if Hindus can join together and overthrow the Italian mafia gang we can prevent further tragedy.\\\\\\\\\\\\ It is time for each one of us to reflect on our principles correctly, clearly and examine whether our irrational tolerance, dangerous compromise and cowardice have made us accomplices in many tragedies that could have been avoided. It is our hope that those Hindus who are deceived by the Italian Sonia Congress will now see its evil intention clearly and purge its deadly poison. We need not indulge in pacifism, appeasement and, indifference. We need strength, activism and assertive action and positive violence. \\\\\\\\\\ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- \\\\\\\\\\ IT'S "QUIT INDIA!" FOR SONIA, the daughter-in-law of Mrs FEROZE KHAN & widow of BOFORS CHOR. \\\\\\\\\\\ The level of ignorance, tolerance, lethargy and INERTIA of the Hindus exceeds all decent and indecent limits. Here we are, reconciled to that bogus Partition, calling MIDDLE INDIA "Bharat". \\\\\\\\\\\\ None wants to know why it happened, who did it, why, and what the Muslims are doing in PARTITIONED India despite Partition. What is the IQ of our people? What is the state of our collective guts? Who destroyed these to bring the nation to this abysmal level? \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ In Pakistan they assassinated even their own Daughter of Land and a Muslim, too, while in Bharat one billion of us tolerate a \\\\\\\\\\\ 1. FOREIGNER\\\\\\\\\\ 2. from a country known for Imperialism in the past, and MAFIA at present\\\\\\\\\\\ 3. A committed CATHOLIC who aims at converting all the Hindus, and a\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 4. LOOTER, PLUNDER AND ROBBER of India's wealth with tens of millions of dollars in foreign banks. 5. Someone who is dead set against the reconstruction of Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya.\\\\\\\\\ 6. Someone who wishes to keep the Hindus at bay, ignorant, intimidated, scared and SLAVES, looking "sheep" or "fools" to the rest of the world.\ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Baba Ram Dev Ji is a challenge to this deep frozen stagnant and stinking political system and we all should support him and wish him the best of luck. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ His opponents are OUR opponents. They are the enemies of HNDUS in the first place and friends of It lay & Islam in the second place. The HINDU does not figure in their minds even in the THIRD place. Yet the Hindu nation is going along, going along and going along towards its doom. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ We need to shout into ONE BILLION pairs of deaf ears, "JAAGTE RAGO! JAAGTE RAHO!, JAAGTE RAHO!" 000000000