Date: 03 Jun 2011


WHERE THE GOVERNMENTS ARE SOVEREIGN, FREE FROM FOREIGN OR ENEMY TERROR AND INFLUENCE, THE CITIZENS OF THOSE PROUD COUNTRIES GET THE AUTOMATIC RIGHT TO RETURN TO MOTHERLAND ANY TIME AND FROM ANYWHERE WITHOUT HAVING TO OBTAIN THE VISA FIRST. \\\\\\\\\\\\ BUT WHERE THE GOVERNMENTS ARE BY DESPICABLE ROTTEN SCUM OF MANKIND WHO APPEASE THE ENEMY BUT BATTER & BASH THEIR OWN SUBJECTS, IT IS REAL BAD LUCK FOR THE CITIZENS. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ MAULED AND MUTILATED BY HER MUSLIM MINORITY, BEING LED AND MISLED BY AN ITALIAN BORN FEMALE OF NO PEDIGREE OR HISTORIC CONNECTION WITH THE COUNTRY AND ITS RELIGION, WHO IS MANIPULATING POLITICS TO KEEP THE HINDU HEAD DOWN WHILE CONVEYING HER ILL-GOTTEN WEALTH ABROAD, INDIA PROJECTS A POOR PICTURE. SHE IS ALL SMILES FOR THE MUSLIMS, EVEN THE TERRORISTS IN KASHMIR, BUT ALL ANGER AND WRATH FOR THE NATIVES OF BHARAT, THE HINDUS. \\\\\\\\\\ ANOTHER ASPECT IS THE QUESTION OF HOW THE INDIANS WHO GO ABROAD ARE LOOKED UPON AND TREATED BY THE GOVERNMENT OF INDIA. MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS OF INDIANS GOT FRUSTRATED BY THE CORRUPT OFFICIALS FROM THE LOWEST TO THE HIGHEST LEVELS AND THEY LEFT WHEN TOTALLY FED UP. BUT THEY STILL LOVE INDIA THAT IS REGARDED SACRED LAND BY THEM.\\\\\\\\\\ DO THE RULERS OF INDIA WANT THEM BACK? NO WAY. \\\\\\\\\\\ BUT YES, THEY WELCOME DONATIONS FROM THE NON RESIDENT INDIANS (NRI'S). THEY ARE LUCKY IN THAT THE INDIANS WHETHER AT HOME OR ABROAD ARE HAMMERED DOWN FLAT BY CENTURIES OF SLAVERY. \\\\\\\\\\\ WHEN IT WAS THE BEST OPPORTUNITY AFTER A THOUSAND YEARS TO ENCOURAGE THEM TO LIFT THEIR HEADS AND SPIRITS UP, THE BRITISH IMPOSED THEIR OWN STOOGE JAWAHARLAL NEHRU WITH FULL AGREEMENT OF THE SENILE "MAHATMA" GANDHI. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ NEHRU DID NOT WASTE A MINUTE BUT STARTED BRAINSWASHING THE CAPTIVE INDIANS INTO WORSHIPPING HIM AND HIS OWN DYNASTY. THE INDIANS HAD TO BE EITHER SUBSERVIENT SLAVES OR MORONS IN ORDER TO SUBMIT TO HIS DYNASTY'S PERPETUAL RULE AND STILL CALL IT “DEMOCRACY”. \\\\\\\\\\ THE INDIANS LIVING ABROAD WHO WISH TO VISIT HOMES IN INDIA MUST APPLY FOR VISA AND PAY MONEY TO THE CORRUPT RULERS AND PROVE THEIR UTMOST LOYALTY TO THE “BANDITS AND RASCALS” BACK HOME IN THE CHAIRS OF AUTHORITY WHO ARE IRREPRACEABLE. \\\\\\\\\\ BUT WHEN WE CALL THAT LAND "MOTHER INDIA" THEN WHY SHOULD THERE BE ANY “DEVIL” OR “WITCH” SITTING BETWEEN THE NON RESIDENT INDIANS AND THEIR MOTHERLAND?\\\\\\\\\\ There should be NO visa needed for anyone BORN IN INDIA to visit his sacred Motherland where Vedas were composed and Gita and Granth were written.\\\\\\\\\\\ A Belgian, a Dutch or a Briton with just ONE passport can go to 26 other independent and sovereign countries with their own separate flags and constitutions all across the Continent of Europe whereas a degraded Indian cannot visit even his own land of BIRTH without visa? How DEGRADED the Indians must feel & seem in this respect, sheepishly applying, or patiently queuing for, visa all over the world!\\\\\\\\\\ THEY ALL KNOW BUT DARE NOT MENTION IT EVEN, THAT THE FIRST LADY OF INDIA, WHO WAS BORN IN ITALY, HAS LIFE-LONG PERMISSION TO VISIT ITALY ANY TIME WITHOUT A VISA. SHE CAN HAVE ANY OTHER NATIONALITY OR PASSPORT BUT HER ITALIAN CITIZENSHIP, granted on birth, IS IRREVOCABLE. WE SALUTE THE CONSTITUTION OF HER COUNTRY OF BIRTH. IT WAS WRITTEN BY STALWARTS, NOT MENTAL DWARFS. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Between an Indian and his Motherland our enemies (DYNASTY, CONGRESS, ITALY & ISLAM) have placed formidable OBSTACLES. These CORRUPT “Baboo(n)s" are out to take our MONEY, and are out to frustrate, humiliate and insult us due to malicious bureaucratic and unnecessary delays. Those landing at any Indian Airport are shown no courtesy, never greeted with the words, "WELCOME TO THE LAND OF SRI KRISHNA, SRI RAMA and GURU NANAK. HAVE A PLEASANT STAY." \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Even elderly ladies are searched and frisked by rude officials as if they were potential terrorists. But when a REAL terrorist like Mohammed Kasab, the “KILLR of MUMBAI”, is caught, he is treated by the State as a guest in the prison.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ We Indians still show respect to these corrupt and useless ministers of Sonia & Patil instead of throwing rotten eggs, abuse and old SHOES at them. None of them deserves to be addressed as "Honorable" or "Your Excellency". They come from an ex COOLIE COLONY - not from a country that could prevent its own MUTILATION at Partition, or proudly project its own true HINDU Identity. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Corruption is rampant and spawned by a thoroughly corrupted system of government led by an Italian born female imported by the BOFORS "CHOR" to rob and plunder the Hindu nation that also must accept MUSLIM ministers, governors & supreme court judges DESPITE the bloody brutal Partition of Punjab, Bengal, Assam and KASHMIR, and DESPITE the total extermination of Hindus in North Kashmir and their ethnic cleansing in, and expulsion from, South Kashmir. All this despicable rotten treatment seems to be “routine” and “normal” to MOST Indians.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ All NRI's ought to UNITE on the platform of DIGNITY, and demand two things: 1. NO VISA required for the honorable people of Bharat wherever they may be living or coming from. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 2. Dump the name of New Delhi International Airport. Instead of honoring the "political Witch" called MRS. FEROZE KHAN, the nation ought to honour the last HINDU king Prithvi Raj Chohan or even GURU TEGH BAHADUR JI who sacrificed his Head for the preservation of Hindu Dharma & Dignity in Hindusthan.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ We INDIANS, at home and abroad, must ourselves show that we are PROUD, HONOURABLE and FEARLESS, and no less than any citizen of the USA and the EU. 000000000