Date: 03 Jun 2011


NAME CHANGING IN PARTITIONED INDIA IS CRIMINAL\\\\\\\\\ MRS. FEROZE KHAN BECAME MRS. INDIRA GANDHI TO FOOL THE HINDUS WITH CATASTROPHIC CONSEQUENCES FOR THE NATION!\\\\\\\\\\ =========================\\\\\\\\\ BELOW IS THE VIDEO LINK AND SOME PICS ATTACHED WITH THIS MAIL... \\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\\\ PANUN KASHMIR \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ PRESS RELEASE DATED:31-05-2011 \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Panun Kashmir vehemently opposes and condemns perverted moves to tamper with the centuries old ancient names of places, cities, towns, villages, hills etc in Kashmir valley, in a sustained way and under a well designed Islamist fundamentalist agenda. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Addressing a press conference today, the Convener of Panun Kashmir, Dr. Agnishekhar indignantly expressed surprise over attempts to naming Srinagar as Shaher-i- Khas. In a religious meet held recently at Srinagar, under the aegis of the Divisional Commissioner Asgar Samnoon, the State Director of Information Farooq Renzu Shah, was euphorically felicitated and given trophies over assaulting the historical chastity of Srinagar by changing its name. Anantnag, Shankeracharya hill, Hari Parbhat and hundreds of places have already similarly been christened with Islamic names in Kashmir. Dr. Agnishekhar said that such moves speak volumes about the agenda of making Kashmir a fundamentalist Islamic state where non Muslims had no place or space to fit in and this motivated agenda increasingly gets buttressed by the policies pursued by the Central government in Kashmir which is all bent upon going the whole hog of identifying, addressing and responding to the Kashmiri Muslim interests alone at the cost of other communities and patriotic nationalist forces which does not auger well in respect of the overall interests of the country and we shall resist and fight such Kashmir Muslim pro separatists policies of the government. Dr. Agnishekhar questioned those who, under such circumstances still nurse any apprehensions that our stand is not amply vindicated for a separate Homeland in Kashmir for the exiled seven lac Kashmiri Pandits, the indigenous inhabitants of Kashmir. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ In the said meet, the Divisional Commissioner said that the Divisional administration shall award best students who “prove their mettle “ in Naat Khwani in Divisional level competition which shows State’s covert acknowledgement of Islam as the state religion, Dr. Agnishekhar clarified. Those Kashmiri Historians who are swayed by ulterior motives have been ravaging the rich History of Kashmir and it is the same mind set, Dr. Agnishekhar said, which in the quest of spreading falsehood and undermining the past Hindu glory , have floated the myth that some Malick shepherds had discovered the holy cave of Shree Amar Nath around 1845 AD, while as historically for thousands of years, pilgrimage to this shrine has been taking place except for some intermittent periods when this yatra was officially banned by zealot rulers. Such deceptive hypothetical historical bungling and writings deserve only contempt. \\\\\\\\\\\ Panun Kashmir rubbishes and treats as trash, the condemnable statement of one Agnivesh , self styled Swami and “social activist” calling the pilgrimage to Shree Amar Nath cave as a sham in the name of faith. Dr. Agnishekhar said that his motivated views are blasphemous with intent to spread discord and disharmony in the society and reveals his true colours of playing in the hands of arch communalists and Jihadi mindset whose mantra and agenda , he has been supporting and endorsing as we saw by his role in and credence lent to last year ‘s stone pelting incidents in Srinagar. Agnivesh may speak about or promote any political ruses but he has no business to put forth myopic views which hurts the faith of millions of Hindus, stressed Dr. Agnishekhar. \\\\\\\\\\ Panun Kashmir pooh poohs those voices and elements advocating autonomy and self rule etc; in Kashmir, even if soft peddled by the interlocutors , who cry hoarse to unilaterally extend the hand of friendship and cooperation with Pakistan to strengthen confidence building measures to” solve Kashmir problem” . David Headly’s hair raising confessions in Chicago court about ISI and other agencies in Pakistan in respect of their plans and conspiracies about 26/11 Mumbai attack and other terror attacks schemed even against India’s nuclear installations , besides providing safe haven to world’s dreaded terrorist , have unveiled preposterous designs of Pakistan against India . How come , asked Dr. Agnishekhar , can the Union Minister , Dr. Abdullah, under such a scenario , ask India to help Pakistan against terror attacks when India is the victim of terror for the last three decades perpetrated by that country as a result of which the entire Kashmiri Pandit community was hounded out of Kashmir ? The infiltration of terrorists from across the border continues even now as admitted by the Chief Minister Omar Abdullah recently. \\\\\\\\\\\ Dr. Agnishekhar cautioned state government about its dilly dallying tactics in not moving ahead towards the passage of The Hindu Temples and Shrines (protection) bill and not evicting the encroachers and land mafia from the land and property of temples in the valley who seem to be emboldened in their nefarious designs seeing the deliberate silence by the state government. Besides others Press Conference was addressed by Vijay Kaul President Panun Kashmir,Shiban Khaibri chairman media committee,Sanjay Dattatreya National Cordinator Panun Kashmir and Prof.M.K.Raina \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ ============================ 000000000