Date: 02 Jun 2011


Thank you, Sir,\\\\\\\\\\ You have spoken the ultimate TRUTH: "Corrupt is one, who does not loot public and shares with Sonia!"\\\\\\\\\\ This dynasty is the Family of Bandit Nehru. They are ON TOP of their servile and obedient Indian "coolie" colony and derive great financial benefits and exercise great power over one fifth of mankind.\\\\\\\\\\ Thus they will DEFEND their wealth and power till the last breath in their bodies. \\\\\\\\\\\\ They will NOT be moved by "fasts unto death" by our best patriots. They will not be removed through elections. The only way they will go is by ARMED CHALLENGE by PEOPLE OF BHARAT holding swords, guns, daggers and torches in their hands and the cry of "Jai Sri Ram!" and "Har Har Mahadev!" on their lips. \\\\\\\\\\ Such a time has already come for EGYPT, Tunisia, Bahrain, Syria and Libya. As always, our mutilated (partitioned) BHARAT is last in the race. \\\\\\\\\\ But Hindusthan's turn is approaching fast. Those who have hindsight and foresight fear that soon Rashtrapati Bhawan will be engulfed in flames, and the puppet prime minister, himself a demoralised REFUGEE from Pakistan, will be on the run. \\\\\\\ Viceroy's House (re-named Rashtrapati Bhawan) was built by an IMPERIAL BRITISH Viceroy and it has housed only Imperialist "brown sahibs", memsahibs and even deceptive "secular" MUSLIMS, since 1947. \\\\\\\\\\ The first PRESIDENT, Rajendra Prasad should have turned it into a University, National Library, or GURU GOBIND SING BAHWAN, and lived in "TEEN MURTI" of Bandit Nehru. The present President should be living in No. 10 Janpath after serving "QUIT INDIA!" notice on Italian Imposter called Sonia Maino. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Indian Presidents should be committed Hindus only, since the country called Hindusthan is 85% (supposedly PROUD and WARRIOR) Hindus. They should NOT live the life style of Imperial masters and the former Mohammedan Emperors but should be living in modest mansions. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ The present incumbent, Shrimati Patil of humble background, should shed her IMPERIAL CLOAK and be seen visiting the Hindu refugees from Srinagar (SHAME on India's stooge "Supreme Commander"!) and comforting the widows of farmers who are committing suicide due to hunger while she enjoys banquets in her Bhawan. \\\\\\\\\\\\ 2 June 11. \\\\\\\\\\\ In a message dated 02/06/2011 10:05:59 GMT Standard Time, \\\\\\\\\\\.com writes: My take; \\\\\\\\\\\\ Your moral:Article 39(c) and omitted Article 31 of the Indian Constitution are not corruption. The article 39(c) of the Indian Constitution, which has deprived one from one’s wealth and capital, is not corrupt. Section 197 of the Criminal Procedure Code, which shields criminal public servants, is also not corrupt. Corrupt is one, who does not loot public and shares with Sonia! \\\\\\\\\\\\ http://www.aryavrt.com/anna-dares-corruption\\\\\ http://www.aryavrt.com/muj11w15-anna-11408\\\\\\\ http://www.aryavrt.com/muj11w15a-anna-11409\\\\\\\ http://www.aryavrt.com/Home/agents-of-sonia\\\\\\\\ 000000000