Date: 30 May 2011


In a message dated 30/05/2011 14:48:36 GMT Standard Time, \\\\\\\\\\\com writes:\\\\\\\\\\ Communists, Nazis, Fascists, and Colonialists once thought they have the power, influence and the monopoly. \\\\\\\\\\\\The free world has destroyed or dismantled them. Next in line is Islam. \\\\\\\\\\Throughout its history, everything Islam touched has been married with lies, wars, mass murder, tyranny, massacre, assassination, oppression, plunder, looting, beheading and and terror. \\\\\\\\\\Traditional Christianity has been reformed or modified, other political dogmas have been violently destroyed, their social structure and political concepts have been disintegrated by force. \\\\\\\\\\\\Islam still continues with hatred, terrorism and mass murder. By understanding the true nature of Islam we can help prevent Islam marching ahead with swords and bombs. \\\\\\\\\\ Converted Muslims who are still deceived my Mullahs must see Islam's real nature clearly and purge its poison and extricate their minds from its evil control. Muslims must free themselves from the Islamic shackles and abandon for good all illusions of world conquest. Embrace the new era, new freedom or you will be forced to freedom. 000000000