Date: 30 May 2011


In a message dated 29/05/2011 23:32:25 GMT Standard Time, lalhgehi@yahoo.com writes: THOSE WHO DO NOT WANT TO LIVE IN " HINDUSTAN ", BHARAT, FOR THEM SEPARATE COUNTRY WAS CREATED PAKISTAN, IN 1947, CARVED OUT OF BHARATI SOIL, NOW MORE MUSLIMS STILL LIVE IN BHARAT, THAN IN PAKISTAN,THEN, WHAT WAS THE PURPOSE OF MAKING PAKISTAN ?!! BHARAT IS THE SOIL OF HINDUS,THE HINDUS HAVE RIGHT TO PROTECT THEIR SENTIMENTS, AND HINDU CULTURE, IN THEIR OWN HOME. WE DO NOT NEED VULTURES OF HINDU CULTURE, IN OUR HOME. God bless Bharat. Lal Gehi Subject: Re: RE-EXAMINING SAVARKAR \\\\\\\\\\ In a message dated 29/05/2011 13:03:22 GMT Standard Time, \\\\\\\\\\ writes: this bunch brands Savarkar as a Hindu fanatic, who must have no niche whatsoever in this oh-so secular country of ours. Therefore, they proclaim, Savarkar has no place on the walls of our august Parliament in New Delhi. ============\\\\\\\\ You are absolutely right about "this bunch" that has raised Islam sky high while deleting the word "Hindu" from our Vidhan & Vocabulary. \\\ The above contains the essence of political ideology of Congress & Islam, to ring alarm bells over the slightest signs of Hindu revival while ignoring the dagger, sword and bomb of ISLAMIC fundmentalism. The aim of this grand design is to accept, tolerate, acknowledge and respect the flag of Mohammed over Lahore but crush the Hindu in Delhi into dust under MONGREL secular flag with the final aim to "evaporate" the Hindu from Hindusthan. \\\\\\\\\\\ Anyone who is a good Hindu or a good Sikh is straightaway labeled a potential TERRORIST by the Axis Powers (ITALY, DYNASTY & ISLAM) that have absolute crippling HOLD over Hindusthan. The natives must expect NO mercy from this lot who fire all guns on hearing Hindu Rashtra but rush on Samjhauta (APPEASEMENT) buses to Pakistan to salute the flag of Mohammed of Mecca there. \\\\\\\\\\ Yes, how wrong is Hindu fundamentalism? Nobody denies. But to be UNABLE to provide protection to the Hindus in South Kashmir and never even dream of getting Lahore and East Bengal back in Akhand Bharat CANNOT be right either! \\\\\\\\\\\ There is more literature and official emphasis on Mogul era than on the Potential Hindu glory of the NATIVES of soil. It can't be right. In this decomposing Hindusthan that evaporated in Pakistan and Bangladesh overnight, it cannot be right to celebrate the likes of Nehru, Indira, Rajiv and Rahul including their FOREIGN wives than the brave sons of soil like Veer Savarkar and Subhash Bose, Can't we see Hindusthan fizzling out before our eyes? \\\\\\\\\\\\ How many photos, pictures or paintings of these HEROES and WARRIORS are hanging on the walls of LOK SABHA? \\\\\\\\\\\\ 1. Maharana Pratap, 2. Shivaji, 3. Sri Ram, 4. Sri Krishna, 5. Maharani of Jhansi, 6. Maharaja Ranjit Singh, 7. Gen Hari Singh Nalwa, 8. Guru Gobind Singhji, 9. Netaji Bose and 10. Swamy Vivekananda? \\\\\\\\\\\ If 100 marks are required to be sure of Hindusthan staying in the present borders inflicted on her in 1947, then give 10 marks for each of the above being seen in Lok Sabha. \\\\\\\\\\ If the total is less than 40 then the conclusion ought to be drawn that this "Hindu- bashing BOGUS BHARAT" of JL Nehru, Mrs. Feroze Khan, "Bofors Chor" Rajiv, Italian born Sonia Maino and Rahul's future bride from Venezuela, is on the way out and will soon become "history" like East Bengal and North Kashmir once lying within that India in which everybody's grandfather was born. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Despite great pretensions, scholarship and wealth we are actually a nation that has no guts to recover even the abducted daughter called "Lahore" from the rascals but wish the HINDU refugees from Srinagar never to be mentioned since they are the biggest embarrassment to the Supreme Commander called Pratibha Patil. \\\\\\\\\\\\ 29 May 11 =======. 000000000