Date: 30 May 2011


If you adore your family \\\\\\\\ If you enamor your parents \\\\\\\\ If you treasure your culture \\\\\\\\\\ If you cherish your prestige \\\\\\\\\\\\ If you love your country of origin \\\\\\\\\\ ‘Yes’?, then Act now to ensure you can continue to do so? \\\\\\\\\\ Stop living in ‘denial’, become aware and endorse \\\\\\\\\\ Yog guru Baba Ramdev’s worldwide movement – Bharat Swabhiman \\\\\\\\\\\ Be the REVOLUTION and proudly participate in the mammoth systemic change being undertaken Keep everything aside, be involved \\\\ \\\\\\\\\ Vigil against corruption \\\\\\\\\\ June 4, 2011 at Heritage Center, Global Mall - 9 am to 6 pm \\\\\\\ Your voice will be heard coz you have the strength to make a BIG difference \\\\\\\\\\ Join the force of THE MAN who fearlessly treads the revolutionary path for countrywide transformation \\\\\\\\\\\\\ and overseas Indians, if you at all question Why India must still be of concern to you?, consider this: India needs you – today, more than ever\\\\\\\\\ You owe it to your motherland -what you are \\\\\\\\ Self esteem – wholesome feeling of being worthwhile\\\\\\\\\ Culture roots – family bonding, happiness,’ your own’ feel\\\\\\\\\\ Economic prosperity – capital erosion worldwide, India holds promise\\\\\\\\ Only fallback, if situation goes south – safe haven, home base will always be India 000000000