Date: 28 May 2011


4th June - Baba Ramdev on Seedhi Baat... \\\\\\\\\\\ A PATRIOT WROTE:\\\\\ Wake up Mr. Prime Minister ........... \\\\\\\\ Wake up Mr. Prime Minister ! You have a duty towards your country and countryman. Act now before you push country to anarchy..You are our leader and not represent one or few families. Enough is Enough Mr. Prime Minister, Please follow Brave Lal Bahadur Shastri !!! \\\\\\\\\\\\\ COMMENT\\\\\\\\\\ Thank you. We congratulate you to boldly ask the prime minister to WAKE UP. \\\\\\\\\\\\ One billion Hindus are asking him to "wake up" but to NO avail. Everything in India is in shambles. Everything the Government is doing is a national disgrace. People do not want to know the reason. \\\\\\\\\\ Our memory of India's prime ministers goes back a long time. It seems right to make two observations about the prime ministers of India. \\\\\\\\\\\\ 1. They are towing the line of the first NATIVE Indian prime minister, Jawaharlal Nehru who taught is, "Treachery and Treason against Motherland and BETRAYAL of the nation are GOOD things." He never missed Lahore and Multan nor North Kashmir and East Bengal, nor did he notice the tens of millions of hapless wretched refugees pouring out of the new Islamic lands. Yet the nation adored him like an Idol. \\\\\\\ 2. They are ANTI Hindu but pro ISLAM & pro ITALY. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Had the Hindus been wide awake they would have hanged the first prime minister and never voted for Congress Party ever again. Nehru had the extreme dishonour of unconditionally surrendering India's FIVE provinces by accepting the existence of TWO NATIONS within Bharat. It was like opening the gates for the wolves to rush into the sheep pen to molest, maul, abduct, rape and kill the Hindus who were not prepared for the sudden murderous onslaught by their Muslim fellow citizens. \\\\\\\\\\\ Millions were massacred in cold blood and tens of millions of Hindus and Sikhs fled in fear and panic leaving everything behind. Nehru neither warned his counterpart MA Jinnah nor revoked the Act of Partition on seeing the great slaughter of the Hindus. Ours was the largest exodus in history. It was India's eternal shame. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ What about the two more prime ministers after Nehru? Mrs. Feroze KHAN (we should call the devious and despicable Indira Nehru by her real name!) who adopted the surname "Gandhi" to fool the nation, and her son Rajiv "Gandhi"? \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ While she returned the captured province of East Bengal to ensure the continued slavery of the Hindus trapped in Islamic Hell, and their final liquidation, her son took further toll of the Tamils of Indian origin in Northern Sri Lanka. The Tamils have yet to discover the poison & HATRED for them in the heart of Dynasty and Congress High Command. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Mr Clean quickly became notorious BOFORS CHOR to bring international shame to India. It was a signal to the ruling establishment to freely indulge in ALL OUT CORRUPTION. He deliberately left the vulnerable and weak Hindus of South Kashmir to their fate. While facing murderous attacks all the time, they were not given weapons for self defence nor were the Jehadis and the terrorists dealt with in an exemplary manner. The rulers of India have yet to revoke Article 370 of Constitution or hang Killer Kasab to death for murdering 168 innocent people in Mumbai attack. \\\\\\\\\\\\ The present prime minister was not elected for the post but appointed by the same Corrupt Congress Party as their proxy to continue with the same anti Hindu activities and anti Indian policies. \\\\\\\\\\\\ An essential element of that Grand Design is to crush freedom of expression, INTIMIDATE the intelligentsia, loot and plunder to the maximum extent, suppress and scare the Hindus and rule Bharat for ever. No wonder they are Hell bent on preventing the Hindus from looking towards Ayodhya. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ People of India are suffering nepotism, red tape, inefficiency and CORRUPTION with no end in sight. The question is, "Why should we offer "baleedaan" of the most upright and honest sons and daughters of Bharat? Why should they feel compelled or moved to undertake fasts unto death? Do we expect the patriotic Army Jawan to commit suicide (Gandhian philosophy) or KILL THE ENEMY (pragmatic reality)? \\\\\\\\\\\\\ The alternative to watching passively & helplessly our saintly heroes suffer and perish is to exterminate the corrupt and the tormentors. Thus the attention of the "betrayed & bereaved" Hindu nation ought to be boldly diverted to the END SOLUTION and not to move in tiny steps. Every time the Government succeeds in tricking the patriots into ending their fast unto death the patriotic movement becomes a ridicule while the corrupt go on remitting the nation's wealth abroad. \\\\\\\\\\ On the very day of sham-Independence of Bharat in 1947 Traitor NEHRU had surrendered vast territories in the East & the West to ISLAM without demanding Referendum while at the same time tightening his pseudo-Secular strangulating CLAMP on the Hindus and the Sikhs. \\\\\\\\\ Ever since Bharat has been a SLAVE colony under the formidable AXIS Powers (Dynasty & Islam, with Italy joining them later) strangulating the Hindu nation, \\\\\\\\\\\ The Prime Minister is NOT asleep to be woken up. He is a CAPTIVE to be freed. \\\\\\\\\\\28 May 11. \\\\\\\\\ ========= 000000000