Date: 28 May 2011


"RIGHT TO RETURN" \\\\\\\\\\\ Israel ought to feel bold and pragmatic to insist on LINKING the Palestinians' "right to return" with the RIGHT TO RETURN by some 15 MILLION Hindus and Sikhs who were forced out of their homes by the MUSLIMS at the time of Partition of India in 1947. \\\\\\\\\\ Unfortunately India, despite her pretension to be a democracy, is still ruled by the SAME political Party and the SAME political Dynasty that signed that Agreement of Surrender of Territory in 1947 WITHOUT insisting on her own people's right to return. It was a betrayal of the tens of millions of REFUGEES (Hindus and Sikhs) in that year. \\\\\\\\\\\\ The INDIAN refugees are not "dumb cattle, rats, jackals or vermin" although they are regarded as such by their own treacherous & corrupt "Hindu BASHING" Government that is in cohoots with Global Islam. Hindu and Sikh refugees, too, have the same aspiration to return to their homes built by their parents or grandparents, that are now in Islamic Republic of PAKISTAN, and possess the same political sense, but the INDIAN EX- REFUGEES suffer from two cardinal shortcomings from which luckily the Jews in Israel do not. \\\\\\\\\\ 1. Indian refugees were scattered across the sub continent unlike the Palestinians who remained concentrated in West Bank and Gaza in order to become a clamorous clout as we see them today. \\\\\\\\\ 2. Indian refugees have NO godfather to encourage them or to stand up for them unlike the Palestinians who have all the Arab and Islamic countries supporting their right to return. \\\\\\\\\\ It is for these reasons that the Indians must silently suffer their deprivation and fate like the "lost" DUMB CATTLE while the Palestinians are encouraged and SUPPORTED by Global Islam to "reduce, damage, weaken and even destroy" Israel. \\\\\\\\\\\ We feel that the world of Islam should not be allowed to get away with their mischief in order to destabilize two democratic civilized countries like Israel and India. \\\\\\\\\\\ It is time for the Hindu, Sikh and Jewish INTELLIGENTSIA to give a VOICE to the Indian ex refugees, too, who feel too much intimidated, demoralised and terrified by their own treacherous PRO- ISLAMIC Government in New Delhi. \\\\ 000000000