Date: 21 May 2011


It is a fact that there are TWO nations in India. This was accepted and acknowledged by INDIA while conceding Pakistan without argument, without fight and even without a condition. There will be TWO distinctly separate and MUTUALLY HOSTILE nations in South Asia so long as Pakistan and B.desh exist on earth.\\\\\\\\\\\\ For India to accommodate the SECOND NATION in its own fabric despite Partition is a sign of weakness and denotes double surrender- of territory and principle. Delhi had to defend Secularism in Lahore or dump her BOGUS secularism for something better. \\\\\\\\\\\ Since the Koran and Ideology of SECOND NATION has its origin in Saudi Arabia we should regard ISLAM as an intrusion and clearly as foreign onslaught. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ We can go on shouting, "Hindu Muslim Bhai Bhai!" till eternity. That will not bring EAST Bengal back to "bereaved" West Bengal nor revive the "murdered" Akhand Bharat of the Father of Nation, MK Gandhi. Actually we badly insult the memory of Bapu Gandhi if we dump that aspiration and patriotism. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Secondly, every time the Muslim invaders marched or walked in and decimated the Hindus and went back with gold, silver and MAIDENS, the grieving, sulking and disheartened Hindus decided NOT to pursue them to recover the loot, or teach them a lesson.\\\\\\\\\\\ At least ONCE (just once!) there had to be a ferocious COUNTER ATTACK with the CROSSING of frontiers and SACKING of Mecca or KABUL. It never happened. \\\\\\\\\\\ There was NO Will or Energy left. Hindu MANHOOD had died for ever. In 1947 Hindu manhood was long DEAD. It still is.\\\\\\\\\\\\ The last attack on the Hindus (and Hindusthan) suddenly developed from WITHIN. Hence it must be regarded even more devastating. The "ball is in India's court." \\\\\\\\\\ We believe that the enemy will "COME" AGAIN under the intoxication of victory, the force of precedence and history, and impelled by the eternal FIRES of JEHAD that are enshrined in Koran as its integral part. A MUSLIM must remain pitched against a KAFIR, passively, actively or simply in mind while doing Namaz.\\\\\\\\\\ At present India has ACCEPTED that treacherous onslaught. She is reconciled to that historic defeat, the "rape" of LAHORE and the murder of Secularism. Like the grazing sheep or the roaming nomads territory means NOTHING to us. What Mohammed usurped or snatched, BELONGS TO HIM. We surpass in self-negation. \\\\\\\\\\\ We are bringing up our children as the vanishing, perishing, Hindus on our ever shrinking territory. This is negative and downhill thinking. We are not living but existing in reconciled sulking negative mode. We are INVITING the next onslaught, even enslavement of the rest of India. \\\\\\\\ In many ways the TERRITORIAL surrenders of 1947 surpassed all our previous degradation, humiliation and defeats on our own territory. Hence response is due. Retaliation is due. The natives need to demonstrate AT LEAST once that we are not "boxing sack" or "door mat" or a Mound of inert Mud, but do breathe as a nation, and can HIT back. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Of course, Gandhian mentality dictated, "Let them take away all, including your daughters. Let them slaughter you everywhere. Let them drive you out of your homes and lands. Commit suicide but don't resist. Forget and forgive. Give them all till remorse strikes their conscience and they feel sorry and embrace you." \\\\\\\\\\ Since generation after generation, century after century, the Muslims have shown to be PEOPLE OF VIOLENCE & BRUTALITY, they will not give up JIHAD against the Kafirs. \\\\\\\\\\\\ They cannot defy KORAN, the Word of God, to become secular or civilised. We shall be kidding ourselves for ever and in the end see Islamic flag over Delhi and our enslaved grandchildren paying Jezia tax. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Hence we believe that the Islamic dagger has to be met with our SWORD, their pistol has to be met with our gun. That is how the Hindus will ensure peace, NOT through reconciliation or appeasement. \\\\\\\\\\\\ That's why AMERICA is respected. That's why France has shown guts to ban Burka in public. Our India is still feeding the tiger hoping that it will become a goat. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ India was "stunned" in 1947 in preparation for her halal. That is why we cannot afford to forget Partition but must RETALIATE. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\. 22 May 11. =========================== \\\\\\\\\\ In a message dated 21/05/2011 12:46:59 GMT Standard Time, j\\\\\\\\\\\\ writes: \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ It is clear that, though both of us agree that the Partition of India was the great crime against India, we do not agree on THE ONLY AVAILABLE MEANS to set this situation right: To undo the partition we must\\\\\\\\\\\ 1. HONESTLY treat Indian Muslims as full fledged Indian citizens. 2. SINCERELY hold out a hand of friendship to Pakistan and Bangladesh so as to bring about first (1) an economic union of the three countries of the Indian subcontinent, and then (2) a confederation of these three countries. \\\\\\\\\\ ============================= \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ : With regard to your last sentence I believe that you have underplayed RELIGION in India. \\\\\\\\\\\ It seems a defeatist idea to wash one's hands off religion only after surrendering Lahore and Karachi and East Bengal on the SOLE criterion of RELIGION. \\\\\\\\\\\ 1947 is still post-nuclear "modern era", not the Medieval times. A nation comprising the Hindus and the Muslims does not enter "modern" era with one blast on the whistle. On all sides religion is deeply entrenched. Killer Kasab and Dawood Ibrahim are still alive though Beant Singh, Satwant Singh and Nathu Ram Godse were seen off quickly since they had NO protection of Mohammed. \\\\\\\\\\\\ So when did religion become outmoded in India? Our illustrious writers draw much inspiration from those in the West and quote them profusely but ignore our own native experience and wisdom, even stark REALITY. \\\\\\\\\\\ Deep in our hearts we know that "For Secularism to be decent in Delhi it has to be first RAMMED DOWN THEIR THROATS in Lahore." Now we come to the question, "Who will bell the cat?" since the Cat is called Mohammed and is NOT secular. \\\\\\\\\\ Being weak and SECULAR, we wish to forget the catastrophic Partition (mutilation of India) and the loss of even North Kashmir. We wish to embrace the Muslims as "brothers" as we once embraced the Chinese. \\\\\\\\\\\\ How quickly the RELIGION of Islam blasted India's borders in 1947? And how firm are these now? How secular were the Turks and the Moguls and the British who ruled us with an iron hand, having made us their secular slaves?\\\\\\\\\\ Religious fundamentalism is not our choice. It is thrust upon Hindusthan by the followers of Mohammed who are not only all over in India but also menacing from East and west while increasing DISPROPORTIONATELY within Bharat, too. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Islam is perennial malignant disease that is like the wound. When it seems healed it bursts open again. India is stuck with its Islamic disease despite giving them an arm and a leg and a ton of blood. The secular lot on earth only diminishes and perishes. When did the secular Hindus grab an inch of land? Muslims took away one third of India overnight and created Pakistan. \\\\\\\\\\ How secular are the Catholics with their magnificent VATICAN? Religion is only sweet grapes for the Hindus who avoid going to AYODHYA lest they see the ruins where once the grand Temple stood. \\\\\\\\\ Before any "radical changes" come to Partitioned India the natives will have to deal with the Muslim Menace first. Given the present state of unity, motivation, awareness and readiness of the Hindus the outcome may well be that Delhi, too, goes under the "Mogul Raj" like Lahore. \\\\\\\\ For the Hindus in India there is NO escape from religion so long as the Muslim SWORD is dangling overhead. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 21 May 11 ======== In a message dated 20/05/2011 23:46:04 GMT Standard Time, xxxxxxxxxxxx writes: Excellent Reading\\\\\\\\\\\\ Emmanuel Todd, renowned for his correct predictions, rejects Samuel Huntington's theories about the return of the world to the age of the religious wars ( a view not unrelated to the revival of religious fundamentalism in Huntington's own country, the USA) and explains why, on the contrary, it is the modernization and the secularisation of the Arab world that explains its recent revolutionary changes. I follow him in thinking that radical changes will come about in India too only when it puts outmoded religious disputes behind it. \\\\\\\\\ 000000000