Date: 19 May 2011


CORRUPTION WILL VANISH IN NO TIME! \\\\\\\\\\You are right. (SEE BELOW) The ruling party thinks they are too smart and their subjects are all fools.\\\\\\\\\\\ What if the next prime minister, too, is like the BOFORS CHOR?\\\\\\\\\\ Isn't the present p.m., too, the stooge of Sonia? Will he not use his authority to stop any criminal investigation if it pertains to some cousin or maidservant of Sonia? \\\\\\\\\\\ It is perfectly clear that the government wants to make everyone run in circles and pass the time. \\\\\\\\\\\ What is needed is a new Constitution that takes into account that India is PARTITIONED, minus LAHORE but plus all the MUSLIMS who had to be KICKED out of (Broken) Bharat. That too is extreme CORRUPTION as well as total COLLAPSE of the nation that hopes to defend Delhi better than Lahore and North Kashmir. Where are all the Lokpals, the Rajpal & the high court judges who were established in Lahore? \\\\\\\\\\\\\ The Prime Minister of such a precarious, unpricipled and unstable country that is being ridden by Soniaji, must also be WITHIN the purview of the Lokpal.\\\\\\\\\\ This is what America would have done. This is what France would have done. This is what Australia would have done. This is what China would have done; and this is what Germany and England would have done. \\\\\\\\\\\ If they are STALWARTS then why should the INDIANSS be dwarfs?\\\\\\\\ Finally, what is wrong with the ARMY acting as the guarantor of execution of Lokpal's decisions? \\\\\\\\\ Since 1947 they have fought only Dynasty's battles AND WATCHED PASSIVELY THE RULERS "PLAY HELL" WITH THE CAPTIVE SUBJECTS AND FAN CORRUPTION LIKE NO OTHER PLACE ON EARTH.\\\\\\\\\\ They failed to defend Lahore, failed to recover North Kashmir, returned East Bengal after its capture and went all the way to kill the Tamils in Sri Lanka, and at home, attacked the Sikhs' holiest shrine. \\\\\\\\\\\\ That is why CORRUPTION spread like wild fire throughout India since the "Man with the Gun" was Dynasty's SERVANT. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Let the Indian Army now have a stake in the stability of the country. Corruption will vanish in no time! \\\\\\\\\\\ ======== In a message dated 19/05/2011 17:57:40 GMT Standard Time, XXXXXXXX writes: What cogent reasons are there for placing the P.M outside the purview of the Lokpal? I see none (the CAG can audit (look into) anyone's accounts, why not the Lokpal). I see many reasons against the immunity of the PM, and how it will sabogage the whole purpose for which the Lokpal is being set up. To begin with, that would in effect mean immunity for the party in power Then why not complete the sham and also place the leader of the opposition -- a former or future P.M -- outside the purview of the Lokpal. \\\\\\\\\\ 000000000