Date: 19 May 2011


Dear Patriot, \\\\\\\\\\\\ Honorable sons (& daughters) of Mother India (Bharat Maata) are the only guarantee left of cleansing the stinking FILTH of self-negation, submission and slavery embedded deep in the Hindu psyche due constant "battering & hammering" by foreign rulers over CENTURIES. \\\\\\\\\\\\ The once mighty powerful Hindu nation is so REDUCED today that unless there is either a worthless Italian female or a Musalmaan ("Be-iman") present in the meeting or conference the quorum is NOT considered complete in any deliberation that concerns the INTERNAL affairs of our ancient Land known as Hindusthan. \\\\\\\\\\\ The foreigners are not fools to be wasting their time and opportunity. They have perfected the art of Deception, Concealment & Camouflage in order to gain our trust and loyalty in order to inflict crippling cultural and economic damage upon the Hindus. \\\\\\\\\\\ Example: Much trusted NEHRU surrendered one third of India without referendum or fight. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Example: Much revered Mrs. Feroze KHAN masquerading as "Indira Gandhi", who attacked Golden Temple (Harimandir Sahib) in Amritsar instead of raising the Temple in Ayodhya to glory & grandeur. \\\\\\\\\\\ Example: Mrs. Feroze Khan inflicted a crushing defeat on Pakistan. YET did not either annex East Bengal or recover North Kashmir. \\\\\\\\\\\ Example: Rajiv, Son of Feroze Khan, elevated as "Mr. Clean" by Indian COOLIE press, sent Expeditionary Force to KILL the Tamils in Sri Lanka instead of protecting them. \\\\\\\\\\\ Example: Unrestrained CORRUPTION, FRAUDS AND PLUNDER of national wealth under Congress Party rule with a view to IMPOVERISH the nation. They know the poor are the easiest to CONVERT when they come with outstretched hands, begging for food. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Example: Article 370 that can NEVER be deleted from the Constitution. \\\\\\\\\\\ Example: Hajj subsidies for the Muslims by Government that claims to be secular. \\\\\\\\\ Example: Exemption conceded to the Muslims with regard to family planning. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Example: NO ban on conversion of Hindus to FOREIGN religions, mainly Islam. \\\\\\\\\\\ Example: Taxes on Hindu mandirs while the mosques and churches are exempt. \\\\\\\\\\\ Example: Appointment of MUSLIM presidents, cabinet ministers, governors, chief ministers and Supreme Court judges in spite of conceding them their SEPARATE homeland, Pakistan. \\\\\\\\\\\ Example: Muslim terrorists and killers are NOT hanged to death if caught in Bharat and no steps are taken to see them extradited to India if they flee the country. \\\\\\\\\\\ Example: The biggest ever unconditional surrender of Indian TERRITORY (August 15, 1947) is NOT commemorated as "Day of Shame" but called "Independence"! \\\\\\\\\\ Example: Mahatma Gandhi's call to defend "Akhand Bharat" at all costs, is now officially regarded his stupidity since NO leader reminds the nation of its historic patriotic commitment. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Example: Bharat has never sent a HINDU ambassador to Riyadh while accepting Muslim ambassadors from there. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Example: Government of India did not “lift their little finger” to warn the dictators in UGANDA (1972) and FIJI (1987) to protect the lives of the Indians (INDIANS) living there. The whole world saw the INDIANS degraded, beaten and decimated. Many fled their homes penniless. \\\\\\\\\\ Example: There is NO ban on marriages where a Mohammedan groom not only marries a Hindu girl without her parents' approval, but also forces her to convert to Islam from where there is NO escape. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Example: Government of India refuses to ask all the FOREIGN banks to remit the huge illegal deposits back to Bharat. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Since the FOREIGNERS and the ENEMIES (in disguise) have managed to establish complete grip over our Hindu nation, the struggle for genuine freedom will be long while they try every trick in their box to dissuade us, intimidate us, brainwash us, confuse us, divide us and even destroy us just as we are already destroyed mentally in Bharat and physically in Western and Eastern India (Pakistan and "BOGUSdesh" respectively). \\\\\\\\\\\\ Where was the need in genuine RAM RAJYA of the patriots like Anna Hazare and Swamy Ram Dev ji to undertake fasts and put their lives at risk? But only if the corrupt had fear of God or Law, only if BOFORS CHOR could be tried by any court in Land. Elsewhere Law is not a mockery as in Bharat. \\\\\\\\\\ Right now the President of International Monetary Fund, the prospective candidate for the post of PRESIDENT OF FRANCE is sitting in solitary confinement in New York and a British MP is in jail for fraud. Why the one billion strong nation is helpless, given that more than half the country's CABINET consists of crooks and criminals and the entire PARLIAMENT OF INDIA (Lok Sabha) are no more than Sonia's "chapraasis" (toilet cleaners)? How disgusting for the national IMAGE in the whole world! \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Our challenge is to see through the mist and fog created by this Government that is now exposed as the Axis of ITALY, ISLAM & DYNASTY. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 19 May 11. ========. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ In a message dated 19/05/2011 11:02:00 GMT Standard Time, writes: \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Government keen to reduce the effective efficacy of the RTI Act, 2005, under its fear of the more exposures, particularly with regard to Black Money of Indian Corrupt Politicians, bureaucrats etc., in Swiss Banks. Whereas, working of all Investigating Agencies are required to transparent and open for public domain except in the matters of national security. XXXXXXXXXXXX 000000000