Date: 14 Aug 2009



The Muslim attack on Integrity of India was the worst ever example of treason against one’s own country and bestiality against fellow citizens who did not agree with Mohammed’s separatist and intolerant Islam.


Whether it was 62 years ago or 620 years on, the FACT of Muslim Deception, Fraud and Surprise Attack has been etched deep in the memory of the whole world. Is there ANYONE on earth who does not know as to how Pakistan came out of the body of India in 1947?


Even after getting nearly one third of India’s territory the Muslims have remained in AGGRESSIVE MODE. Promptly they INVADED Kashmir where the memory of native Pandits can never fade or vanish. Their dream of hoisting the ISLAMIC FLAG even over DELHI after capturing Lahore flies in the face of Bapu Gandhi’s ideology and philosophy when he said, “Let them rule India again. Let them kill as many Hindus as they wish. One day they will REPENT. One day their conscience will become a serpent to bit them.” 


This attitude amply rewarded the Muslims while the “Mahatma” was more worried about their wellbeing than the fate of the Hindus.


What hope for a country that still lies buried deep in adoration of that DEFEATIST and APPEASER Gandhi?


Muslims, who had lived in India with the Hindus since at least 712 AD, always had a DIFFERENT daily routine and aspiration in mind. First it was to CONVERT everyone to the Religion from Desert. Then it was to RULE us as per Sharia Law, a direct import from savage Arabia of 7th. Century AD. 


Penal Codes all over the world have been amended, changed and reformed countless times while Sharia Law has remained “deep frozen”. It flies in the face of common sense. How does one regard the Law that sanctions “honour KILLING”, that puts TWO women equal to ONE man while giving evidence in court? How does it punish a Momin who abducts a Kafir female? How does it treat a Hindu whose Muslim wife wishes to go to temple and pray to Sri Ram and Sri Krishna?


Pakistanis have been whipped, beaten, hanged and shot dead in their hundreds by their own ISLAMIC rulers and thousands of “daughters of Islam” have been abducted, raped and done down in honour killing. Swarms of these MUSLIMS are fleeing across the world and filling up even Europe at an alarming rate. How will Europe look when they attain majority? Go and see Pakistan’s Waziristan, Swat and Karachi. You will find the Taliban claiming to be the BEST MUSLIMS. Yet Pakistani army is killing them by the dozen EVERY DAY.


All the Indo-Pak dialogues are futile. While the Pakistanis can come into India and are received well and even marry and stay put, WHICH HINDU WILL VOLUNTARILY TRAVEL TO ANY ISLAMIC REPUBLIC? That is why there should be NO dialogue with the Republic of (Muslim) “butchers & wolves” who DETER Hindu immigration in the other direction. Even the CHRISTIAN world saw last week how 40 CHRISTIAN homes were burnt down in Gojra, West Punjab, and seven Christians BURNT ALIVE.


So, who was the ENEMY who ATTACKED India in 1947. After all India did not break up on her own. It is the dishonesty of her RULERS who do not tell their subjects the Truth about Islam and Partition. Both went hand in hand. 


Is the MADNESS of Muslims temporary or permanent? Obviously it is PERMANENT since each and every word and syllable in their KORAN is PERMANENT, unalterable, un-amendable and un-improvable. 


We cannot forget Partition since the Muslims stayed back, too. Had they been sent across by Congress and Nehru, we would have called it INDEPENDENCE. But now, with the ENEMY on the right and on the left and also WITHIN, which Hindu can forget Partition and deliver himself to genocide once again?


One ought to learn a lesson from our brave SIKHS. Unlike the PLO they threw the memory of their homes, gurdwaras, shops, businesses, farms and lands they were forced to leave behind in West Pakistan. But as FOOLS they started celebrating India’s Independence. Not one asked, “What Independence did Lahore and Multan get?”


Thus they gave a powr4ful signal to Indira Gandhi to manipulate them into siege and then ATTACK them in 1984. She did not bother to tell the SIKHS why Lahore and Nankana sahib were SURRENDERED. The Sikhs did not ask her that question either! 


Similarly the Hindus who do not ask, “WHY NORTH KASHMIR IN NOT IN INDIA?” or “WHY THE HINDUS HAD TO FLEE SRINAGAR?”, will also be blasted from Delhi one day in the manner of their end in Karachi and Dhaka. The enemies of Akhand Bharat do not believe in Secularism, Integration and Tolerance at all.


A Muslim’s daily routine in Pakistan is Islam, Islam, Koran, Koran, Namaz, Namaz and the dream of LOOT, WOMEN & MORE TERRITORY at the expense of Kafirs. Like the Mogul executioner who BEHEADED Guru Tegh Bahadur and buried the two little sons of Guru Gobind Singh ji alive, the present day Muslim, too, is totally INSENSITIVE to the pain or feelings of his VICTIMS.


When did any Muslim APOLOGISE for forcibly displacing 15 million Hindus from their homes and for murdering nearly TWO MILLION innocent Hindus and Sikhs and abducting countless helpless females? 


When did a Muslim reflect on how HE would feel with STAR OF DAVID, TRISHUL, CROSS or KHANDA CHAKRA flying over MECCA as they fly theirs over Sri NANKANA SAHIB?


In PARTITIONED India where they should not even be seen, they demand EQUALITY with the Hindus. The present day anti Hindu ruling establishment makes them MORE THAN EQUAL to the rest of us.


Take family planning. The Muslims are exempt. The Hindus are not. Take the Muslim majority State of Kashmir. Why is Article 370 of Constitution not applicable to all the other states? What a shame that while the Muslims could take out Pakistan the Hindu majority cannot even expect of Sonia Khan or any Abdul Kalam to declare in public, “I am HINDU.” 


Why does the Hindu MAJORITY tolerate our girls being seduced by Muslims and then CONVERTED while they keep their own behind nakab, purdah or even indoors?


Under Gandhi’s emaciating influence the Hindus are watching helplessly some districts of India become Islamic with their own rules that fly in the face of our secularism.


In 1947 the TOP Hindu leaders not only went along the MUSLIMS but they even FAILED to think of a single condition before agreeing to surrender one third of India to the INDIGENOUS “devils”. 


ON the contrary it was the Muslim MINOITY who first terrorized and numbed our top leaders and then DICTATED their own terms of surrender that we shall presently see (below).


The Muslims had a MAN to speak for them but the Hindus and the Sikhs did not even have a “Goat” to speak for them. The final verdict was totally one-sided- in favour of the Muslims. 


Those who were supposed to safeguard our rights were in league with the enemy. While claiming to be secular they had no shame and felt no disgust in surrendering Secularism at the feet of ISLAM. Today they sacrifice our NATIONAL pride at the feet of an Italian born female who was never vetted by anybody to check her loyalty to India. A bright & brilliant Hindu or Sikh, on the other hand, cannot even dream of attaining such a high position in Italy or neighboring Pakistan.

Such glaring betrayal of the majority community, who are native to the soil, would be incomprehensible and inconceivable today. Muslim voice was heard loud and clear but Hindu voice was SUPPRESSED by Nehru.

During the previous countless centuries of slavery Hindu POLITICS were reduced to pitiable state of existence- fine-tuned to submission, adjustment, accommodation, appeasement and surrenders. With Dignity and Pride lost, there was only the wish just to survive. 


In the previous one thousand years not once was there a Hindu ruler in Delhi who could put pride back in Hindu body. The defeat and exile of the last Mogul Emperor, Mohammed Shah Zafar, in 1857 was immediately followed by British occupation of the entire sub continent.

What was discussed at these so-called Independence Talks was less about Independence but all about creation of Pakistan, a new State for the Indian Muslims. 


Absurd though the new country was, by every yardstick of economy, industry, religion, politics, geography, race and religion, the Muslims of India were delighted. 


They had been given the choice to stay back, or to move to their new country. For the Hindus such “choice” was theoretical, only on paper. In reality and practice they were going through Holocaust in the middle of the 20th century. Like the Jews under Nazi regime, Hindus and Sikhs were massacred indiscriminately, abused as “Kafirs” (Infidels), their girls abducted by force and raped.

Today Pakistan and Bangladesh are raising tens of millions of brainwashed morons who are set on emigrating from there to spread their Ideology to Europe and America. Emerging from the rule of a military dictator and engaged in wiping out the best products of Koran & Islam (Taliban) the Pakistanis themselves are asking, “What has gone wrong?” 


What is wrong is the absence of Hindu traders and teachers and the SIKHS who were the bridge between the two major communities. The Muslims in those breakaway Islamic republics killed the Hindus and demolished the (Sikh) bridge. We will watch them PERISH in their own fires. American presence ensures that they do not slit each other’s throat ALL OVER.


There can be no meeting of minds of a wolf and a sheep. All the “samjhauta” expresses start only from HINDUSTHAN. There is NO such concept of “samjhauta with INFIDELS” either in Islam or Koran.





What were the terms and conditions of Partition? We wish there were some! 

But if there were any, these were dictated by the leader of the MUSLIMS, Mohammed Ali Jinnah and his All-India Muslim League, 


Offensive and preposterous as they were, the ENEMY met with no resistance, fight, or challenge from the HINDU side. 


The conditions were DICTATED by the Indian Muslims, fully backed and endorsed by Britain, AND, ACCEPTED BY INDIA. 


Hindu leaders who became terribly secular in terror of Islam, held their breath while Mr. Jinnah was declaring them, one by one. It was like a dialogue between a CAT and the MICE, sitting in front of it with eyes closed.


1.  LOCAL (not overall) MAJORITY
“Wherever we happen to be in majority that territory will belong to our Rasul Allah Mohammed in perpetuity. You will surrender all that land unconditionally.”

“Yes, Sir, we agree. Pray carry on,” said Gandhi and Nehru, listening meekly.

“For those territories that you surrender we shall write up and enforce ISLAMIC Constitution that will be based on the teachings of KORAN. We shall treat all the KAFIRS, i.e., Non Muslims, as defined and described there-in.”

“Yes, Sir, we agree. Pray carry on,” said Gandhi and Nehru meekly, trembling while listening.

We reserve the right to degrade and humiliate the Non Muslims in our ISLAMIC Pakistan by denying them EQUALITY with the Muslims. The Muslims will be free to seduce, abduct or rape a non Muslim female and if she complains, she will be required to produce FOUR male witnesses to support her accusation. In the case of all mixed marriages, the non Muslim spouse will embrace Islam at once or face DEATH.

“Yes, Sir, we agree. Pray carry on,” said Gandhi and Nehru meekly, listening.


(Thou shalt not touch the whiskers of a Momin in Hindusthan.)
Your government will undertake to safeguard life and property of each and every Muslim citizen in Bharat while we reserve the right to do ethnic cleansing in accordance with the Will of Allah. In cinemas NO Hindu actor will be seen doing any love scene with a Muslim actress while Muslim actors will have full freedom and approval of your government and people to dance, kiss and play with Hindu actresses.”

“Yes, Sir, we agree. Pray, hurry up. We need to start breathing.” said Gandhi and Nehru meekly, listening.


Finally let it be clear upon you that any territory or piece of land that is once under the foot of a Musalmaan or where he lies in grave, will belong to MOHAMMED in perpetuity. Any territory or land that is once ours will never be returned. Accordingly, not only Pakistan to the West but also Bangladesh to the East, and any part of Kashmir captured by us, will remain ISLAMIC for ever.”

“Yes, Sir, we agree. Thank you,” said Gandhi and Nehru, mighty relieved that the ISLAMIC conditions had ended and they could breathe normally once again. YES, THEIR LIVES HAD BEEN SPARED THOUGH MILLIONS LOST THEIR LIVES.

Dear honorable & patriotic citizens of Bharat,


This then is the Truth, nothing else but the TRUTH behind that word “Independence” that the Government of India, especially All-India Congress Party and all those who form part of the Evil AXIS of “Italy, Islam & the pseudo-secular servile Hindu” will be celebrating today, August 15, 2009.

It is up to our HINDU (and SIKH) leaders to de-brainwash the whole nation. It is up to us to open our eyes and see the Truth. It is up to us to demand a TRIAL of Nehru and Gandhi for HIGH TREASON. Such trial will never be time barred.


It is up to the PEOPLE of India to unite and then become a MIGHTY FORCE on earth. Shedding the image of jackals but acquiring the guts of a lion we all should step forward and exterminate the anti Hindu, anti national “vermin” who have been ruling and fooling our great nation of one billion since the Day of Partition in 1947,




Muslims of India cannot have Bharat’s blood and a pound of flesh, too. Any Agreement that is signed by a party under duress or threat is invalid and ought to be rejected by an honorable people. 


Only a despicable coward will say after his daughter is snatched from his house, “I am too weak to free her. So I do not want her back.” He must do all in his power to free his daughter and also teach an unforgettable lesson to the rascal. May we know what action has Partitioned India taken to recover all those surrendered territories, or to show them the door to Pakistan?” 

We all cry, “Mother India,” when we feel patriotic, and we all regard Lahore to be the HEART of India where Shaheed Bhagat Singh was hanged to death, making that soil INDIAN in perpetuity, where Guru Arjun Dev was tortured to death, making that soil HINDU in perpetuity. 


We should all unite to liberate Sri Nankana Sahib, the birth place of Guru Nanak Dev. When did Mohammed ever come to Lahore or Peshawar?

Hindus ought to invite all the citizens of INDIA to wear black ribbons on August 15 every year in memory of our own kith & kin killed and the properties destroyed and our fields, farms and holy places lost. There is no need to erect statues of, and name the roads, tournaments and institutions after any imposter under the deceptive bogus name of “Gandhi” or their “dog or bitch” sitting in the chair of Rashtrapati,

We should strive to teach secularism, tolerance and, above all, PATRIOTISM, to each and every “Believer” in false God called Allah. Such an Allah, who does not care in the least over the offensive & PROVOCATIVE ISLAMIC flag flying over Nankana Sahib (when they themselves would not like to see TRISHUL flying over MECCA), and over the birth place of APOSTLE OF Peace Guru Nanak, and also over Lahore where Apostle of Tolerance & Sacrifice, Guru Arjun Dev, was tortured to death as well as Patriot Bhagat Singh was hanged to death for the crime of seeing Lahore, and the rest of India, independent of foreign rule. 

Without fear of our ruling & fooling Congress Party we should declare from every public platform, “AKHAND BHARAT….AMAR RAHE!” till the frontiers are restored to where they stood on August 14, 1947. 

But if we feel weak, intimidated, obliged or compelled to accept two bogus, artificial and dangerous Islamic republics on either side of India, then the only alternative must be the complete TRANSFER OF POPULATION. 

Muslims have NO place in secular India after establishing their own ISLAMIC republics of Pakistan and Bangladesh on the soil of ancient civilization called Bharat.


 We need not shed any tear for a “good” Muslim since there is NO good Muslim if he believes in the Book that defines the worst of them as “Muslims” but the best of us in the most derogatory manner as Infidels or Kafirs. 

Finally it is time to realize that Muslim majority anywhere means secession. See Cyprus, See Kosovo, See Pakistan itself. See Western China, See Southern Thailand. See Southern Philippines. The conclusion must be drawn: WATCH FOR MUSLIM GROWTH. It is not only fair but the only guarantee of our own survival in any country where “the Muslims have landed”.