Date: 26 Jul 2009


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The protocol are the terms of engagement. Why does India have to slavishly accept the protocol of the west. Muslim Countries do not follow West's protocol. Only We, in India mimic (as second rate citizens of the world), western protocols. Arabs kiss even when western leaders come to their shores or they go to western shores. Where are our terms of engagement. (sic)

Where are our terms of engagement?
India the former slave colony could not have her own terms of engagement. But since the so called independence NEHRU DYNASTY has kept the country once again as their own Dynastic Estate and never introduced INSTITUTIONS and PRACTICES of sovereign nations.

The sole concern of DYNASTY (Sonia, Rajiv, Indira, Nehru) has been to keep the INDIAN MASSES ignorant, intimidated and impoverished so that they vote for the same useless and incompetent ministers and MP's again and again. 

There is no CLEAN UP in sight yet. May be collective frustration will bring about a REVOLUTION that will sweep away all the filth and dust gathered over six decades. The old colonial Penal Code is still valid. So are all the old colonial terms of engagement.

Apart from the mess on civil side the military too is under shadow. Right now, if people are aware, the ex servicemen are waging a kind of war against the Central Government. 

In protest and disgust these former brave jawans and their officers have returned their gallantry awards and medals. Their Supreme Commander is a clue-less woman who is new to warfare and the art of sudden and devastating SURPRISE ATTACK in which the Muslims lead.

The Army wants everyone to CELEBRATE the victory of Kargil in 1999 while at least one (Muslim) MP in Lok Sabha called that battle "folly of BJP." 

Today, Sunday 26 July 09, all the ex servicemen and women in India are UNILATERALLY celebrating Kargil Day with the cold shouldered disapproving Government merely looking on.

There is a lot of overhaul still needed in PARTITIONED INDIA, that fell into the trap of Nehru the moment she escaped the trap of Britain.

Hindus being BRAINWASHED to be gentle to the extreme, and wedded to suicidal philosophy of MK Gandhi, may perish (as in Karachi, Lahore and East Bengal) rather than recover in Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata.