Date: 18 Jul 2009



Pray tell me WHO will tell you that he was India's biggest liability in 1947 and watched PASSIVELY like a eunuch his MOTHER India being raped and mutilated?

Pray tell me WHO will tell you that during British Rule they did NOT want anything like the ANC in South Africa, the Mau Mau in Kenya or a warrior like Bhagat Singh or Netaji Bose but a meek pliable conceding, compromising, surrendering demolished HINDU "walk along camp-follower", wearing nothing but a loin cloth to preach AHIMSA, AHIMSA, AHIMSA in a world of COLONIAL oppression, totally UNPREPARED for the impending ferocious MUSLIM onslaught within days? Gandhi with NO hindsight or foresight was BLIND leading the BLIND. 

A feeble man Gandhi, disillusioned with "Maaya" ("This world is futile ILLUSION") and preaching "Tyaag" ("RENUNCIATION is the biggest virtue"), was totally UNFIT, in fact the biggest LIABILITY, as India's chief political negotiator at talks for Independence, facing the British LION (accomplice) and the Muslim WOLF (criminal) about to disembowel Mother India, SLAUGHTER some two million Hindus and take away North Kashmir, too, within days. 


Pray tell me, WHO will tell you that NO nation before, or since MK Gandhi, the IMPOSTOR MAHATMA, entrusted its POLITICS & IDEOLOGY to someone like him to end up in DEATH, LOSS, MISERY, SURRENDER and eternal STRIFE?

Pray tell me WHO will tell you to ask, "Why are so many INDIANS voting with their feet from the land of mahatma to live in the USA and the UK where such mahatmas are not worth two pence? Why is HIS Bharat not shining even for her own children who prefer to live in London, Toronto, Los Angeles, Sydney and Melbourne?

It is because due to his moral cowardice and spiritual collapse his country of birth went through the most horrendous bloody partition and then straight into the hands of autocratic "Butcher & Bandit" JAWAHARLAL NEHRU. 

That is where Gandhi and his Land are STUCK in mud under the legacy of BOFORS CHOR and the foot of ITALIAN BORN "Rashtramata". His followers adore and accept this FOREIGNER with the same ease, comfort and reverence as Gandhi himself accepted the British COLONIAL rule while having tea with the Viceroy, taking walks in the gardens of Viceroy's House in New Delhi and in the Viceregal Lodge in Simla, while doing meaningless discussions about Independence and the future of his Akhand Bharat.

Now to TRUTH & REALITY: His Bharat emerged through her HOLOCAUST in the same way as GERMANY two years EARLIER, divided and devastated with MILLIONS of refugees crossing the borders for safety. ALL had left behind EVERYTHING they possessed and most had lost at least ONE relative to the Butcher's Sword Of Mohammed. Thousands of girls and women had been snatched from families, abducted and raped, many paraded through streets defenceless, helpless and STARK NAKED like their "MOTHER" (India).

Pray tell me, WHY his Muslim "children", who "spat" in his face and went their SEPARATE way into Pakistan, do not have even one statue of this NAKED SECULAR FAKEER? In reality they should have his statue standing in every town and city in Pakistan since HE alone was the "FATHER OF PAKISTAN" and, thus, the ENEMY OF HINDUSTHAN.

Pray tell me, have you read the statement of Great MARTYR Nathu Ram Godse that he gave to the Court trying him under the TERROR & DIRECTION of Bandit JAWAHARLAL NEHRU? 

That court was as MANIPULATED, corrupt and dishonest, a DISGRACE TO DEMOCRACY, as all those that have been hanging to death the assassins of every GANDHI since.

Pray tell me WHO will put you wise to the INDIA of Gandhi that lies bleeding now in THREE fragments? Two Wings (Bangladesh and Pakistan) are under the deeply entrenched crushing slavery of FOREIGN Ideology (FORCED IMPOSITION FROM ARABIA) called ISLAM. 

The middle bit called Bharat is SLAVE of the DYNASTY with Italy & Islam having a bigger say over her destiny than the NATIVE Hindus.

Gandhi's Akhand Bharat emerged clipped & mutilated without Khyber and Chittagong in it. True leaders are DEFENDERS of DHARTI, not SURRENDERORS. 

MAVERICK Gandhi walked with his head on earth but with his feet on clouds, having rejected or condemned every Saviour, Avataar and Guru who took up bow & arrow, sword, dagger, "kirpan" or gun in defence of DHARTI, DHARMA & DAUGHTERS of Hindusthan.

Instead of attending to "Goat" Gandhi, please attend to HINDU refugees from Kashmir. His bleeding India was promptly INVADED while he was still alive and confused. The ENEMY had seen him RUNNING AWAY from Lahore in the company of ALL THE BRAVE but BETRAYED SIKHS.