Date: 14 Jun 2009


Re: Madam Sonia Gandhi is congratulated for her stupendous success

June 11, 2009 

India's Path to Greatness 

By Kishore Mahbubani 

It is unwise to underestimate the near-metaphysical significance of the recent Indian elections. The Indian electorate decisively pushed world history in the right direction with the re-election of the Manmohan Singh-Sonia Gandhi partnership. They now have the mandate and power to press for greater economic reform and liberalization. The incipient tiger in the Indian economy will be released. The simultaneous rise of China and India will strengthen the forces of modernization and moderation globally. At a time of global crisis, the world should celebrate this new burst of energy. 

Virtually no one predicted this spectacular outcome. Most observers underestimated the Indian electorate, which understood the many benefits of the Singh-Gandhi partnership. First, their Congress government revived the moderate secular traditions of Jawaharlal Nehru and brought India back firmly to the political center, wresting control from communal and ideological extremists. 

Second, the electorate grasped the importance of re-electing a modest but wise and determined leader who understood the direction India needed to take. Singh will open up India's economy even more than he has so far. As he once said, "Although India has a large domestic market, our experience with earlier relatively insular policies, as also the global experience in this regard, clearly bring out the growth potential of trade and economic cooperation with the global economy." 

Finally, Singh will continue to re-engage India's Asian neighbors and push for greater regional cooperation. As far back as 1995 he said, "It is this vision, of a resurgent India taking her rightful place as an economic powerhouse in Asia, which has inspired our economic policies." Just as China has signed a free-trade agreement with ASEAN, India will seek to do so. A process of competitive economic liberalization will sweep across Asia, further guaranteeing the region's continued resurgence. 

All this will be propelled by India's new cultural confidence. In the 1950's and 1960's, few leading Indians believed that their country could compete with the industrialized economies. Hence, the Mumbai industrialists' club used to be inherently protectionist. Today, the same industrialists, convinced that India can compete with the best, support Singh's reforms. 

Yet India continues to face many challenges: nearly 300 million people living in poverty, the spreading Naxalite insurgency, the danger of terrorist attacks ala Mumbai, and sprawling urban slums. In addition, how will Singh balance the trade-off between pro-market and pro-poor policies? How will he manage the growing middle class's expectations of better infrastructure, expanded access to health care and education, uninterrupted electricity and water supplies, and more efficient transport facilities? 

These problems will not be solved overnight. But the growing conviction that tomorrow will be better will keep India's polity stable. This may well be the most important result of the Indian election: five more years of political stability and economic reform will create an irreversible and virtuous cycle of economic growth and political moderation. 

The Indian middle class will grow rapidly, providing the country with valuable ballast that will keep it on an even keel in the next few decades. One statistic is worth noting. At the current stage of development of many Asian economies, a 10% increase in the median income can lead to a doubling of the middle class. And such an increase is eminently achievable. 

It was purely coincidental that the extremist Tamil Tigers leader, Velupillai Prabhakaran, was killed and his movement decimated at the same time as India was voting. But the significance should not be missed. Prabhakaran, not Al Qaeda, invented suicide bombing. His elimination shows the futility of the river of terror that he unleashed on history. 

But if Sri Lanka's President Mahinda Rajapaksa wants to eliminate the spirit of Tamil separatism, he must emulate Singh's culture of political moderation. Rajapaksa was wise to speak a few words in Tamil while announcing the victory over the Tigers. He must now follow up by creating an open, inclusive environment, like India's, that will enable both Sinhalese and Tamils to thrive. 

Pakistan remains India's single biggest challenge. There can be no doubt that Singh has the right instincts. He wants Pakistan to succeed as a moderate, modernizing country. He wants no more wars. But these instincts can be bolstered by wise long-term policies. 

India could take a leaf from China's success in handling the Taiwan problem. At the height of tensions, when China found the governments of Lee Teng-hui and Chen Shui-bian intolerable, it never ceased its policy of embracing the Taiwanese people and Taiwanese businessmen. Over time, this created a rich web of economic interdependence, which promotes stability. 

It would be equally easy for India's people to embrace Pakistan's people. They are the same people. As an ethnic Sindhi, I feel an affinity to both. When I attend international gatherings, I am amazed how easily and naturally Indians and Pakistanis gravitate toward each other. The political divisions are artificial. The cultural unity is natural. 

The Pakistani population can easily work with the political moderation of Singh's government. Indeed, the open spirit of both President Barack Obama and Singh toward the Islamic world has probably provided the best political opportunity to find a lasting political solution for the India-Pakistan problem. 

In short, the re-election of the Singh government has made the world a less dangerous place and has opened up many political opportunities. It is hard to imagine India with a better prime minister. Singh is one of the best economists in the world. At the same time, he demonstrated that he has a spine of steel when he refused to buckle under to severe pressures to renounce the India-United States nuclear deal. Singh stood his ground and achieved victory. The benefits of his resolve will now be enjoyed by India and the world. 
Kishore Mahbubani is Dean of the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore. His most recent book is The New Asian Hemisphere: The Irresistible Shift of Global Power to the East. 

Partitioned India's Path to Death
You Sir, are very generous in congratulating your political and ideological (as well as spiritual & economic) idol "Madam" Sonia Gandhi. Why? 
When he was advancing across Europe HITLER received similar compliments from scholars and sycophants like you. Of course now in Broken Bharat the star of Chacha Nehru is in ascendence. There is no dearth of Sarkari Sewadars whose flattery is eloquent and conclusive.
Being a great fan of SONIA and her CONGRESS Party you have also paid great compliments to the wisdom and maturity of the Indian ELECTORATE. Very impressed. Have we got it wrong?
You have put minds of all apprehensive HINDUS to rest once again just as Gandhi and Nehru did in happy times during 1940's before PARTITION & DEATH struck. 
The FOOLISH electroate believed them totally and got their Motherland cut up into three fragments, laying the foundation of the next NUCLEAR war over Kashmir. The Catholic-Muslim-Dalit partnership in Bharat can also do that with sticks, daggers and suicide bombers that will make a nuclear war unnecessary.
Fate of countries is not decided one way or the other within days but sometimes in decades and even centuries. What is important is to understadn the ground reality.
Ground reality is that the HINDU nation (one must speak of HINDU nation if one is to acknowledge the MUSLIM nation in Pakistan and Bangladesh) is again under the lethal Will of ALIENS and FOREIGNERS.  
Neither the Christian minority is spiritually aligned to Hindusthan nor the Muslim aggresors in Kashmir. One's spiritual loyalties lie in Jerusalem and Vatican while the others face MECCA while praying and fly over all the temples and gurdwaras to do Hajj in Arabia.
The true nature of the Indian "electorate" whom you regard wise and mature, was mentined by none else but CHACHA NEHRU. When asked whether the Hindus would not go for his throat if he surrendered even an inch of AKHAND BHARAT to indigenous Muslims according to the wishes of their CHRISTIAN masters, he replied, "Don't worry about the animals. In one second I shall make them forget PARTITION and call it "INDEPENDENCE." 
Even an articulate scholar like yourself has avoided any reference to that Partition when the Hindu was put on the train with an Italian driver and a Muslim guard. The passengers are all, officially speaking, secular. The one who says, "I AM A HINDU," is picked up and thrown out of the running train.
We are not aware of any EDUCATION of the illiterate natives ever since, who are still crawling like slaves at the feet of SONIA and RAHUL and asking for guidance from them. 
Very soon that "enlightened" electorale will be welcoming another CATHOLCI bride from Latin America. After all, the present Italian born Mother of Nation must also start the traditon of non Hindu, non Indian, line of dynastic succession to be respected by the natives whose self esteem is zero.
You write, "Most observers underestimated the Indian electorate, which understood the many benefits of the Singh-Gandhi partnership." 
Who are these "most observers"? If the native has to cross the water by piggy back style of riding "Sonia & Singh Alliance" then the native is still an INFANT or an INVALID. 
Please look around beyond the current borders of Broken Bharat that are like the lines drawn in sand by an earlier "Nehru-Jinn partnership", equally hailed by Mountbatten and the scholars like yourself.
We do not know of any action by "Sonia Singh Alliance" to EXPLAIN the terms of Partition of India to the electorate, nor the drawbacks of having FOREIGN females ON TOP. 
Poor Manmohan Singh is only a protective shield for the safety of Sonia. She took advice of VATICAN and saw "a RAJPUT advancing towards her in dream" and begged of SINGH to become Prime Minister.
Why did she ignore the clamour of the electorate who wanted her to be Prime Minister? 
O YES, she recalled what Bandit Nehru thought of this electorate. "I am not going to oblige these ANIMALS," she must have mused.
She did not wish to be GANDHI NUMBER FOUR to be assassianted by one of these "animals" who had taken care of Bapu Gandhi, then of "INDIRA IS INDIA" and finally, of the "BOFORS CHOR".
The electorate is mature and wise only where they have genuine democracy, where the Queen is crowned in church and the President of ISLAMIC Republic of EAST BENGAL goes to mosque for thanksgiving. 
The electorate is ignored like the animals where the Prime Minister avoids the gurdwara by a mile on assuming office, and the President avoids the Mandir by 100 miles on the day of Inauguration. 
We are talkiing of "COOLIES" not enlightened electorate.
Please try introducning a Mahatma in the politics of United States where presumably you had your own "education". Please ask England's Iron Lady to conquer Falkland Islands and then RETURN that captured territorhy to Argentina forthwith, and see what the wide awake BRITISH electorate will do to her. 
Ask Prince Charles, the counterpart of India's Prince RAHUL, to import his bride from JAPAN and you will see him moving his residence to Paris. None of the British Royal family will attend his funeral. **
And finally, try passing on the chair of PRIME MINISTER to his son after the death of Gordon Brown and see the FIREWORKS in London. 
You must be disappointed that NO COUNTRY ON EARTH has such BORN SLAVES ruled by foreigners, aided by crippling bureaucracy of Baboo(n)s like INDIA whose electorate are being "educated" by the scholars of JL NEHRU UNIVERSITY.
We may not live long enough ourselves but definitely one day the same wise and mature electorate of your imagination will actually become wise and mature and then BLOW UP not only Rashtrapati Bhawan like the Emperor's Palace in Paris but also the LOK SABHA of servile MP's like the destructon of REICHSTAG in Berlin in April 1945.
If the MAJORITY COMMUNITY (HINDUS) do not see through the High Treason of Nehru, the dishonesty of cunning sarkari scholars, and the treachery of the rulers of today then they themselves will be rounded up eventually like the cattle and sent to gas chambers like those in Auschwitz, Buchenwald and Belsen Belsen. 
Those who were Party to Partition and have never commemorated the MILLIONS DEAD of 1947 will not hesitate to strike the final blow on the surviving HINDUS to bring about their FINAL SOLUTION. There are too MANY starvig and impoverished waiting to occupy their homes, shops, farms and lands. That is why "Sonia and Singh Alliance" and their scholars, will never tell us of the fate of the prosperous Hindus of Multan and Karachi and their banks in Lahore.
The ENSLAVED Hindus, the MAJORITY COMMUNITY, who are brainwashed to admire The Vatican and adore the grandeur of Jama Masjir but dare not rebuild their own SRI RAM TMEMPLE IN AYODHYA, will perish due to SONIA's "FINGER" & the FOREIGN powers behind this partnership. 
The prosperity of Hindus in Delhi and Mumbai will go up in smoke like the prosperity of Hindus in Lahore and Karachi. There were countless ANNE FRANKS in those cities but not one is known to this ignorant electorate of animals.
The "wise and mature" electorate of Hindusthan FAILED to reacft to their annihilation in Lahore and Norht Kashmir, failed to react to the KICK in Uganda and the STICK in Fiji, and one may ask, "How are they reacting to the abuse & insult in AUSTRALIA?"
The biggest danger to this vast "animal pasture" where treacherous politicians are drawing borders like the lines in sand and burying NATIVE religions under the SUFFOCATING SECULAR blanket are the misleading sarkari scholars. 
The brainswashdd ignorant electorate ought to have gone to rescue the perishing TAMILS as TURKEY did in Cyprus in 1974, respecting the wishes of her own (wide awake and well informed) electorate.
June 14, 2009
**King Edward was having an affair with Bessie Wallis Simpson, (née Warfield), an American divorcée who was married to her second husband. Considering the attitudes of the day, it is hard to imagine a more unsuitable prospect for Queen of England, as she was also a Catholic1, and the British Monarch is the head of the Church of England. 
The issue of the King's loyalty to his country was of extreme importance. After much deliberation between Parliament and the King, he was left with three options: give up Wallis; keep Wallis and the government would resign; or keep Wallis and abdicate. 
That Edward chose to abdicate rather than live without his beloved Wallis, was to change the course of British history. 
On the 12 December, 1936, Edward tearfully broadcast his decision to renounce his throne. 
NB: Read this out to RAHUL and "your wise Indian electorate" will get a laugh or "spit" in their face.