Date: 10 Jun 2009


Here are some more views on India's CRIMINAL BETRAYAL of Tamils of INDIAN origin in Sri Lanka.

Earlier, the same rogues and gangsters led by INDIRA KHANUM (Mrs. Feroze Khan) went out to PUNISH the Sikhs in 1984 by launching Operation "Blue Star". 

Encouraged by their success in totally suppressing and demoralising the SIKHS, once called the "Defenders of Dharma and Hindusthan", the Government of Congress Party (Italy & Islam) in PARTITIONED India then tried to demoralise and intimidate the Tamils, too, through proxy Sri Lanka. But this is going ONE STEP TOO FAR.


 India has failed our expectations. Its current (that is, since 1947) IDEOLOGY is defined and put into practice by just ONE political party and often they are at diametrically opposite ends with the national interests. The result is laissez faire. 

The result is STALEMATE on all issues, some burning, that will ultimately consume what is left of India.

Since one can only guess the future, one's reasoned guess is that after the severity and magnitude of Tamil Tragedy (BETRAYAL BY INDIA) gradually sinks in average Tamil's head, there will be a reaction in Tamil Nadu.

In the event this State may not get all the love & generosity from Delhi like East Bengal in 1972, but harsh step-motherly treatment because of its HINDU population. 

The Tamils are "Hindus" of a different kind. To start with, they do not share A THOUSAND YEARS' SLAVERY under Islam as the Hindus in UP and Bihar, for example. They are also advanced in Pride, Technology and EDUCATION.  They will rise sooner than later to snatch Independence like Kosovo and East Timur.

More than any other State, Tamil Nadu will have the Impulse, Motivation and ENERGY to free herself from the stranglehold of DELHI. Any repeat of Operation "Blue Star" (Amritsar, 1984) will badly backfire on Delhi.

The population of Tamil Nadu is 66,000,000 (SIXTY-SIX MILLION) as compared to 24 million in East Punjab. Tamil Nadu has retained her Head in Chennai while Punjab's Head, LAHORE, was cut off by Sword Of Islam in 1947. 

So Tamil Nadu is a GIANT about to rise and BREAK AWAY. 
WIKIPEDIA has this to say about Tamil Nadu:

Tamil Nadu is the eleventh largest state in India by area (about the size of Greece) and the seventh most populous state.[2] It is the fifth largest contributor to India's GDP[3] and the most urbanised state in India.[4] The state has the highest number (10.56%) of business enterprises in India,[5] compared to the population share of about 6%. It is one of the foremost states in the country in terms of overall development.[6][7] Tamil Nadu lately emerged as the most literate state in India as announced by HRD Ministry.[8]

The region has been the home of the Tamil civilization since at least 1500 BC (Adichanallur). Its classical language Tamil is in use in inscriptions and literature for 2500 years. Tamil Nadu is home to many natural resources, grand Hindu temples of Dravidian architecture, hill stations, beach resorts, multi-religious pilgrimage sites and two UNESCO World Heritage Sites.[9][10]