Date: 07 May 2009



I was disappointed to read the communication from a veteran, Maj. Rao, who should know better about Congress than the 90% of impoverished, ignorant, brainwashed and timid population who thinks "Congress will float this rudderless leaking ship that is called Bharat."

I wish to begin from Day 1 of "Congress Commitment" to the nation- the day that Pandit Nehru called INDEPENDENCE. 

It was the day of PARTITION due to his HIGH TREASON. Nehru signed the UNCONDITIONAL surrender of ONE THIRD OF INDIA to fundamentalist Islam while FOOLING the Indians about his commitment to SECULARISM. Today, six decades on, the corrupt and unscrupulous Congress would be ZERO without Nehru Dynasty ON TOP, in one form or another.

Nehru conveyed his dark secret to Jinnah, "You can have Lahore but not Srinagar even if we go to 20 wars over it and finally have ourselves destroyed by nuclear bombs." If anyone could prove it otherwise!

Thus Nehru set Pakistan and the PEOPLE OF KASHMIR on perpetual warring course against India. Consider the expense on the weaponry used in past wars, loss of army personnel and the killings of civilians so far, to defend the INDEFENSIBLE, i.e., Kashmir.  Muslims in SOUTH Kashmir are, and will be, as willing to live with the non Muslims today or in 2145 as the Muslims were willing to live with the Hindus in 1847 or 1947. To hide the ugly truth from the nation is Congress Commitment.

Nehru fooled the people by inventing the slogan, "HINDI CHINI BHAI BHAI" while the Chinese were actively preparing to wipe out our 7th Infantry Brigade in NEFA. If Nehru did not know about the Chinese side then he and the Supreme Commander of the time ought to have faced trial. It was betrayal of armed forces and India. Please recall the survivors returning with amputated limbs due to frostbite. To FORGET is Congress Commitment. Thus there is NO memorial to those massacred in Lahore, Rawalpindi, Kashmir, Dhaka and Noakhali- and the Jawans & officers of 7th Infantry Brigade.

For CONGRESS and their allies, India's defence has been a JOKE. The army has been fighting as mercenaries- not for India but for Congress. They did not advance an inch in Kashmir but captured East Pakistan, ONLY TO RETURN IT TO THE ENEMY. 

Congress is beyond, and above, Law. Even in the FIRST instance the surrender of that TERRITORY (in 1947) was unlawful, illegal and undemocratic, complete betrayal of India. None gave Congress the mandate to accept history's worst ever SURRENDER. NO Referendum had been demanded by Congress, nor held later, on the issue of PARTITION.

Daughter of Nehru Indira, continuing the anti national agenda, invaded East Punjab 12 years later. The consequence was to alienate a small but fiercely patriotic minority, historically known as the DEFENDERS OF "DHARTI," and to demoralise them. Thousands of young men, eligible for service in ranks, were killed as a result.

Yes, Congress is doing what it is committed to- Culture of Corruption.
Rajiv, commonly known as "BOFORS CHOR", was beyond Law. What was he committed to? He degraded the entire native womanhood through his cheap import of a female of unknown loyalty from Italy whose family was closer to Mussolini than Bharat. Like his mother he suppressed Freedom of Expression.

Further commitment of Congress is to ensure that Indian settlements abroad are wiped out. 

As per universal law and practice the "mother" nation takes care of well-being and safety of its subjects at home and abroad. Like India, Britain, too, sent her subjects abroad to colonise or to do commerce. Examples are Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, Ireland, Falklands and the USA. We need not even ask, "What would Britain do if any of these settlements were threatened with extinction?". 

But in the case of India the story is of despicable betrayal and callous disregard.

Congress controlled government in 1972 looked the other way when people of INDIAN origin in Uganda were given the boot. It was actually, metaphorically speaking, the BOOT "up India's Supreme Commander."

Congress controlled government in 1987 looked the other way when the Tamils of INDIAN origin in Sri Lanka aspired to some small autonomy that was nowhere near the sovereignty and independence that CONGRESS most willingly conceded to ISLAMIC East Bengal, and earlier, to West Punjab. India's supreme commander "related" to these people of INDIAN origin as one sheep relates to another in abattoir.

Congress was committed to speak up for them, defend them, ensure their human rights and survival, even demand a meeting of the Security Council. They could have been inspired by TURKEY that invaded Cyprus to defend the people of TURKISH origin living there. 

Nobody has boycotted Turkey since. The Turks in Northern Cyprus are independent while the Tamils in Northern Sri Lanka have been WIPED OUT- thanks to Congress Commitment.

Major Rao may also know of the economic blockade of NEPAL in 1987 to bring chaos through starvation in a country that is traditionally friendly and loyal to India and can be regarded our "kith and kin". The result must satisfy Congress today. Congress has created another zone of tension and instability in the North. India's borders to the East and West are already lethal.

The Supreme Commander, too, is the stooge of Congress, in office more to pursue Congress commitment, to tow the line of Sonia, Rahul and Priyenka rather than DEFEND lives in Kashmir, Nepal, Mumbai and even Sri Lanka. The Rashtrapatni who is also the Supreme Commander acts more as an "invitation" rather than being a deterrent to the "Taliban" who will ultimately gherao her own Bhawan one day.

Congress' treacherous commitment to Gandhian "Ahimsa" at State level continuously exhorts the nation to surrender or commit suicide. Gandhian Ideology, like Koran or Gita, is safe for an INDIVIDUAL to guide his PERSONAL life but to raise and propagate it at State level is dangerous, even HIGH TREASON.

It is badly damaging the morale (fighting spirit or "Kampfgeist") of the nation, not only of the armed forces. Hence India has NO company on entire earth with regard to her PARTITION, disputes with neighbours and a thriving FIFTH COLUMN within, including the baboos (called "baboons" by British rulers initially).

JL Nehru, "Father of the Doctrine of Congress Commitment"  was mortally afraid of the "man in uniform" to assassinate him for his High Treason. He had surrendered (TERRITORY) what the army was supposed to DEFEND. Army's Oath of Loyalty was to India, not to Party or Person. His crestfallen army withrew in humiliation from five provinces in 1947.

Today Congress feels very insecure not only because of their ORIGINAL sin (surrender of Lahore & North Kashmir) but also due to relentless corruption and shameless nepotism. They know that the police and the judiciary are afraid of them. They also know that it will not be ballot but bullet that will rescue Partitioned Indian Secular State eventually. Hence they will not be kind towards the men who carry guns. To Congress the enemy is neither Pakistan nor China but the ELECTORATE at home, and their final guardian, the armed forces.

For us politics are taboo but how long will we watch and tolerate the POLITICIANS grinding us, the nation's ultimate defenders, the men in uniform, down.

The Major may vote for any Party but he ought to know the above facts as we, his erstwhile comrades in uniform, see it.