Date: 21 Apr 2009


Hindu Tiger Mahesh Jethmalani: PM is anti-national

And Congress run by Sonia Maino as they said that Muslims have first
right on India's resources in public and rightly complain has been
lodged by this Mumbai BJP candidate and leader with EC against
Congress and Manmohan Singh (who drove Manmohan Singh out of his
native Pakistan) -

Why is Sonia silent on Karunanidhi's LTTE remark: Jayalalitha -

Congress accuses Lalu of involvement in 1989 riots:

Though time running out, hope Advaniji and BJP leaders learn & focus
on anti-Hinduism of Congress, now or our defeat is sure -

1) Removing POTA
2) Claiming Batla House shootout by Delhi police was fake
3) Destroying Ram Setu & filing affidavit that Lord Ram didn't exist
4) Taking over of Tirupati & other Hindu Shrines by Govt & taxing
Hindu pilgrims but providing subsidies to Haj & Christians while
autonomy to Christian & Wakf properties & providing salaries & pension
to Madrasha teachers
5) Dropping the standards of premiere institutes like IIT and IIM by
reserv for votes.
6) Oil tokens for congress through Natwar singh & De freezing
Qutorochhis of Bofors account
7) Bailing out Afzal guru even after SC verdict for muslim votes &
pampering Kasab -
8) Failure to ban organised conversions raising Christians to 10% now
9) Congress fielding Gaddar Azhar & CPM aiding Jihadi Madani while
infiltrators from Bangladesh & Pakistan increase
10) Reality of Teesta Setalvad-Khan & anti-Hindus supported by UPA -
11) Congress giving Jihadi pensions -
12) Media compromised security movement during Mumbai and Kargil
attacks by showing them live
13) Amarnath Land given to Muslims
14) Compromising India's sovereignity by Nuke Deal with USA & winning
trust vote by bribes
15) Jihad throughout India & 400 border incursions by China, Clerical
error in Kasab DNA report
16) HRD minister wants Muslim reservation while food imported at more
price than paid to our farmers!!!!!!!