Date: 08 Apr 2009


Respected ALL,

Please do not use postage stamps with the face of that EVIL WITCH of PARTITIONED INDIA (Broken Bharat) called Indira Gandhi.

It causes offence to our minds because of her malicious attack on East Punjab in June 84. She was a MUSALMANI masquerading as a Hindu to fool the Indians. She was reincarnation of Butcher AURANGZEB. That is why she did not give even slightest autonomy to East Punjab while returning East BENGAL back to ISLAM, & full sovereignty, in 1972. 

HINDU political leadership is extremely poor (the worst in the world) and could not deduce as to her real identity. Earlier they could not deduce the HIGH TREASON of her father NEHRU who surrendered Multan, Karachi, Lahore and Nankana Sahib unconditionally to Islam. 

The brainwashed timid Hindus, who are still slaves of Congress Party & Sonia Gandhi, have not yet called Master Tara Singh "the greatest patriot" who tore up the PAKISTANI flag hoisted on Legislative Assembly Building in Lahore on 4th. March 1947. 

In Truth and Reality his statues ought to be where we see statues of coward Gandhi and traitor Nehru.

In any European country a traitor like NEHRU would have been shot dead or lynched by PEOPLE. But in India Nehru, Gandhi and Indira are called great leaders. No one asks, "What kind of map of India we saw after Gandhi and Nehru got us Independence?"

Thanks to NEHRU, INDIRA, RAJIV AND THEIR CONGRESS PARTY, WE INDIANS ARE ALL "DAMN FOOLS" ON THIS EARTH WHO THINK PARTITIONED INDIA IS "INDIA" AND BROKEN BHARAT IS "AKHAND BHARAT" and honour and reward the worst TRAITORS in history. Come 15th of August and you will see the "Dance of Damn Fools".

8 April 09