Date: 02 Apr 2009


Right Now, Congress Govt pays to become Jihadis -

Hence, it's now Bhay Ho not Jai Ho -

Chotta Shakeel & Dawood Ibrahim has been intercepted by IB on giving
'Supari' to Keralite Muslim shooter on Varun Sanjay Gandhi's life in
jail and so he has been shifted from Pilbhit to Etawah Jail today!
Varun's Life is under threat from Pakistani ISI showing again that
those who booked him under NSA are real anti-nationals! Further, why
not this National Security Act (NSA) against all Imams of Indian
Mosques who preach with loud speakers the Koran to Muslims that all
non-Muslim Kafirs be murdered, converted forcefully to Islam or
enslaved to pay Zijiya tax!

Now see Koran - 9:5

Slay the idolaters wherever you find them


Fight them on until there is no more tumult and religion becomes that
of Allah


Let not the believers take for friends or helpers unbelievers rather
than believers: if any do that, in nothing will there be help from

Varun Sanjay Gandhi rightly exposed anti-Hindu policies for minority
votes supporting Jihadis & Missionaries like John Dayal (accused in
Swami Laksmananda & 5 other Hindu saints murder in Kandhmal, Orissa) &
saying he will cut off hand of anyone  if anyone dare attack us which
is natural right of self defence specially when attack on Hindus
specially our girls are increasing like Nayana - A Case of Forcible
Abduction by Islamic Gang:

Women leaders are also concerned -

Varun gets Bail, yet in Jail, beside Violation of People
Representation Act of EC has been proved wrong as his speech was much
before this Model Code was invoked for 2009 Polls. But has been put
under National Security Act while in custody normally for Jihadis and
anti-nationals on the same speech issue by Congress & Mayavati Govt
for political vendetta and Muslim vote bank politics! Congress Govt
now appoint Lawyer for Kasab ! Instead of hanging him! Similiarly for
Muslim votes UPA Govt has not hanged Parliament attacker Afzal Guru.
Thanks to protests by Shivesena however Kasab lawyer Anjali Waghmare
have withdrawn from the case! Now Fidayeen Jihadi Pilots and women are
in India to release Kasab and Afzal not yet hanged -

Advaniji rightly said "There are some who just don't take decisions
for fear of antagonizing certain sections. That is not good for the
security and development of the country". On Afzal Guru, "The incident
had happened in 2001, the order was pronounced in 2002. And now we are
in 2009, but still the order has not been carried out against the
conspirator. It would have been carried out had he been an Anand Singh
or an Anand Mohan," the would be Indian PM said.

BJP leader Venkaiah Naidu said that the procedure undertaken by the UP
government, to book Gandhi under the NSA, was not in accordance with
the law. It is essential to acquire the consent of the government to
invoke the NSA, and the case against Varun will not stand the test of
legal scrutiny due to this lacuna, he said.

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