Date: 02 Mar 2009


What the Hell…!!!

I would request all of you to please read the extract below from a mail I have received today…!


At the very outset we would like to remind you that education impacts
on human development, economic growth and conscious citizenry and it is a
fundamental requirement for a stable democracy. Considering these important
functions of education the Universal Declaration on Human Rights (1948) in its
Article 26 recognized it as a fundamental Human Right. Furthermore, the UN
Convention on the Rights of the Child, ratified by 192 countries in 1989,
affirmed the right of all children to free, relevant and quality education as it
improves one's quality of life, quality of citizenship, political stability
and democracy.


          Trampling upon these universally accepted principles the Congress
Govt. in India which has been in power during most of the past sixty years, is
busy deflecting attention from its dismal failure to assure education for all
children by adopting preferential treatment for selected minorities (read
Muslims and Christians). This politically motivated strategy was engineered for
improving its chances of staying in power. The goal of education in India has to
be creation of a socially conscious, educationally competent and professionally
productive citizenry and not to fracture the Indian society into new segments of
dissimilar and unequal people leading to a disharmonious nation. Public must be
aware that such a strategy defeats the very purpose of education. Like the
"equal opportunity" in the job market India needs a universal
education policy benefiting all and discriminating none. By opting for a change
in this policy and changing the policy makers you can make the educational
future of your children more secure and stable.


With your unshakable resolve and determination we can change this policy during
the forthcoming election.


          Under this upside down policy the scheduled cast students have been
receiving lump sum grant as ANNUAL educational aid at the rate of Rs.140/- for
lower primary level, Rs.220/- for upper primary level and Rs.330/- for the high
school level. But the newly introduced plan of scholarships for minority
students has elevated this support system to Rs.10, 000/- per year limited to
two students in a family whose annual income is less than one lakh rupees. In
fact, the Paloly Mohammed Committee report went one more step forward and based
on his recommendations, Muslim girls shall receive scholarship of Rs.3000/- at
degree level, Rs.4000/- at post graduate level and Rs.5000/- for professional
courses. Additionally, the Muslim girls shall receive stipend while preparing
for competitive exams. The non-Muslim and discriminated girls will pay the price
for being Hindus. 


          In case of higher education for MBBS, PG and Research, The SC/ST
students must get 60% marks and are allowed Rs. 3960 per year (Rs 330/ per
month), but the religion based minorities need to have only 50% marks and the
degree, PG students get Rs 6550/ per year while the M.Phil, Ph. D, students get
Rs 35,100/ on yearly basis (attachment A). This inequality is extremely
prejudicial to Hindu students and must be done away with.


          1) Additional discrimination against Hindu students.  - The Hindu
students get loans at much higher interest rates i.e., 12 to 14 per cent per
annum but minority students get student loan at 3 percent per annum from the
National Minority Development & Finance Corporation under the Union Ministry
of Finance. This constitutes yet another financial disincentive for being a part
of the Hindu family. The proponents of this discriminatory policy promoting
inequality in the ranks of our young generation must be sent packing.


          In the field of commercial ventures to start a new business Hindu
youth get loans from commercial banks at 15 to 18 per cent interest rates and
have to arrange 'margin money' of 15 to 40 per cent of the project cost
from their private sources, balance comes from the bank. But minority youth have
to put in only 5 per cent of project cost as margin money from their private
source, other 35 percent is given by the National Minority Development &
Finance Corporation at 3 percent interest, and remaining 60 percent of finance
is given by commercial banks at two percentage points less than general lending
rate for Hindus. Why this step motherly treatment for Hindu students? They
should not have to suffer financial penalties for being Hindus.

With your unshakable resolve and determination we can change this policy during
the forthcoming election.


           2)  Recognition of the Madrassa certificates on par with the CBSE
and the SSLC - by the Sonia- Singh regime and calling it 'inclusive
'development' is against national interest as it encourages a two
society mindset : 


Madrassas fundamentally negate the secular philosophy and inflict a devastating
body blow to the principles of Secularism. These radical Islamic institutions
are globally recognized as the nucleus--initiating stage for furthering a skewed
mindset into jihadi terrorism. They have also become recruiting centers for the
radical Islam's jihadist brigades. The Indian Govt. seems to be oblivious of
the incessant Jihadi terrorist attacks on Hindu India that could worsen by
giving such facilities, recognition and the prestige to these fundamentalist
institutions without insisting on common curriculum, openness and recruitment of
staff from other communities.


          It is the intransigence of the Muslim Leadership, Islamic social
structure and refusal to accept a Uniform Civil Code, amongst others that are
responsible for the Muslim educational backwardness. The Muslims as well as
Christians receive vast sums of money from abroad which are spent on building
thousands of Mosques and Churches and conversions. Those funds could instead be
utilized for improving education in these communities thus cultivating new
opportunities for their youth. Rather than penalizing the tax payers for
subsidizing the educational projects of these communities Govt. would do well by
guiding and advising them how and where to spend the funds gotten from foreign
sources. Systematically investing enormous amounts to expand conversions for
changing the religious complexion of India is hardly a legitimate educational

          3) Division of Indian nation into religion based categories violates
the constitution: The irrational educational policy of the Govt. has now divided
poor Indian students into three categories: 

a) Preferred religious minorities (read Muslims and Christians) with high
financial assistance; 

b) SCs and STs on a lower level; and,

c) Total exclusion of students from poor Hindu families (all outside the first
two categories) from the so-called upper castes, who don't get assistance
worth even a paisa.

The preferential treatment to minority religionists - Muslims and Christians -
while ignoring the poor Hindu students with similar economic status violates
Article 15(1) which clearly stipulates that "The state shall not
discriminate any citizen on grounds only of religion, race, caste, sex, place of
birth or any of them". The Govt. cannot and must not be allowed to enforce
the constitution selectively for benefiting its prospective voters.


With your unshakable resolve and determination we can change this policy during
the forthcoming election.


          4) Article 30, which allows minorities to establish and run
educational institutions, must be amended to end discrimination against majority
Hindus:  In part III of the Constitution under "Fundamental Rights -
Cultural and Educational Rights", Article 30(1) specifies: " All
minorities, whether based on religion or language, shall have the right to
establish and administer educational institutions of their choice."  Now,
after sixty years of independence, it is essential that this Article be amended
so as to end discrimination and extend its applicability to Hindus as well. Such
an expansion will make this provision universal and secular in its character.

        It is obligatory upon the Govt. to pursue the course that was decided
by amending the Constitution in 2002 to provide free and compulsory education to
all children of the age of six to fourteen years. This will inevitably uphold
the principle of "equal opportunity" in the educational field. Note
should be taken of the fact that western democracies that India seems to imitate
do not permit religion based distinctions. Therefore, India's scheme of
politically constructed categorization does not find support outside her domain.
Recently some 45,000 Schools and colleges run by Christian community went on one
day strike to protest the Orissa violence. The strike brought the educational
activity in the state to a stand still. 

          If the majority community was allowed the same privilege for
establishing educational institutions as the minorities, hundreds of thousands
more schools run by Hindus could have and can in future provide the much needed
help without interruption for educating the poor as a fundamental Human Right.


With your unshakable resolve and determination we can change this policy during
the forthcoming election. 


          5) For the future of India's young generation, the Hindu samaj
has to be assertive for gaining its justifiable place in India's democracy.
Only then pragmatic policy transformation would be possible: The leaders of the
majority community, the Hindus and the patriotic citizens, must realize that the
regime in office has proven incapable of handling the core issues like
terrorism, national security and rational education policy. For survival,
universal education policy and country's political integrity it is the
sacred duty and "dharma", of Hindus and other citizens  to elect new
leaders in the forthcoming Parliamentary elections, who will represent them,
care for their concerns and  implement the fundamental secularist principles
including, a rational and pragmatic education policy and "Need not
Creed" based state support.


          For the bright future of our young generation and implementation of
non-discriminatory educational policy elections must be taken seriously for they
are the key to employment, communal harmony, national security and prosperity.
With this kind of important agenda at stake they must be contested with
missionary zeal at all levels. In these elections Sonia-Singh and their team
represent the current failed policies and religion based divisive governance. In
the present political landscape of India the other viable alternative seems to
be the BJP. A commitment of support to it while holding the feet of the party
leaders to the fire is worth making for they have the capacity to bring about
the much needed change the people are craving for.


          6) Indian polity needs the best and the brightest in its leadership
class capable of turning the tide. Only the public revolt in disgust over the
unconscionable behavior of today's bogus secularists will stop them from
turning India into a clone of Islamists' feudal vision. Thankfully there is
a growing movement all across India to rescue democracy from extinction at the
secularist's hands. For this gigantic task the spirit of devotion,
sacrifice, patriotism, hard work, organizational and communication skills will
be of primary importance. The idealism driven young generation should be on the
front seat to fuel a new uprising against the de-Indianised elite and the
tainted political practices. The youth, particularly the College students who
have the idealism, energy, maturity and drive for furthering the national cause
should whole heartedly plunge into this campaign.

          7) The principle of "equal opportunity" should be applied
as strictly in the educational field as it is applied in the job and the
employment markets.  Universalist nature of education policy is fundamental to
India's political unity, economic progress and prosperity.  The continued
punitive rule by Islamist, communist, Evangelist and pseudo-seculars'
alliance might force majority Hindus to live as poor and dependent colonial
subjects - in a splintered India - a situation that should be unacceptable even
intolerable under any circumstances.


          The struggle for abolition of the unequal education policy must be
considered our "Dharma Yudh" - the Dharma Yudh for rejecting the
indignities and inhumanities mounted on Hindu youth. This is our struggle for
restoring the appropriate status of Hindus. This is our 'sangharsh' to
establish the rule of law and real democracy. Therefore, please put every thing
else on the backburner and get involved in this " Dharma Yudh". Take
leave from every thing else and work for the victory of Dharma and become a part
of this historic electoral campaign locally, in villages, amongst Dalits, OBCs,


          8) Hon'ble Voters and leaders:  Sonia- Singh regime's
religion based preferential scholarship scheme effectively rejects the concept
of a democratic secular society -  Under this scheme: a) The poor upper class
Hindus, outside the SC and ST reservations - sometimes called the Unreserved
class -  who form 50% or more of the population do not get even a
"paisa" ; b) Muslims and Christians, the main beneficiaries of this
Govt. sanctioned loot get huge support, like the Colonial rulers over Hindu
India; and c) the SCs and STs with Constitutional safeguards comparatively get a
pittance. Such Govt. strategy will only defeat the very purpose of universal
education. Depriving any community from resources and assistance for education
in comparison to preferred religious communities should be considered a crime
against the Indian nation.


            The success in the fast approaching electoral war is vital for our
plans to reform the education policy. By virtue of being the national majority
the Hindus, who have the greatest stakes in this change, cannot escape their
responsibility to spearhead it and take it to a logical conclusion. The
manipulators of the Indian political system have reduced Hindus to a non-entity
and second class citizens.  Such status for a strong national majority is as
undemocratic as it is humiliating. They must therefore, refuse to accept such an
indignity. As a meaningful yet constructive retaliation they need to mobilize,
take initiative, come forward, assume leadership and offer a patriotic
alternative. It is their obligation to prepare and excite the nation for the
second revolution when the real majority assumes the command.

           India faces today her greatest threat since independence. The worst
fears of India's revolutionary fathers are being realized as powerful
externally directed interests have taken over our culture and the representative
Govt. We the people now face a fundamental choice: take back our country. or do
nothing, and become victims of the tyranny manned by a corrupt political mafia. 

With your unshakable resolve and determination we can change this policy during
the forthcoming election.