Date: 25 Feb 2009



Dear Sir/Madam,

Tragic or unfortunate as it may be, the news of Lord Ahmed's 12 week jail sentence for causing death in traffic accident and using mobile phone while driving, will have great impact on the corruption ridden three countries in South Asia where politicians are above law.

Less said about the corrupt Islamic feudal/tribal system in Pakistan, the better. Even prime ministers are seen serving long jail sentences in jail on account of corruption.

In India nearly all the cabinet ministers of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh are former CRIMINALS, GANGSTERS or FRAUDSTERS. Their misdeeds and scams merit a special documentary by you.

Jawaharlal Nehru started the ball of NEPOTISM and CORRUPTION rolling. It is now spinning at high speed, six decades later.

Great grandson Rahul was arrested at New York Airport carrying large amount in cash. He was returning from drug- infested Colombia and had no explanation about the cash filled suitcase. He is earmarked to be the next prime minister.

Consider the BOFORS commission taken by his father RAJIV. That case, involving the Swedish Gun Company, got stalled in red tape and is now forgotten.

The terrified and intimidated citizens of INDIA, PAKISTAN & BANGLADESH will find it most refreshing and even thrilling to hear of the imprisonment of Lord Ahmed by an English court. Many will be wondering, why he did not give a hundred or two hundred pounds as bribe to the police in order to get off scot free.

Please give the news widest publicity from that special angle to encourage the "crushed & crawling" in South Asia, especially INDIA, where democracy means the eternal rule of corrupt (Nehru) DYNASTY.

25 feb 09