Date: 15 Feb 2009



We are socked to see the "demolished secular" RASHTRAPATNI of BROKEN BHARAT, sandwiched LIKE A MOUSE between TWO CATHOLIC CATS being blessed by Rashtramata Sonia KHAN 

The ALIEN Vice (that squeezes something put in the middle) are-

Dr Christy Fernandez 

Secretary to the President 

Rashtrapati Bhawan 

New Delhi 




Shri AK Antony 

Hon’ble Defence Minister 

South Block 

New Delhi – 110 011 


What pro Hindu step can this gentle Hindu female in the middle do, given such stong NON HINDU presence around her?

Similar VULGAR scene is seen at CHANDIGARH, the capital of Punjab where the Governor is a CATHOLIC, too, who does not speak the language of "INFERIOR" natives nor appreciates the valour of Guru Gobind Singh nor the divinity of Guru Nanak, nor does the "rat" miss the absence of Lahore from the map of Punjab.

We are also acutely embarrassed to watch on film set any KHAN playing the fool with HINDU maidens who are volunteering in their thousands for the pleasure of being touched by a MOHAMMEDAN. It could be acceptable some times if we EVER saw a Hindu actor doing the same to some Musalmani actresses.

Is this PARTITIONED INDIA, in which we were not supposed to see a single MUSLIM or CHRISTIAN after the butchery of Hindustan in order to create Pakistan in 1947?

We are upset and alarmed at the rapid downward slide of HINDUS along the slope to BASHING AND THEN EXTINCTION.