barack HUSSAIN obama?

Date: 20 Jan 2009


In the Western media he is known as only Barack Obama but in other countries, notably India, his name is printed & broadcast as Barrack HUSSAIN Obama. They are emphasising his MUSLIM connection.

Most of us know that "MUSLIM" means FRAUD, DECEPTION and SURPRISE ATTACK, whose long term goal is ISLAMIZATION of the whole world. But what really surprises me is their manner of successfully concealing real identity and motives.

The most famous actor in India is SALMAN KHAN. True to Muslim tradition he has a HINDU wife but in order to please her and the one billion gullible Hindus he goes to temple one day and to the mosque the following day. This concession from a "conquering" Muslim pleases the Hindus immensely, whose last great surrender was signed in 1947. 

So far, as per a well established Indian tradition, if the Hindu female was allowed to go to her temple the children had to be seen in mosque.

To the Hindus who go about embracing the Muslims like real brothers it never occurs that this very liberal, tolerant and conceding MUSLIM can go to Mecca but if he managed to take his Hindu wife there she would be BEHEADED. 

The famous actor Shah Rukh Khan can enjoy a vacation in Kashmir Valley but his Hindu neighbours run the risk of being killed there. Nearly a quarter of a million Hindu residents of Kashmir had to flee for life in 1989 and none has dared to return.

America will live to regret this day if Obama does not delete the middle name, "HUSSAIN" promptly. 

I wonder how England will cope eventually with her own rapidly increasing "indigenous" Muslims when they increase their numbers and win more seats at Parliament. Such a situation is already arising in Partitioned India more rapidly where ALL mixed marriages are ONE WAY traffic- to the advantage of Mohammed. If a Hindu married a Muslim female he would be assassinated if he does not embrace Islam at the same time. 

In the same way if a Hindu actor were to do intimate love scenes with a Muslim actress like Shah Rukh Khan, Sameer Khan, Akbar Khan, Amir Khan, Saif Ali, and all other KHANS are doing with HINDU actresses, he would not escape the Muslim butchers alive. Each and every Muslim viewer is conditioned to regard this as degradation, dishonour and molestation of his own real sister or daughter. 

So much for Islam being tolerant or a "religion of peace".

January 20, 2009.