Date: 26 Dec 2008



In nature there is duality. Night and day, white and black, good and evil, saint and robber, grief and joy, philanthropist and throat cutter, all go hand in hand or side by side. In the case of Pakistan Christ and Jinnah went side by side.

On this day, a little over 2000 years ago a Man of Peace was born. Also on this day (December 25, 1876) a Man of ISLAMIC Separatism, Deception and Evil was born. Jesus and Jinnah had the initial letters of their names in common but everything else diametrically opposite.

Jesus would love the Jews. Jinnah would hate the Hindus. Jesus would turn the other cheek. Jinnah would sever one third of India from motherland and leave her bleeding with millions dead or rendered widows and orphans. 

Jesus was poor while Jinnah was wealthy. Jesus wanted no office or recognition while Jinnah was power hungry and a man of deception who, at one time was secular while leading All-India CONGRESS Party but at another time a diehard Muslim separatist as leader of the fundamentalist All-India MUSLIM League. He demanded not only a ton of India’s flesh but also rivers of her blood.

What is the future of Pakistan begotten by Jinnah? What have the citizens of PAKISTAN in store for them in Destiny?

Death through IMPLOSION, the end result of separatism and fundamentalism, elevation of the crude and degradation of the women, suppression of the rational and many mini wars and rebellions.

After taking the oath of office as the first Governor General of Pakistan, Mr Mohammed Ali Jinnah said, “From now onwards there will be no Muslim and no Hindu. ALL WILL BE PAKISTANIS."

Our Jawaharlal Nehru appreciated that remark, echoing "Hindu-Muslim Bhai Bhai," instead of challenging Jinn on the spot, "Why could they all not be equal under one law in India?
Barrister Jinnah not only "murdered" Akhand Bharat, he was also directly responsible for the tragic fate of Kashmiris, both Muslims and Hindus. He left them hanging between Devil and the Deep Sea.

Pakistan was an artificial country created in the middle of 20th century AD through treachereous collusion between Nehru and Jinnah- on the SOLE crude criterion of RELIGION.

Islam was brought  to India by invaders from the deserts of Arabia, replacing the advanced native civilization that was as ancient as man himself.

Creation of Pakistan to satisfy Jinnah meant the slaughter of over two million innocent citizens of India, rape and abduction of tens of thousands of girls and women who cursed him and his religion a million times. It meant the forcible expulsion from their ancestral hearths & homes of countless families who had been looking forward to their own “glow of independence” after the departure of the British colonial masters. Within a few weeks millions of orphans, widows and refugees had been created and the area of India reduced by one third.

Given such a “Father of Pakistan”, what can be the future of that country?

No wonder his new State of illegitimate birth is now under the dark cloud of anti social, anti secular, anti India, anti harmony and anti female poisonous GAS that came in on the back of camels along with “The BOOK" from Arabia. 
Pakistanis, who turned away from their own native Prophets, Gurus and Mahatmas, have now become the ideological slaves of their Arab masters who replaced the British on August 15, 1947.

Richard M. Bennett wrote, (Quote) Democracy does not appear to flourish in this militaristic state and this has played a significant part in Pakistan's appalling human rights record. However it is Pakistan's long standing support for Islamic militants that has rightly seen the regime in Islamabad condemned by many observers as a home of terrorism.
Infamous intelligence service Pakistan's infamous Inter-Service Intelligence agency has not only armed and trained generations of Islamic extremists in Kashmir and Afghanistan, it is also believed to have directed many of their terrorist attacks in both territories, and in the crowded streets of India's major cities. (Unquote).  
(Pakistan could sink into chaos and anarchy), December 24, 2008.

Pakistanis do not see God and Divinity in their own land of peace and amity but cross land, sea and desert, hoping to find salvation in Saudi Arabia. They cannot pray in the languages that their own mothers spoke while nurturing them after birth, but in alien Arabic.

In Jinnah’s Pakistan today, with all the Kafirs exterminated, suicide bombers are killing fellow Muslims. The Taliban are killing Muslims. Pakistani army is pursuing and killing the Muslims and all the Muslims are suspicious of one and other and at loggerheads with each other. 

Lahore played a most despicable role for the Punjab (named after five rivers flowing through it) in 1947. It was here that Luv, the elder son of Sri Ram Chanderji was born to goddess Sita. It was here that Guru Arjun Dev was tortured to death in the most gruesome manner for refusing to accept Islam. It was here that Guru Gobind Singhji asked his followers.to carry weapons day and night and after “baptising them with “amrit”, made them fearless in order to defend their daughters and holy places against the invaders, calling each one a SINGH (LION). It was here that the Son of Soil, Maharaja Ranjit Singh sat on his magnificent throne to rule his empire that stretched from Sutlej to Khyber. He was called the “Lion of Punjab” (Sher-e-Punjab). It was also here that Pakistan Resolution was passed on March 23, 1940, to hand over the ancient city of Lahore to Islam as part of the most humiliating Indian surrender seven years later. Slavery under the British, lasting 90 years, had turned the Punjabi lions into brainless donkeys. For seven years since that Resolution of Doom passed in 1940 NO political party, including All-India Congress Party, the self proclaimed champions of Secularism, had opposed the murderous idea seriously with any commitment to secularism. For this complicity with treason Punjab was rightly punished with great massacres, “rivers of blood,” and unprecedented mass migration in 1947. Today the same grand province lies shattered in five fragments, counting for nothing among the league of nations. Once a brave lion, now a brainless donkey that is following the camel from Arabia like a moron. 

The shape of Pakistan tomorrow will, therefore, be the shape of Punjab today. Rule of ALIEN Koran and Islam has turned the Pakistanis into “donkeys” like the once proud and warrior people of Punjab. Allah is about to take great revenge. He has created an unbridgeable wide chasm between Belief and Thought. Each and every Pakistani BELIEVES that he is a lion but THINKS that everyone else is a donkey. 

Fire balls of mistrust and anger are about to rise like nuclear bombs from Karachi, Quetta and Peshawar, all taking one course.  Lahore, the city where the “Resolution of Treason” was passed in 1940, will be obliterated.

The assassin of Liaqat Ali, who played a vital role in the partition of India and the creation of Pakistan, the assassin of Benazir and the killer of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, were all Muslims, walking the path shown by “Father of Pakistan”, Mohammed Ali Jinnah.

Today the products of “madrassas” in Pakistan are bursting at the seams, crossing frontiers to kill the innocent from London, Madrid and Berlin to Delhi, Ahmedabad and Mumbai.

The future of Pakistan is the Lap of Devil unless they return all the copies of Koran to Mecca and discover the Scriptures composed and written before the birth of Mohammed on their own soil. 
Only then will they have inner peace that will result in outer prosperity.

Dec 27, 2008. 
(First anniversary, ASSASSINATION OF BENAZIR BHUTTO, "Daughter of Pakistan").

PS:  Peace and prosperity returned to Germany only after they banned The Book called "Mein Kampf" that was dictated by Hitler.