Date: 12 Dec 2008


I would like to sum up our performance in the 20th century in one sentence. Indians have succeeded in foreign countries , but failed in their own. 

Indians are succeeding brilliantly in  foreign countries , USA and Britain. but failing in India. Once Indians go to foreign countries, they soar and conquer summits once occupied only by whites. 

RonoDutta has become head of United Airlines, the biggest airline in the world. 

RanaTalwar has become head of Standard Chartered Bank Plc, one of the biggest multinational banks in Britain,
RajatGupta is head of Mckinsey, the biggest management consultancy firm in the world. He now advises the biggest multinationals on how to run their business. 
LakhsmiMittal has become the biggest steel baron in the world, with steel plants in the US, Kazakhstan, Germany, Mexico, Trinidad and Indonesia. 
SubhashChandra of Zee TV has become a global media king, one of the few to beat Rupert Murdoch, 
to target India from Hong Kong.
Gururaj Deshpande. His communications company, Sycamore, is currently valued by the US stock market at over $ 30 billion, one of the richest Indians in the world. 
ArunNetravali has become president of Bell Labs, one of the biggest research and development centres in the world with 30,000 inventions and several Nobel Prizes to its credit.
Silicon Valley alone contains over one lac Indian millionaires. 
SabeerBhatia invented Hotmail and sold it to Microsoft for $ 400 million.  
Victor Menezes is number two in Citibank.
 Shailesh Mehta is CEO of Providian, a top US financial services company. 
Also at or near the top are Rakesh Gangwal of US Air, 
Jamshed Wadia of Arthur Andersen, and 
Aman Mehta of Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corp. 
In Washington DC, the Indian CEO High Tech Council has no less than 200 members, all high tech-chiefs.------AND MANY MORE----
At independence we were proud of our politicians. Today we regard them as scoundrels and criminals the reason for India's failure.. They have created a jungle of laws in the holy name of socialism, and used these to line their pockets and create patronage networks. No influential crook suffers. The Mafia flourish unhindered because they have political links.The sons of police officers believe they have a licence to rape and kill (ask the Mattoo family). making money and distributing favors to relatives was not considered a perversion of power, Indians succeed in foreign countries , and fail in their own. It is the saddest story of the century.