meticulously planned and executed attack on Mumbai Nov 26-29, 2008

Date: 04 Dec 2008


Well we still havent learned even after Mumbai. This kind of an attack
carried on such a large scale, with such precision, cannot be carried
out without local support.
The terrorists ,security personel claim, came by sea from Karachi.Now
let us take a closer look at the chronology of the attack.
1.The first attack took place at Leopold cafe frequented by foreign
tourists. Now how did the terrorists reach there is not clear or was
it a randomly picked up place.
2.The second attack was was on CST station carried by the same
group.How did terrorists reach there.or was it again a randomly picked
3.the third attack was at Cama Hospital, where the terrorists killed 3
police officers and hijacked their vehicle and then went on shooting
spree, and later after a flat tyre hijacked a skoda car before being
confronted by the police at chowpatty.
In my view the the first two attacks were planned and the third could
be a matter chance.Now since the terrorists came from Pakistan, they
had to be dependent upon their local module for all logistical support
to carry out,first two of above mentioned attacks.

NARIMAN HOUSE.  A jewish center. The Taj and the Oberoi are land marks
and one can believe that the two different groups must have hired a
taxi from gateway of India to reach there but how did the third group
reach Nariman House, located in bylanes of Colaba, without any
logistical help from someone

THE TAJ :  It was reported that the terrorists had made a control room
inside the Taj on the sixth floor, Room no 630. It was also reported
that 2 people had occupied the room 2days prior to attack. posing as
malasyian students and also that people used to visit the room
carrying large bags. It was believed that they had stocked their
ammunition there.

Conclusion:The Govt and the media has successfully diverted our
attention from islamic fundamentalism in this election year.

On Dec 4, 8:52 am, Babu Suseelan <> wrote:
> Could Jihadi terrorism happen again in India? Over the years inefficient and corrupt Indian politicians and bogus intellectuals have consistently answered no. They say after each Jihadi terrorism, that it is unique event  and government of India will address their grievances. Politicians announce more incentives, financial assistance, Hajj subsidy and extra constitutional privileges. Do these misguided Indian politicians have learned anything from Jihadi terrorism? No Islamic hatred and murder have reached beyond the innocent victims. What happened in Mumbai could happen again. It is a daunting undertaking to confront the systematic murder of hundreds of innocent civilians, an event of unprecedented magnitude and horror. How are we to understand this horror? How do understand the calculated indifference and ineptitude of our politicians? What are we to learn from several Jihadi homicide and terrorism in India? Was it a unique Jihadi event, or might we experience such horrible Jihadi terrorism again?
> Jihadi terrorism is nothing new? Millions of innocent people have been killed since Islamic invasion of India. Since 1947 thousands of Hindus were executed or beheaded by Jihadis. What happened previously could happen again. There are signs and they are unmistakable. The arrogant self-righteousness of the Congress leaders, the cynicism, apathy and indifference of our intelligence agencies and denial of the judiciary are irrevocably linked to Jihadi terrorism. The Jihadi enemy is growing more and more powerful, more and more daring. The aggressiveness of Jihadis, the permissiveness of our political leaders and the total submissiveness of our security forces encourage Jihadis to threaten our survival.
> Despair, denial, apathy, tolerance and indifference are no solution. What is the solution? Jihadis have one solution. Complete subjugation of non believers through Jihadi terrorism. They are succeeding while our politicians keep silent.
> There is a solution. Learn Islamic history. Philosopher George santayana wrote, "Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it." It is only thorough an exploration of the brutal past of Islam that we can ever expect to learn from it. what lessons will be gleaned from the brutal Islamic history, and the desire of our citizens to discover the truth will determine our strategies to prevent further Jihadi terrorism. The courage, peace and morality of India is constantly challenged by these criminal thinking Jihadis.  We are in crisis and we are tested to our limits. Citizens who refused to be immobilized by fear can do wonders when working against a common enemy. It is time for us to stand up to Jihadi evil.  __,_._,___